Monday, March 31, 2014

More Bedroom Updates

My titles are the worst.

Now that I got that piece of information out of the way, I want to show you guys the cool pillows I found at west elm this weekend. I had about 10 things to do today (I'm writing this on Sunday), and on the list was to make curtains for our dining area. I did get that done (yeah! Pictures soon!), but something I didn't expect to finish was finish the pillow situation on our master bed. Our IKEA is really close to our west elm here in Atlanta, and as I was driving to IKEA to get a curtain rod to hang the curtains,  I decided to pop into west elm. Dangerous territory. Actually, it always seems that when I go, I either find lots of things I "need," or nothing at all. However, I always enjoy perusing. 

Well, I have been on the hunt for pillows for our bed, and like I posted before, I knew what I had in mind, as far as a color scheme. I love the curtains I hung in there, and knew that I wanted something "Statement making." What's funny/bad, is that I bought one yard of the ikat fabric seen here to have euros made with, but when I brought it home, I wasn't feeling it. I'm okay with it though, because I'll still get pillows made for another room with it (I still love the fabric!). 

 photo 0161BC6C-21B0-4DE6-9D3C-357215F02459_zpsqgi3l5oh.jpg
(the one that's bottom row, second from left)

Anyway, when I popped into west elm, I happened upon the Jacquard leaf euro in "Flax." I loved it! I had seen the bedding before, and really adored it (i actually even considered buying sheets or something to have my window treatments for my bathroom made with. It wouldn't have worked, but I just loved the fabric). So, I got two of those in the euro shams, and also two of the "nomad" shams in king size. I LOVED the peridot color, which is a citron color that is PERFECT in our bedroom. I have long loved the combination of rust and that yellow color. You see it in many a Jcrew catalog. the colors just bounce off and with each other perfectly!!! It was meant to be. It also plays really nicely with the new curtains. 

Without further ado:

 photo 18F0E9A7-751A-4FE9-9215-64FE201A4AE7_zpswlyihmcp.jpg

the colors are a little weird here. less rich than in person, and the pillow shames are a bright citron YELLOW, not lime.

i really, really adore the combo together!

 photo ADEE90E5-A81C-493E-8210-9E77BA2ED1DC_zpspblpzamv.jpg

I kept going in there to look at it. I'm a weirdo when it comes to color combinations. The right ones can really send me over the edge! haha.

 photo FEB2240A-2244-4F6F-B13A-F75AE9C0CCD3_zpsrlixswle.jpg

andddd, I bought those frames at goodwill last week! I have the exact same ones in our guest bathroom. They are from Michael's but I got these for a steal at Goodwill for only $5 each. Don't forget the headboard that will also go below them. And I have to fill them with photos - thinking black and white. Maybe even wedding photos if i'm feeling romantic. :)

 photo EE18C41B-C157-41E6-9A2A-4198CD1680B5_zpsxw4oghsj.jpg

Ignore the tables at the end of the bed. I made a decision on my bench fabric, and I'm going to be building the bench legs out of these Target tables! I can't wait to do/share my bench project with you guys. 

it's really cozy in our bedroom at night, too:

 photo 871CEA08-38CE-4C33-9617-9C5AC2B83E05_zpshkw7ggnk.jpg

the peach really makes it warm. I love it!

anyway, the end. I love the new bedding!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Pinstriped Entryway

This week got away from me! It was a whirlwind, busy one. I accomplished a lot, though, and have a lot left to get done today. Whew!

Anyway, I did a pinstriped wall for the sweetest client (who reads my blog - hi Jana!) and we both were very happy with the result. Such a simple look, but very impactful. The condo is being redecorated for a bachelor, and while it is masculine, the decor is also elegant. 

These were a couple of the inspiration pics:

(not sure where this one is sourced from )

(Architectural Digest)

 photo DF4208A3-4E0E-4C3B-8B1D-D74AFB7E34D5_zps7gohjpfe.jpg
This is a photo of the in-process look. I was initially planning to tape off the lines, and use gold paint for them, but then decided to use a gold paint pen. It worked great, and didn't take too long. 

