Friday, April 18, 2014

This & That

Hi! Happy Friday...

Just a few snaps of life lately. 

 photo 57668437-5E62-441D-BDF8-42A700D69906_zpsma6rnvhe.jpg

this is an unedited, kind of boring photo I took of some work I did this week. Stay tuned for more pics from this project. :)

I painted these inside some built in bookshelves.

 photo F6ED2950-C5C2-422F-B604-D9333E4D0E94_zps0difj8rg.jpg

this is a picture I took at the studio. there is no less than 15 pieces of furniture being painted there. Actually, more than that. And, I noticed how much blue stuff is in there right now, and took a pic. These two pieces aren't even for the same client!

 photo 716F2E87-3C53-4F4C-B10A-83FDA6B79384_zps6lrkim1v.jpg

I took this after mixing the perfect blue for those flowers in the mural above, the other day. I love mixing colors, and generally have gotten pretty good at it, I thnk :)

 photo 309B0AE9-3B58-4061-A23C-5B01EED99149_zpsrheodgjp.jpg
and completely off topic, here is my tomato/herb container gardens I planted last week. Funny - they're already a lot bigger than this photo. I got some cages for the tomatoes yesterday because they were starting to go every which way!

I'm excited to watch them grow this summer, and hopefully reap some of my harvest :)

 photo 9FA3827C-ED78-4479-9496-C4A60E3B6C8A_zpse2k3oaj0.jpg
speaking of my plants, look at this cute little 60's planter I got at Scotts. I was planning to paint it, but I actually liked it all rusty, next to the new CB2 planters. I bought that turquoise pot at Home Depot, and I think it's perfect on top.

jordan and i have been enjoying a happy hour/cheese plate outside a good bit this spring (when it's not raining or really cold, argh!), and Max of course likes to join. He is the ultimate cheese and cracker sniper:

 photo AFD61C21-C764-4838-98B1-A46D1D1557C7_zpsto8xbrnk.jpg

last but not least, is this picture i took in my kitchen. i got that mint green canister at an antique store a few months ago, and i love it! it stays out:

 photo FD9F81EF-C624-4C1A-B99F-A3FE532A5BEF_zpsg1jxeher.jpg

the end. happy friday, and happy easter! have a great weekend.


  1. Lots of fun eye candy! I like it rusty too. Happy weekend to you too. Alison

  2. Love the cute owl. And good call keeping the rust on your little planter. I like it.
    Would you be able to share the color of the blue cabinet with the glass doors? I'm stuck with black granite counters in my kitchen. I painted my upper cabinets white but would like to paint my lower cabinets a dark blue. The black counters have restricted my blue choices so far. But the blue on your cabinet might work.

    1. thanks! i'll look at the sample next time I'm at the studio, and share it then! it's a valspar color, i know that. i had it mixed at sherwin williams, though.

    2. I appreciate it. Have a Happy Easter.

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