Monday, February 24, 2014

Cat Painting

hi! sorry for the unannounced absence. Our internet has actually been down since last Wednesday. Crazy! It started working again this morning, so I'm taking the opportunity to write really quickly! I have a ton of emails to catch up on, so I have to get back to that, too. 

Anyway, recently, I did a painting of a cat for a client/friend. It's her mother's cat, and it's completely black with a couple of white spots on it's neck and back legs. Her name is "BK", which stands for Black Kitty. Creative name, huh? Haha.

 photo 7B9A9766-4E64-4CD4-B27C-4D4D9972AFDE_zpsvh5dfa2p.jpg

I tried to keep BK from looking too sinister... kind of hard with an all-black cat :)

It was 16 by 16"... a good size for a pet painting, in my opinion. I did the background in shades of "sky-ish" purple, as requested by the client.

 photo 02CA0E88-AF9B-4E5F-BD7B-8C248ED444CD_zpsuuj2xx9g.jpg
I used a new product by Golden on the background, which creates texture. It was the molding paste, and I loved it. 

You can see some of the texture here:

 photo FFCB7FA0-CB71-4B89-AD69-9F14C3ABCC04_zpsufxw4r8x.jpg

finally, I signed it and put her name on the side:

 photo 850E06AE-4C35-43BC-BA60-A7C95988DEE9_zps988uithr.jpg


Email me at, if you're interested in commissioning one. 


  1. Beautiful! I am sure the client will be pleased:)

  2. Aaaw! I have a soft spot for black cats and have a big one named "Moose." Fab painting, Miz K!

    1. ah, thanks raina! always good to hear from you.

  3. Wow, great painting. Alison

  4. Love the texture and am sure it's really neat in person - kinda wish I had a pet. Maybe I'll get a fish for you to paint! Love that your mom, Kitty, commented on the cat painting! Destiny

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