Monday, February 17, 2014

Around My House...


Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Our's was pretty low key. I got a lot done around the house, and am ready to get back to work today. The built-up snow days have work kind of piled up for everyone. And, a couple of my jobs have gotten pushed forward because of the contractors building things before I'm supposed to come in, have been pushed forward because of the snow days, therefore I'm pushed forward, so I have to kind of tweak my schedule around. Not a big deal, just makes the work-week different. I have been bringing some of my studio projects home, lately, because It's been so cold at the studio. But, I have two giant pieces of furniture there that I can't bring home, and I'm going to have to suck it up and brave the cold at the studio today and tomorrow! 

Anyway, before I head out the door, I have a client coming to pick up a painting, so I am blogging while I wait for her. I have a few photos I snapped around the house this weekend and thought I'd share them here...

This is a shot I took in our guest bathroom, that includes this painting that I did. 

 photo 62221B10-4E1A-4A0C-BC98-C24F79DA4422_zpskerstxal.jpg
The light in here is so nice most of the day, and it makes me happy. 

I got that turquoise patterned shower curtain a couple of months ago too, and its a nice bright surprise in there. 

here is Mika's dream come true - a giant pile of leaves. Does any one else's cat love to eat flowers/leaves? he goes nuts for them. 

 photo 17726601-47AD-4A42-B68E-5DFF2C5AB8A7_zpsz2yplvow.jpg

Here they are, all pretty on the table:

 photo 170490D5-422E-4979-A382-DDA991E01E2B_zpsjh4ifxhj.jpg

another shot from the guest bathroom. I kind of love it in there. 

 photo 851EA84C-27E9-4E30-88D4-406C42EC5528_zpsa6evmzb4.jpg

incase you missed it, here is a link from when I painted the cabinet (it was originally a builder grade pre made cabinet from Lowe's that I updated with paint and new hardware). My rug was from Ebay.

apparently this is the bathroom post, because this shot is from our bathroom...a little vignette:

 photo 4E9A2158-601D-4442-9FBF-21D4DD7CD18A_zps8q1ywrqw.jpg

I recently bought these gold and white napkins from West Elm... They only had these 3, and they were only 1.99. I'm thinking I should have pillows made out of them.

 photo 4F76972A-0D7C-4588-A41C-00FD8D4FA8D6_zpshf01drjd.jpg

Also, I finally picked a fabric for our master bathroom roman shades. It took forever!

 photo 50DFC8B6-2A79-4F91-8904-6AEC6056714B_zpssggbvkmq.jpg
Here were all the samples I picked up. I ended up going with...

It was narrowed down to three, and I picked this one because, 

a) it's a small pattern, that I don't think I'll get tired of quickly

b)it's not too trendy

c)it's a color other than tan (which is the color of the shower tile), white (wall color), or gray (the floor tile). It's neutral-y, so it should be good for a few years at least!

The lady who is sewing the shades picked up the fabric yesterday, and they should be done the first week in March. I'm excited to see them up!

Alright, off to paint. Have a great holiday, if you are off today!


  1. Great choice of fabric!

  2. Great idea to make pillows with the napkins. My cats always chewed on my plants and proceeded to spit it up. Pretty flowers :) Happy Monday to you. Alison

    1. yes! I'm like - clearly it's not making your tummy happy when you puke it up 30 minutes later. oh well!

  3. I love making pillows out of napkins! Many times they are the perfect size and come in such fun fabrics for cheap! I love the rug in the guest bath too. Fun.
    Home Style Love

  4. Great napkin find! The pillows will look awesome!

  5. Hi! Would you mind sharing your ladies contact info that is making the shades if she doesn't mind? I also live in atlanta and am having the hardest time finding someone reasonable to make a roman for my master bath. Thanks! my email is if she would prefer you to send private. thanks!

  6. I love the chevron hand towels in the bathroom, could you tell me where they are from? Thanks!

    1. they were from tuesday morning in sandy springs!

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