And the end result:

 photo 5CFCAA38-E433-4D89-8F36-9A729D05F6CB_zpsuvnrgqih.jpg

elegant, right?

 photo 5429015F-9BB2-48F2-A83D-0992538224BE_zpsg9e26cp7.jpg

I loved the end result! And now, I want to draw all over walls with gold paint pens...

happy Friday, y'all. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Your Opinion Needed

I am building a bench for the end of our bed, and I plan to have it professionally upholstered, with a tuft.  I think it'll bring some excellent texture to the room, and I'm stoked that I thought of the plan to use some legs from cheapie little Target benches I bought over the summer on clearance for part of the project. It'll be a fun one.

Anyway - I wanted to get your opinion on the fabric to use. Initially, I planned to use a cognac/carmel leather. Now, I'm thinking that it'll be too matchy-matchy with the rust colored bedspread. What do you guys think? Instead, I'm thinking this might be a nice place to bring in another pattern. 

Here's my bedroom for reference:

 photo IMG_1855_zps4b86215f.jpg

And here are a few fabric samples I brought home...

 photo 0161BC6C-21B0-4DE6-9D3C-357215F02459_zpsqgi3l5oh.jpg

I set them all out, but probably wouldn't go for the paisley coral-rust one, or the one that is second from the left, at the top.

I'm not sure if I like the idea of bringing in turquoise or not? That fabric is FABULOUS, but I'm not sure it belongs in my bedroom. On one hand, I love it - multicolored room. On the other hand, it might be too crazy?


The fabric at top right looks like a block print, and the green matches the curtains nicely. The fabric bottom row, all the way to the left is a large scale green and off white fabric in a cool herringbone pattern. I like the mix that that fabric would bring to the room.

It looks like this:  photo 341C24E5-2727-49E4-AC63-FDC0DD42E3E7_zpssagte8cq.jpg

I think my two favorites are the bottom row, all the way to the right, and maybe the green trellis print all the way to the top left - though I fear it's a little boring. 

Anyway - let me know what you guys think!

In other news, I have been hitting thrift stores left and right these days (I always stop in on the way home from work, or on a lunch break, or whatever), and I found this cute wicker shelf today:

here it is before I primed it:

 photo 2B509792-12BA-4973-BF04-C6426DBB4ABD_zpselvfdz5m.jpg

and after priming:

 photo C4AE9200-9484-4E85-BC9D-28DF8AA0D838_zpsslvlxdeo.jpg

I think Im just going to paint it a glossy white for now. I am going to put it in the dining area, to the area all the way left of the windows in there, catty corner, and use it as a bar/glass station. Cute, right? It was only $21! BAM! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Quick Post

I have to run out the door soon, but wanted to show you guys my new chairs! I bought these at TJ Maxx last week for the ends of my dining table (on a whim), and I love them.

 photo 67433391-80D4-4E72-A2E3-5E47BA47B91C_zpsnl00cajy.jpg

 photo 16DF88E5-F77A-407D-8C76-EA7DCF0221A0_zpsrbpf7jpo.jpg

I had been wanting something to soften up the space a bit, and I think these do the job quite well. I found them, like I said, at TJ Maxx. I popped in in between meetings, and saw them but didn't buy. I made my way back to the studio, did work for about an hour, and couldn't stop thinking about them. So, I hopped in the car and went back to get them. I've realized with places like TJ MAxx, Marshall's, Homegoods, etc, you have to buy it, then return it if it doesn't work, because it's not guaranteed it'll be there when you go back, or at another store! Anyway, I'm very happy with them. 

Hope you all had a great weekend. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Pulls In Master Bathroom

My pulls from came in last night, and don't you know I installed them at about the same time I saw the box sitting on my porch. I love them! I'm glad I finally bought the real deal, and didn't do a DIY version (I was thinking of spray painting some cheaper ones gold).

 photo IMG_1878_zps830e6e1f.jpg

It's funny - we have amazing light in this house, but for some reason photographing my designs is really difficult? I feel like the color/contrast is always off, and things look so much prettier in person. 

