Friday, April 4, 2014

My Week So Far

I just thought I'd quickly drop in and share some photos from my phone over the past few days... I take approximately 100 photos a day. Whether it's for work, or personal... there are a lot. 

Wednesday and Thursday I painted a really fun mural on the ceiling of a playroom for a client. She had me over for a consult, and basically let me take the reigns from there. I was inspired by some vintage toys that she had, and that's where I got the color scheme from. I'll post final pics of this project next week, but here are some teasers for now:

 photo BA4C53C3-160E-4BA4-B29A-F2F43AD41E55_zpshkhpgw2s.jpg
our awesome color scheme. Inspired by Dr. Seuss! I was an idiot, and got wayyyy too much paint. I could have bought all quart sizes. I never do stuff like that, but for some reason I wasn't sure if the quart sizes were going to be big enough. Oh well.

we decided to do a dotted ceiling, and had the walls painted in Sherwin William's "Swimming," before I came in. Generally, I like Benjamin Moore, but SW has great bright colors, in my opinion.

 photo 98000F19-87DC-40E4-8C35-56D396411C86_zpsfwkd3pr6.jpg
I made a compass to draw my circles with! it worked great. I used it mainly for the big ones - the smaller ones I was able to just eyeball and free hand paint on.

 photo 9B0AE65C-1715-4EFE-9615-09A95A604F6F_zpsryzcamn7.jpg

wweeeeeeeeee!! fun, huh? This is not a finished shot, but it's a good teaser. There was still another color left to do, and some more dots to be added.

We also had the closet painted in a bright, tomatoey, Dr Seussy red:

 photo C5FC4774-9964-4091-AC68-E1C2386C9568_zpsbijiysgh.jpg
I suggested that we paint the inside tomato red, and my client had the doors removed so that the kids can get to their arts closet easily! We are going to get some good baskets and make it all cute. All the trim/doors is getting a fresh coat of white paint today.  I added the turquoise to the barn door that is in there - doesn't it look cute?! I always say that things turn out best when clients just let me go with my flow. haha! By the way, you may have seen some of these already if you follow me on instagram (@kristenfdavisdesigns). I can't help but post stuff like this as I go, when I'm painting and getting excited. other news...

I visited a local glass artist in Cabbagetown the other day, for another design project I'm working on. She makes stained glass art, and her stash was beautiful:

 photo A50FB78C-9157-4817-B1D4-0A45C17467AD_zpswflb0pru.jpg
I will share the final project with you when it's done.

Another fun project I completed yesterday was this painting:

 photo 2F8081B8-5522-4CFC-A159-C829E220007E_zps11b4uohl.jpg

it was a commission, and they wanted red/teals/blue-navys. I think it's fun and playful. Reminds me of a goldfish pond?! I can't wait to see it installed in their house!

one last project I finished this week (I told you I have been busy - and I still did another project this week that I haven't shared yet either) is a toy box for a client. Here is what it looked like before:

and now:

 photo 56647F49-BE2E-4DF3-9E1C-32974E94D1F1_zpswwdt15wq.jpg

:) sweet & cute!

alright, I'm off to do some errands! hope you guys have a great weekend. 


  1. Oh my goodness - those colors look great! Mind sharing their names? So fun!

    1. thanks! They are "Swimming" (light blue, "Daredevil" (red), "Daffodil" (yellow), "Jovial" (Coral), and I don't remember the teal one! All SW.

  2. Wow what a fun colorful playroom! Will you incorporate the red from the closet in the ceiling? or anywhere else? Your talent never ceases to amaze me, or you energy! Have a great weekend..Alison

    1. thank you! the ceiling does have red in it! go back and look at some of the dots :)

  3. these things are fun and fun is good. :)

  4. I'm loving the commissioned piece! I've been dreaming of redoing our master bedroom with those colors!

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