Tuesday, April 8, 2014

This & That

Just a couple of photos from around the house...

I got some baskets for over our cabinets. I think it softens up the space a bit. I need one more, but they only had a few. I already had two, which used to be over the refrigerator. And, I got them at my old standby - Ross. So, I have to keep going back to see if they get more in...

 photo 65D5026A-6304-4651-A91C-2DE44B29B104_zpsctkckjny.jpg

please excuse Max's "dirty feet" towel on the counter. :)

 photo F358DA37-9746-45A7-BE38-458ABDC3CA85_zps9fdooluk.jpg
check out Mika's new hangout. 

ps I need some new bins for that bench thing. We were keeping things like Max's dirty feet towel (hah) and leash, Jordan's shoes, etc, in there, but dear old Max likes to pull the baskets out and eat them. So, I need something metal. I have been on the hunt!

 photo 072133C4-C4F5-4162-B1D1-12F6ED876C18_zpsmtjar4gu.jpg
I took this picture yesterday. It was looking pretty cozy in our bedroom, and it was great. I love this little nook! It was raining yesterday, and it was cold. Then, it stopped raining, warmed up, and was very foggy. Hence the crazy scene out the window. Our weather has been crazy!

last but not least, a bird is building her nest in our front porch! It makes me happy.

 photo 9FEF5675-0FA9-484D-862B-87DD7FBC695B_zpselmiu4i7.jpg

so cute.

happy tuesday!


  1. Mika has some mad balancing skills! We've done the same thing with baskets above our uppers but our is absolutely necessary with our small kitchen. We need all the storage we can get!

    1. I Know! I think it's hilarious that he even attempts to get up there. i love the baskets. i have hated how our cabinets don't go up higher to the tallllll ceilings, so this helps!

  2. Such a gorgeous house! I love the benches and the window seat. My cat would be all over that window seat making weird noises at birds!

    1. aw thank you!! yeah, if the cat wasn't trying to stay far away from the dog, i'm sure he'd be up there too!!

  3. Haha, our dog's dirty feet towel is always on our kitchen counter, too!

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