Friday, February 7, 2014

New Rug From Plush Rugs

It's Friday! It's been another long week... I actually lost the top to a can of paint, and then couldn't find it for two days. Last night, when I was doing laundry, it was in the wash. Weird? I have no idea what I even did, but was glad to have found it. Anyway... goes to show... it's been a busy, painty, week. 

Back in December, invited me to try out a rug for my master bedroom, when they saw that I was looking for one. Of course I was really excited, and said yes. It took me forever to pick one out, because they had soooooo many options! I loved so many of them. Here are a few I debated...

This "Urban Bungalow" rug by Jaipur is so cute, and I love the patterns on it... 

This "Iilyas" rug by Jaipur is also awesome. I love the large circle patterns - it would also be cute in a children's room or nursery.

the Nuloom Barcelona Karachi rug is so fun for a little color and pattern! And you can tell from the picture that it's great quality.

Anyway... There are literally thousands and thousands of rugs to choose from, so I had a really hard time! My colorful self kind of wanted a patterned rug, but I knew that doing another neutral one might be the smart decision, since it's worked well for me in the past. They're so easy to transition from one look to another, and I was excited to have flatter weave, larger rug in our space. 

I ended up choosing the Surya Bermuda rug, in an 8x11' size. 

I really, really love it. It's so much better quality than the one we used to have in here (which was a jute rug, too but that thicker weave. I do like that style, but the edges were getting messed up, and they were uneven, which was driving me crazy!), and I love the touch of elegance it adds. I think it also brings great texture to the space and I know that it will work with many decor decisions for years to come! ;)

 photo IMG_1736_zps8339fc0f.jpg

Our bedroom is coming along. Still so much to do, but I do like the things I have collected so far!

 photo IMG_1741_zps547a97fb.jpg

see how nice it is?! And, not to be gross, but it has been great with pet accidents, too.

 photo IMG_1739_zpsb9465f21.jpg

 photo IMG_1738_zpsdd396289.jpg

The flatter weave is a nice transition to the floor too - it's not too thick.  I want one for every room! I would love to have stair runners made out of this same material.
 photo IMG_1737_zps32005a9e.jpg

 photo IMG_1743_zpse3c81988.jpg

Here's a view I don't think I've shared - going into our bathroom. I love the large scale size of the rug! But I also love that it doesn't cover the entire floor, so that the pretty hardwoods are still visible where the couch is and the perimeter of the room. 

Thanks so much, Plush Rugs! FYI, Plush Rugs is offering a new incentive, where if you buy a rug from them and go back and leave a comment/full review on your rug, you receive a coupon to get 5% off your next purchase from them. Pretty awesome!


  1. Good choice! I'd love to know where you like to shop for rugs -- never heard of Plush Rugs before - browsing through now :) But if you have any other great sources please share! I'm in Atlanta too, but I mostly shop online for convenience.

    1. There are lots of great online retailers. I loved PlushRugs!!

  2. Beautiful rug...and a great alternative to the rough jute rugs!

  3. For someone that changes colors on a whim that is a good neutral lasting choice. Glad to see the hours spent blogging has its benefits. Congrats. Alison

    1. thanks alison! it's nice to have some payoff for all the work!

    2. absolutely :) Alison

  4. I ordered a rug three weeks ago.
    I waited a week, no news.
    it took 5 e-mails to discover that the rug is out of stock for four months.
    I am now three weeks into trying to get them to refund my money, which they keep saying they will do, but they have not done.

    terrible customer service. there are 10 other rug stores with the same goods, use one of them.

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