Monday, February 10, 2014



How was your weekend? Mine was nice. It was my birthday on Saturday, so we did some celebrating. Anyway, I just wanted to update with some photos of my work/life lately...

This is a snapshot from a really gigantic pattern wall that I did... I'll be posting the project this week. It's one of my favorites that Ive done in a really long time!

 photo 262E3951-5500-4B8E-B6DE-A3B32E80059B_zps0v9v9c8i.jpg

The colors were fun, and so was the environment.

 photo A09FA6F0-B333-4B98-8AFF-951E35E28D16_zps8pplq8sj.jpg
this is a photo I took before I started doing the pattern. For scale... it was a giant wall, I think around 27 feet long.

 photo 76DF957A-87B5-4656-B15C-6391DD767C3F_zpskhy3kuyt.jpg
I saw these cute Valentines bowls at west elm. I'm not a huge valentines day person, but these are super cute! I meant to pick up a couple before I left the store, but forgot.

 photo DE7A6067-BC05-425B-8EBB-1F42BB386599_zpswqojyuac.jpg
I saw these awesome table at All Modern. It's amazing! I love it, and am thinking of getting something similar for our living room.  I do like our lucite one, but it's a little small for the new house. I had seen one really similar to this from Worlds Away, but it was way pricier than this option that comes in at only $430. I like brass legs, but it would be easy to get this one powder coated, or paint it myself. 

this was another project that I did last week, that I can't WAIT to show you guys - I think you're going to like it. If you follow my instagram (@kristenfountaindavis), you already saw it:

 photo AB0BF211-C4D8-4141-B006-86C306220BD1_zpsvyxxnaq1.jpg

 photo 3D04F046-CAD1-4448-AB61-713E9FA20923_zpsjkznmhnt.jpg
I went thrift store shopping the other day, and this was my haul. Pretty sweet!

last but not least....

 photo 61E3F847-6F82-4F2D-A7E9-F83B0541BBA7_zpskxx1kew4.jpg

max on the table.


  1. I love that wall!! Cant wait to see it. Saturday was my birthday too- I hope you had a good one :)

    1. ah, birthday twins! happy birthday to you.

  2. Love your IG feed..can't wait to read about the details on that wall.

  3. How are the dog and cat doing or should I not ask??

    1. they are fine! mika stays out all the time now. max just always wants to play, and mika is not interested, so we're working on that one :)

    2. Oh good. It even takes time for dogs to adjust to one another. I knew they would work it out!!

  4. Happy birthday! That table is amazing, and I can't wait to see the finished wall. Totally digging it already :)

    1. i know, i think so too! i'll post that wall soon!

  5. I can't wait to see the finished product! Those of us who are used to seeing Mika are wondering....does he ever come out from under the bed? He used to be featured regularly in photos!

    1. haha, yes! he actually doesn't hide under the bed anymore, phew. he hasn't done that in a while. he stays out, but on high surfaces, unless max is sleeping. he and max interact. max just dominates the situation, if both of them are in it.

  6. I miss Mika..I am glad people asked how he is, I was wondering myself. I hope he is happy. I really like your thriftiness. That looks like a great wall your working on. Alison

  7. Happy Birthday! Alison

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