Anyway, I love the brushed gold hardware, mixed with the shiny silvery finishes in my bathroom. It's starting to feel more eclectic, which is way more "me" than just the stark modern. 

 photo IMG_1877_zps00f5efec.jpg

 photo IMG_1875_zpsd114ba77.jpg

as a reminder, this is what it looked like when we moved in: 

 photo 6453CF86-F60A-43CB-8DC7-CB16B2332408-2395-00000228865452C5_zps67142065.jpg

 photo IMG_1879_zps9f5f3924.jpg

i recently got those tomato red soaps at World Market... I love how they match the tomato red soap dispensers from CB2. Its the little things! 

What do you guys think? I love the new pulls, and I keep going into the bathroom to stare at them. 

have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Anthropologie Bedskirt For Sale

As you guys know, I'm redecorating our bedroom. I jumped the gun on ordering this bedskirt, so I am selling it now. It's very cute, and I do still love it, it just doesn't work with my bedroom decor anymore. It's king size. I originally paid $90 + shipping for it, but am selling it for $70. I just bought it last Fall, and Anthro just recently took it off their website. Email me at, if you are interested in purchasing. It's a great bedskirt that falls nicely - very straight, which I like. :)

here it was in my bedroom:

 photo IMG_1542_zpsb6f772aa.jpg

(a little rumpled in the front there, but it is generally nice and straight, haha)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bold Playroom

Last week, I worked on a really fun playroom makeover project for the sweetest clients, with a playroom being designed by the talented designer, Alexandra Hernandez. I met Alex when I was working with the HGTV show "Elbow Room," and was excited to collaborate on this project, too!

She was designing a space for two sisters--twins--who are in 14, and getting their very own play/work/hang space, in their family basement. Alex did such a cool design! She painted the walls a light white-gray, and then installed a great sectional, some crafting tables, game tables and a TV, all while keeping the aesthetic playful and girly. 

I was hired to paint a graphic mural wall, along with an inspirational mural with a Bible verse that the clients had selected. 

 photo 7CF6B5A2-3F73-496D-846F-8FBD25ABB52B_zpsdskzpw4l.jpg

we selected the colors based off the cute accent pillows they had made.

It's double-duty, ,because when you walk in, there is a large mirrored wall in front of you, so it's basically like getting two murals for the price of one :)

 photo 7B54F720-511A-4095-850D-6B538EAE1911_zps0afqxdf6.jpg

 photo D7672988-38E0-47A9-8F9D-0ABBD7A88C62_zpsn5pljya7.jpg

 photo 67DE6AEA-2DE9-4C55-858C-811AE3B8D915_zps6m6ooht8.jpg

and here is the Bible verse wall:

I was careful about the placement, and the client was specific about which words she wanted uppercase, more emphatic, multi-colored, etc. We were really happy with how it turned out.

 photo 2FB6A36B-2966-41C9-86CB-CFBF7D995E79_zpsh2x93vuq.jpg

I had that light placement to work with, so I tried to sort of square it off based on that. It worked well, I think.

Of course I had a lot of fun with the cursive adjectives, but it was also kind of fun doing the more blocky letters.

 photo F414A8A1-CBAF-4664-BED0-D4AA1E941FA7_zpsqe8ti0lw.jpg

These are just iPhone photos, but you get the idea! It was a little hard to snap photos in the basement with no natural light, but at least the bright colors show through. 

you like?!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Bedroom

So, apparently I'm only posting projects from my house these days. :) I've gotten into high decorating mode in our bedroom/bathroom, and it's all I want to post about, I guess. I have been busting it out, work-wise, and have quite a few projects that I should probably share... one day!

