Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Brass Thrift Store Lamp

I found this brass lamp at a thrift store the other day for only $5.99. I think it's so cute! 

 photo CB42908F-5651-4C8A-9C53-957344C5879F_zps9qtn6p39.jpg

I got the black shade at Target. I made that lucite lamp finial a few years ago.

 photo BFDDFF15-89B3-4B20-984B-F0BFECD6C971_zpsouxcqlgk.jpg

one of my favorite parts of the lamp is the base:

 photo AE328D28-9CEF-44CF-A24A-555B10776B71_zpsf4uknfdu.jpg
the cute little wooden feet killed me. I saw this thing, and said to myself that I DONT need another lamp (lamps, chairs and pillows - I can't seem to get enough of any of them), but I immediately turned around, got it, and carried it like a baby with me, through the store. 

 photo D84654DB-5434-4BAF-8FED-868310743F38_zpssuaesidk.jpg

I love it! I have really been into brass lately. I found a few other "treasures" that day... there seemed to be a gold theme:

 photo F465BECB-5DC2-43CA-9002-DE1B306935E7_zpsfjfog6fq.jpg

That thing on the bottom right is a table cloth that is hand stitched. I thought it was really pretty, and you know how I'm having a blue moment.

The glasses were the best! They were only $8 for a set of 8. Four tumblers and four regular glasses. They are nice and heavy, too. 

I loved the mirrored tray, too, and of course the lamp.  I posted this photo on instagram over the weekend (@Kristenfdavisdesigns)

That's all! I'm off to a meeting and then to paint! I will be doing a fun project today with Heather, so feel free to follow along on Instagram if you'd like!


  1. That's a good find and looks lovely there! I found a similar lamp at GW and it is one of my fave finds ever! xo Kristin

  2. Wow did you score that trip. Very nice lamp indeed. Congrats! Alison

  3. Love all of your finds, and that lamp is too awesome :)

  4. What thrift store do you go to?! You consistently find way better stuff than I have EVER seen at my terrible Buford Highway Goodwill.

    1. I got to thrift stores a llllllllll over! basically, i just pull over when i see one! i've never been to the buford highway goodwill..

  5. I love love love that lamp! Great find.

  6. Great find!!! Love the black shade with it!

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