Friday, February 28, 2014

Peach Walls

I did it! I selected a peach, and it's going up tomorrow. Woo! 

It's Peach Cooler by Benjamin Moore. 

 photo ACD65243-CA0E-4EE0-8765-43BF4F1E9B78_zps5uj1sog2.jpg
This photo cracks me up, because it's like... they're basically the same color. I chose the one on the top. The one on the bottom is ever so slightly orangier. I think it's Peach Sorbet by BM?

Anyway, my two almost exact same colors crack me up and make me think of this:

 photo 298CFB16-D4E4-42BB-B0BB-CBFCB6D08340_zpsd67r96k8.jpg
They basically look the same here, but it's the one on the right. 

 photo 4D1FA437-7BFA-4E0C-9ABA-92E5CFCC7C02_zpsjcuowzx1.jpg

next to the door - it's the one on the right. I have new plans for:

~A different headboard (The one I made just looks like a DIY. A king size bed needs one with more substance)
~different nightstands (I have been on the hunt since we moved in, but haven't found anything... wish me luck here.)
~a bench at the end of the bed, covered in caramel leather
~make curtains

I also bought this amazing white paper mache fake elk taxidermy thing yesterday at Homegoods. I'm going to hang it on the tall peak over the windows - I think it'll be so cool there! And, it'll stand out better against the peach walls vs. white.

Woo! I have three meetings plus work to do today - I can't wait to finish everything and it be Saturday, so I can get to painting!


  1. Your painting it yourself? How will you reach those tall ceilings? Good luck with it. I hope you are happy with it. What will your accent color be with the peach? Alison

    1. I have a tall ladder! Trust me, I've done far more dangerous jobs. Don't have an accent color...

  2. Pretty choice! We have a similar color in our den/office, though I can't remember what the name is. It's a really happy space in the afternoon when the sun shines in. :-)

    1. oh nice! Good to hear. Taht's what I think -it'll be soft and pretty!

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