I ordered two fun items for our house that I'm pumped about. I finally got 8 of these pulls for the bathroom, in the 7" version. I think they're going to look killer on the drawers, and I'm glad I finally pulled the trigger on them. I found a coupon for free shipping, so that was cool. I hope they come in this week! I'm the most impatient online shopper. Instant gratification is where it's at. 

Anyway, for our bedroom, I finally selected and ordered a headboard. 

I REALLY HOPE it's the color I think it is. It's microfiber, which is honestly kind of repulsive. I'm pretending it's velvet and calling it a day. It was the only one that was in a shape/color/brass nailhead style that I liked. I have been searching and searching and reviewing and reviewing for a few weeks now, and finally made myself decide. I am happy with the decision, though, and I think the fabric is going to be comfy and dare I say, maybe even a nice texture for the room (think: velvet). Initially, I wanted a headboard that was straight across the back - more modern and streamlined. But, after checking everything out a million times, this is what I decided to go with. I do think it's going to be pretty in there, and I like the color. 

Here's what the bedroom is looking like now:

 photo IMG_1855_zps4b86215f.jpg
The duvet from Kip and Co came in, and I really love it. It's exactly the rust color that I was hoping it would be, and I think the color/pattern is so unexpected that it's awesome. 

 photo IMG_1869_zpsd92cdd22.jpg

The two screws from the headboard I made are still in the wall... I have been lazy while I Was deciding what my next headboard move would be, and haven't removed them. I'm hoping the new headboard will be a similar color to the lampshades here. A soft off-white/oatmealy color. 

I got those coral embroidered Gobi Serena & Lily sheets at Marshall's over the weekend. I was super-pumped when I found them! I only paid 79.99 ,but they retail for 260.00. What a score, right?! I have been stalking out their sheet section ever since I found a couple of pillowcases in this exact same style, in navy. I'd been hoping for more S&L stuff, and I found it! For those of you that have kids - they had lots of baby sheets that were awesome. 

 photo IMG_1858_zps4823865c.jpg
(excuse the wrinkles. no ironing happened before this photo shoot)

I was wanting a hint of coral in the room, because I thought it would be cool with the peach walls + rust colored bedspread, and I was stoked to find these.

So, the headboard will go obviously behind the pillows, and now I have to decide on what to do about a bedskirt situation. I might just do the whole put-a-sheet-over-the-boxsprings for a cleaner look? I know - I bought the Anthropologie bedskirt, and now I'm not using it. I might sell it. If you are interested in it, email me (

I bought it before I really had a clear vision of what I wanted to do in here, and now it doesn't go with anything. Bummer!

 photo IMG_1867_zps68cb77d6.jpg

 photo IMG_1865_zps00f7b9a8.jpg

that little pillow on the bed won't stay- its just there for the moment until I figure out the pillow situation. 

I am thinking about getting two big black velvet pillows in Euro size. I don't know. Something darker is needed I think. 

 photo IMG_1863_zps4a7ec0d6.jpg

I put my two black and white ikea pillows on the sofa in here, and i think it really adds SUCH a nice graphic punch. 

last but not least, i spray painted the bamboo shelf GOLD, baby. 

 photo IMG_1861_zpsca364039.jpg

I love it. I threw a bunch of accessories on it after we moved it upstairs, but I doubt it will stay like that. It needs more books.  It's okay for now, though.

my plants have to stay UP on the top shelf, away from these little animals that live with us. They both enjoy eating plants. Naughty kids.

oh, and my faux taxidermied antelope is still probably my favorite addition:

 photo IMG_1859_zps55ebd423.jpg

isn't he perfect there?

Anyway,  I have a few more plans for this room up my sleeve, like a bench that I'm going to make (!!!), and night stand change up. I'm thinking the night stands would  be cool in a darker wood? Something earthy, bohemian and maybe a little chunkier (and taller)? We'll see!


happy tuesday.

Friday, March 14, 2014

A Few Things

Well, Spring is on its way, and it's a very busy time of year for me, work-wise. I love it, though - being very busy, a million projects going on, and I always seem to have lots of house/decor projects of my own, when the warmer weather rolls around (now if it would just stay).  

