Friday, March 28, 2014

Pinstriped Entryway

This week got away from me! It was a whirlwind, busy one. I accomplished a lot, though, and have a lot left to get done today. Whew!

Anyway, I did a pinstriped wall for the sweetest client (who reads my blog - hi Jana!) and we both were very happy with the result. Such a simple look, but very impactful. The condo is being redecorated for a bachelor, and while it is masculine, the decor is also elegant. 

These were a couple of the inspiration pics:

(not sure where this one is sourced from )

(Architectural Digest)

 photo DF4208A3-4E0E-4C3B-8B1D-D74AFB7E34D5_zps7gohjpfe.jpg
This is a photo of the in-process look. I was initially planning to tape off the lines, and use gold paint for them, but then decided to use a gold paint pen. It worked great, and didn't take too long. 

And the end result:

 photo 5CFCAA38-E433-4D89-8F36-9A729D05F6CB_zpsuvnrgqih.jpg

elegant, right?

 photo 5429015F-9BB2-48F2-A83D-0992538224BE_zpsg9e26cp7.jpg

I loved the end result! And now, I want to draw all over walls with gold paint pens...

happy Friday, y'all. Have a great weekend.


  1. Very classy, good job. Have a great weekend. Alison

  2. Ohhhhhhhh! I LOVE the look!

  3. OMG....I want to do that to every wall in mouse house! Love!

    1. i really wish you had a house for a mouse, sherry. ;)

  4. It's beautiful. I'm surprised she did have you do the entire room.

  5. Ooops. I meant "didn't have you do the entire room".

    1. thanks! it was pretty statement-making with it just being the entryway!

  6. Okay, I completely missed this post... why?!?! LOVE the way it turned out! I'll have to send you some pics of what it looks like now decorated. Thanks again for everything!