Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Funny Ideas

I've been scheming and dreaming about more decor for the house. Naturally. As I do.

Anyway, our bedroom is far from done, and I can't wait to get it to a more finished state. This house is hard for me - it's so much larger than our last space, that it takes more time to fill and furnish, and as Ive stated before, it's naturally more expensive, so the process is a little bit slower. It's always fun, though. One challenge I've encountered in the space, is the high ceilings. I love them, but it creates such a large space to fill, visually, and in our bedroom, the ceiling arches really high! Here's a photo:

 photo IMG_1736_zps8339fc0f.jpg

Right now, it's basically leftover stuff from the condo, with a couple of purchases we made right when we moved in. The sofa is the one that I bought for $25 and reupholstered in white duck canvas, (it was the sofa from our condo) and the king size bed was one of the first large purchases we made when we first moved in. We love it, but let me tell you - it's hard to dress a king size bed. They're just not as cozy looking, and take more pillows (Something I try to avoid, because I know Jordan isn't the biggest fan of my pillow obsession).

I have removed the sconces that I wasn't the biggest fan of, and replaced the ones on the left side with these cuter ones from Lowes:

They are only $35 and really cute. The other side of the room (where the beds are) has plates covering the spot where the light fixtures were. I know - not the cutest solution, and not my first plan, but after talk with an electrician about all the work that would have to be done to safely remove and cover the spot where the old sconces were, I just decided to remove them myself, and use plates to cover. They actually blend in quite well after painting them. 

you can see the sconce on the other side of the room in this photo, and there is one on the other side of the bathroom wall, to the left, as well.

Anyway, I want to paint the walls, which I've discussed before. I want to do a weird, odd color. Two colors I have in mind: inky dark blue-green, or a fleshy peach. I know, weird.

I just think this room needs some edge. Here are some inspiration photos for the peach:

I don't want it to be pink - I want it true peachy, almost a neutral and understated color. NOT PINK.

Donald Kaufman DK-27

Via pinterest... this is what I mean about soft and neutral. Not pink not peach not beige. Somewhere in the middle of all of those. 

From Caitlin Creer's website. Clearly, this room is super feminine and not the style I'm going for, but I think the walls are pretty.

I imagine mine with brass accents and wooden night stands. 

from pinterest, too. This one doesn't have a link, so if you know where it came from, tell me. I love the top row here. 

Anyway, I think it could be really beautiful with some modern accents. Plus, I think painting the room would help with my all white couch and my white bedding. Break it up a little. 

INspiration for a dark color. Though, now that I think about it, I Think I'm leaning towards a lighter color. With those high arching ceilings, I think dark might be too much.

via gq.com

woof, but those bright colors sure do look good against the dark walls!

THIS IS THE PERFECT COLOR. exactly what color I was thinking. 

Anyway! I love these two ideas. If I do peach, I'm thinking the ceiling needs to be painted, too. Whichever color I do in the bedroom, I'll probably do the other one in the guest bedroom. I can't wait to decorate it, either! 

Thoughts? I know these are weird ideas, and some of you won't like them. I just need some edge in that room! It's far too boring right now, and too predictable. I have dreams of cool turned leg tables on either side of our bed, and I've been on the hunt for a few months, but haven't found them yet. 


  1. I think painting your bedroom is the perfect solution to all that white! The peach will look lovely in there. I love those dark colors but with that slope it might make you feel like the ceiling is coming down. Your color choices are different but if anyone could pull them off, it's you. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with them!

    Amber @Framecandyshop.com

    1. thanks amber! That's what i'm thinking, too!

  2. That peach is a great idea, and doing the ceiling the same color is the way to go. That dark color would be tough in that room. Painting that ceiling is going to be a lot of work. Have you considered hiring a color consultant? I did, before painting and it was well worth it. Paint stores may have a referral for you. Will you hire that tall ceiling out or paint it yourself? What ever you decide I am sure it will look good...Alison

    1. thanks alison! i like peach, too. and i actually do color consults as part of my job :)

    2. Didn't know that. What sort of training is required for it? Always been curious. Second opinion from a color consultant couldn't hurt, you would hate to have to repaint that ceiling it would seem. I am glad you nixed just doing the lower wall and not the ceiling. Alison

    3. well, i was an interior design major for a while. and i think part of the training has come from doing tons of color consultation and lots of trial and error, but thankfully most have been hits!

  3. I cant believe those scones are so cheap! I can't imagine working with such high ceilings although they are beautiful!

  4. Ok, I'm not in the majority here. I'd skip the peach (I think the 80's/90's term for peach was salmon -which my mom couldn't get enough of and used for her neutral color throughout our house growing up). I'd go with that dark green and (gasp) also paint the ceiling and the trim. Think Abigail Ahern. It'd be dramatic and lovely. -Caitlin

  5. I think it depends on your exposure. Are your windows south facing? Then, a dark green would be fantastic. If your bedroom gets little sunlight, I'd go with the warmer peach.. Either way, I love your ideas.

    1. we face east! so bright sun for most of the day, until the evening. it's super bright and pretty in there with the big windows all day

  6. I'm going to add to the minority. When we first bought our house, every room except the kitchen, dining room, and living room -- including all the hallways and bathrooms! -- was painted what we called "silly putty pink." At first we thought it was neutral; not our first choice, but certainly liveable. But a week after moving in we realized that the color was driving us nuts. This sounds weird, but fleshy-neutral-peachy-pinky-beige is a hard color to live with in large doses. Perhaps in a single room (or on a single wall) it wouldn't be as irritating.

    Re: Leslie's comment: in our house, the darker rooms looked the worst. The peach looked dingy without sunlight to brighten things up.

    In my head, I'm screaming, "Don't do it!!" Maybe we just had a bad shade of peach (although that swatch of BM Old Country is a dead ringer). That being said, if anyone could pull it off, it's you. :) I'll be super interested to see how it turns out!

    1. yeah, I know what you mean! that shade can be disgusting. its going to take quite a few samples to get the right one, if i even can!! hmmmm......

  7. I'm really interested in seeing how this turns out, because I am not a fan of the peach...at all! On the ceiling too?? Love the dark color though!

  8. Love the idea of peach!! It will look great!

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