Thursday, May 15, 2014

Butterfly Mural

Last week, I did some work for Vicki. It was so nice to meet her and her super cute daughter, who I did this fun butterfly mural for. They will be hanging a girly chandelier from this outlet, and I did some freehand butterflies around it. We were supposed to be doing a stencil, but the stencil didn't come in in time, so I just freehanded them instead.

 photo 1C1E11BD-55B7-4B61-918C-0FF7AA71F23B_zpsmwhrwjis.jpg

her daughter requested the colors, naturally :) 

 photo 8B19CF88-5F28-4856-A25B-3A1D9A8ED12F_zpsnoqzvoe0.jpg

What do you think? It was a fun project!

now, i'm headed out the door to finish this room up...

 photo 6E149BB3-FDB8-4441-A216-88BD812564C3_zps3up9nurf.jpg

I made that stencil yesterday.  I'll share more all about it later...

have a great day. this week is flying by!


  1. They both look great! I can see why you stay so busy, such original great stuff you do. I too would like to see a post about how you came to do all that you do for a living. I am jealous of all your talent and wish I had some of it. Have a good day. Alison

    1. thank you, alison! i'll try and write one soon.

  2. Little girl's rooms must be so much fun to do.

  3. Too cute. I hope your neck doesn't hurt from painting all thoe ceilings

    1. thanks! my body is actually really sore from this project, it is weird! i have a spot on my hip bone from leaning against the ladder all day. hah! i'm sore because i tense up when i'm working and i don't realize it. oh well, maybe it counts as a workout!?

  4. freehand work is better...........and you did a fabulous job

    1. thanks, dad!! it's definitely way more fun (especially more fun than holding a stencil over your head)

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