Thursday, February 6, 2014

Midcentury Modern Settee

Hey guys,

I found the cutest little settee at Ross yesterday, and brought it home with me. Well, I actually saw it when I ran in there for something else in the morning, and then thought about it all day, and went back for it last night. I learned my lesson last summer, when I found the cutest settee at Homegoods, and then went back for it and it wasn't there. Or at the next Homegoods I tracked down. Or the next. Sad. So, I decided to go ahead and get it, and then if I didn't like it, I could always take it back. But I think I'm going to keep her! 

I have been looking for other seats to replace the two white chairs in our living room. I think the next thing I get will definitely be PATTERN, but I think the charcoal velvet is really pretty in this room, and I like the "Fancy" material contrasted on the MCM style legs of the seat. This little cutie was only $279. That's almost half as much as one of the chairs I wanted to buy, originally. (Which now I'm glad I didn't, because they have the fabric that they were covered in at Lewis and Sheron, and it's way turquoisier than I thought it was!)

 photo BAD091FF-873B-4B9C-83D7-6535C5B9F29A_zpscoeztopu.jpg

Max shows it off, naturally.

 photo 5BB61A83-5590-460A-9C09-AD36B89A1EA8_zpssvd5etbs.jpg

I like the cute little legs, and that they are a different stain than the legs on the sofa. 

 photo 6B177BA7-F6F1-4571-90FF-D3755CA71E78_zps41kxeea6.jpg

kind of wish I hadn't have recovered the chairs in blue velvet now, but oh well. At least it's a different color and sort of more of a crushed velvet

Should I keep it?!


  1. Definitely keep it!!!!!! Its beautiful and looks great in your space!

  2. Love the lines of it and the fabric! I have that same little side table, too! :)

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

    1. i love the little splash of gold! thanks, i think i'm going to keep it!

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