Anyway, just thought I would share a few photos from the week, that ended up on my phone! 

 photo 5E12D1E1-7228-4F43-B45F-DEBA89BE75D8_zpsdazuyz2s.jpg
I stopped at one of my favorite junky thrift stores on the way home from work the other day, and bought these two cuties. The top piece looks like it was painted then folded up, then unfolded, then folded again; many times. Then it got a nice frame job (but reminds me of Jenny from MFAMB paintings, kind of!). It has pretty touches of lilac, greens and neon coral, and I loved it. The other piece is a needlepoint seashell that is obviously awesome. (and matched my shoes)

 photo EB65552A-0B11-490A-9DC6-4A24E1081D10_zps6n7rturc.jpg
I laughed the other morning when I walked up to this. These two. Keeping things totally professional over here at KFD Designs. 

 photo 939AC765-34F9-4AF8-ADB6-6B8311E50B5D_zpspzrgfnzb.jpg
I saw these cute towels at Target the other day. Darn that Nate Berkus! Everything in his line at Target is awesome. I ended up buying the black/white triangle hand towel, and a mint green one, not shown here. 

 photo C9496C13-8F6A-4917-B39D-3C109C87A913_zpsl65k40z7.jpg
I'm working on about 5 different canvases now, all for different clients. This one is another for the doctor's office project. Colorful, crazy and happy. 

this is a clip of another painting I'm working on:
 photo B5D9532E-1B69-45AB-868A-81B3CDCBB611_zpsvpzvgg0x.jpg

It's eventually going to be teals, turquoises, whites, neutrals, grays and some red touches. It's fun and really colorful. I did a lot of work on it yesterday, and this is what its looking like so far:

 photo A387255C-E843-4D75-9C4D-0876BA46CB27_zpsvs94fsbu.jpg

speaking of paintings, I saw this super cute painting in the Furbish pop up shop for Teil Duncan.

 photo AB7EDA90-735D-46B8-9AAB-AAACBB39631B_zpslappoudt.png
its a really, really cute painting, but what I loved is that it reminds me of my new bedroom inspiration. The peach walls, the chartreuse curtains, the rust colored bedspread, the white, and i have plans for touches of coral. I love her pops of fuchsia, too. This is going to be my new color inspiration for the room. 

and speaking of that room, check out this awesome metal bamboo shelf I found yesterday:

 photo C2C6EB5A-C3B1-4EBE-8E97-8B8C03A7FA4B_zps4plfgjeu.jpg

YES! It's like 7 feet tall (or taller?), and I really adore the glass shelves! I plan to paint it this weekend. Do you guys think I should paint it white or gold? I wish the current color was pretty - but it's hideous! It's like a black/gold faux finish. Not cute. It'll be very cute all lacquered and put in my bedroom! I plan to pt it on the wall across from the bed, next to the bathroom door. I can't wait to decorate the shelves - there's no where now to put pretty things, really (except the top of my dresser, which is getting full). Anyway, let me know what color you think? Maybe even a brighter color?

have a great weekend! I'm off to paint 100 things. adios!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Roman Shades

I finally got my Roman shades this weekend, and I love them. I selected a pattern at Lewis and Sheron, and had them sewn. I wanted something that would have a pattern, but still be light enough to let a lot of sunlight through. 

 photo IMG_1850_zps3fa33eb8.jpg

they're perfect!

 photo IMG_1851_zps3e86c3c6.jpg

the pattern is navy and white.

 photo IMG_1852_zps5018a4a8.jpg

 photo IMG_1845_zpsc5c796a3.jpg

 photo IMG_1843_zps10b38cbf.jpg

what do you think? I'm very pleased! The master bedroom/bath is really coming along. The new bedspread for our bed came in yesterday, and I love it. It's exactly the color I was hoping for - a true "rust" and adds a nice dark element to the bedroom. Yes!