Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Bedroom

So, apparently I'm only posting projects from my house these days. :) I've gotten into high decorating mode in our bedroom/bathroom, and it's all I want to post about, I guess. I have been busting it out, work-wise, and have quite a few projects that I should probably share... one day!

I ordered two fun items for our house that I'm pumped about. I finally got 8 of these pulls for the bathroom, in the 7" version. I think they're going to look killer on the drawers, and I'm glad I finally pulled the trigger on them. I found a coupon for free shipping, so that was cool. I hope they come in this week! I'm the most impatient online shopper. Instant gratification is where it's at. 

Anyway, for our bedroom, I finally selected and ordered a headboard. 

I REALLY HOPE it's the color I think it is. It's microfiber, which is honestly kind of repulsive. I'm pretending it's velvet and calling it a day. It was the only one that was in a shape/color/brass nailhead style that I liked. I have been searching and searching and reviewing and reviewing for a few weeks now, and finally made myself decide. I am happy with the decision, though, and I think the fabric is going to be comfy and dare I say, maybe even a nice texture for the room (think: velvet). Initially, I wanted a headboard that was straight across the back - more modern and streamlined. But, after checking everything out a million times, this is what I decided to go with. I do think it's going to be pretty in there, and I like the color. 

Here's what the bedroom is looking like now:

 photo IMG_1855_zps4b86215f.jpg
The duvet from Kip and Co came in, and I really love it. It's exactly the rust color that I was hoping it would be, and I think the color/pattern is so unexpected that it's awesome. 

 photo IMG_1869_zpsd92cdd22.jpg

The two screws from the headboard I made are still in the wall... I have been lazy while I Was deciding what my next headboard move would be, and haven't removed them. I'm hoping the new headboard will be a similar color to the lampshades here. A soft off-white/oatmealy color. 

I got those coral embroidered Gobi Serena & Lily sheets at Marshall's over the weekend. I was super-pumped when I found them! I only paid 79.99 ,but they retail for 260.00. What a score, right?! I have been stalking out their sheet section ever since I found a couple of pillowcases in this exact same style, in navy. I'd been hoping for more S&L stuff, and I found it! For those of you that have kids - they had lots of baby sheets that were awesome. 

 photo IMG_1858_zps4823865c.jpg
(excuse the wrinkles. no ironing happened before this photo shoot)

I was wanting a hint of coral in the room, because I thought it would be cool with the peach walls + rust colored bedspread, and I was stoked to find these.

So, the headboard will go obviously behind the pillows, and now I have to decide on what to do about a bedskirt situation. I might just do the whole put-a-sheet-over-the-boxsprings for a cleaner look? I know - I bought the Anthropologie bedskirt, and now I'm not using it. I might sell it. If you are interested in it, email me (kristen.fountain@gmail.com)

I bought it before I really had a clear vision of what I wanted to do in here, and now it doesn't go with anything. Bummer!

 photo IMG_1867_zps68cb77d6.jpg

 photo IMG_1865_zps00f7b9a8.jpg

that little pillow on the bed won't stay- its just there for the moment until I figure out the pillow situation. 

I am thinking about getting two big black velvet pillows in Euro size. I don't know. Something darker is needed I think. 

 photo IMG_1863_zps4a7ec0d6.jpg

I put my two black and white ikea pillows on the sofa in here, and i think it really adds SUCH a nice graphic punch. 

last but not least, i spray painted the bamboo shelf GOLD, baby. 

 photo IMG_1861_zpsca364039.jpg

I love it. I threw a bunch of accessories on it after we moved it upstairs, but I doubt it will stay like that. It needs more books.  It's okay for now, though.

my plants have to stay UP on the top shelf, away from these little animals that live with us. They both enjoy eating plants. Naughty kids.

oh, and my faux taxidermied antelope is still probably my favorite addition:

 photo IMG_1859_zps55ebd423.jpg

isn't he perfect there?

Anyway,  I have a few more plans for this room up my sleeve, like a bench that I'm going to make (!!!), and night stand change up. I'm thinking the night stands would  be cool in a darker wood? Something earthy, bohemian and maybe a little chunkier (and taller)? We'll see!


happy tuesday.


  1. Love all the progress you have been making! And that window nook....perfect!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

    1. thanks angela! yes, it's much more cozy now. :)

  2. That shelf unit you found is perfect there and looks good gold, great find. I like the plants up there. I think the sheet on the box spring is a good idea. I really like the trunks at the ends of the couch and the texture of the blinds, maybe you could add a couple baskets or wicker to your new shelf to spread the texture around. That squirrel is adorable.... Happy Tuesday to you too. Alison

  3. Kristen, which Marshall's did you find the Serena & Lily stuff?

    1. it was the one in buckhead, behind the disco kroger.

    2. Yay! Headed there tomorrow. Thanks!

  4. It's looking so GREAT!!! You inspire me to redo my bedroom! It has never really been done. The rest of the house gets the priority and my bedroom gets the left over's. Maybe because guests rarely see that room but I need to stop neglecting it. Thanks for sharing!

    Amber @Framecandyshop.com

    1. aw thanks! you should definitely prioritize the bedroom - it's the comfy zone :)

  5. Love your headboard choice. No one will notice it is microfiber--the nailhead is the perfect finish! Lisa

  6. I'm completely obsessed with your bedroom! You're giving me the motivation to start thinking about what to do with ours. I've been ignoring it for years, other than the random furniture swap. I wish we had the tall ceilings but we actually have super low ceilings on our second floor which is kind of a bummer.

    My mom is wanting to repaint my old room and I actually recommended a peachy color after I saw how well this turned out!

    Oh and as for a bench...I finally decided to make my own as well!

    1. aw thanks! i'm glad someone besides me can appreciate my weird bedroom :)

      checking out your bench now!

    2. I LOVE IT! i am actually thinking of doing a tufted leather bench in the exact same color leather!

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  9. Where did you get the 3 picture frames that are hanging above your bed? They are exactly what I am searching for, but cannot find!

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