Thursday, April 17, 2014

Artwork I Made For Our Bedroom

Initially, I had planned to put black and white photos in the frames above our bed. I still might. I couldn't find photos that I thought made sense to go there. Apparently our wedding album is lost, and Im not sure where the disc is to print photos out! Its around here somewhere. And all the other photos on my phone just seemed like weird ones to hang on a wall. haha.

So! I did what I always do - made some quick art. I really like the citron and coral colors in our bedroom. They were both accidents. Actually, the entire color scheme was not planned, but I'm very happy with how it unraveled. Really, the only color that I picked for this room was the peach walls, and then everything else has just made its way in there because I found it and liked it. It's been a fun process. 

It's still not done, but getting close! You'll see the headboard has also come in. I like it! I will post again about it one day with more detailed and up close photos.

Anyway... Here is the artwork, over the bed. The frames are from Michael's.

 photo F51A1970-4867-4575-AF10-F21537BD4169_zpso7a5h51e.jpg

I got lucky and found the frames at Goodwill, but I have bought the exact same ones at Michael's before, so I know they're from there.

 photo 5E27DC8E-6106-4C5F-9CB2-AA4D7DE518DC_zpsmtnntoj7.jpg
morning light! it's so pretty in there. 

here they were at the house, before i cut them down to the size i wanted them to be:

 photo 4064A250-1AB5-4E2E-B9EF-BAE1FB335C6C_zpst2bkzwma.jpg

and at the studio, working on them!

 photo BE059EEA-8739-4076-BE77-21131E6231F2_zpsguknlvu8.jpg

I realized none of my photos show the entire group hanging on the wall... whoops! too late - gotta head to work.

have a great thursday.


  1. Love them in the floating frames!

  2. I'm loving how all of your bedding looks together! Great job on the art work!

    1. thanks! I know it's a weird color combo, but i love it too.

  3. I love the colors- it looks like you paid a lot of money for those. And I can't believe those are Michaels frames! I just got some that are birch like and dipped white - they're really picking it up in the frame department!

    1. agreed! they have some pretty cool frames there. thanks!

  4. Your room is looking awesome! I'm loving how the colors and textures are working together. My bedroom is salmon, peach and chartreuse - so it's pretty similar actually!
    Also - have you thought about painting the sloped ceiling peach also? I think it would de-emphasize how short that wall is if the color extended up to the ceiling instead of basically cutting that wall in half. Just a thought!

    1. thanks! that is similar. i love the colors - very springy and happy. :)

  5. i love how it ties everything together! it looks fantastic. i have one question -- what kind of paper do you use?

  6. if you do decide to sell your nightstands, please let me know! they're just what i'm looking for. i have some round wood ones—we could even do a trade!

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