Friday, February 28, 2014

Peach Walls

I did it! I selected a peach, and it's going up tomorrow. Woo! 

It's Peach Cooler by Benjamin Moore. 

 photo ACD65243-CA0E-4EE0-8765-43BF4F1E9B78_zps5uj1sog2.jpg
This photo cracks me up, because it's like... they're basically the same color. I chose the one on the top. The one on the bottom is ever so slightly orangier. I think it's Peach Sorbet by BM?

Anyway, my two almost exact same colors crack me up and make me think of this:

 photo 298CFB16-D4E4-42BB-B0BB-CBFCB6D08340_zpsd67r96k8.jpg
They basically look the same here, but it's the one on the right. 

 photo 4D1FA437-7BFA-4E0C-9ABA-92E5CFCC7C02_zpsjcuowzx1.jpg

next to the door - it's the one on the right. I have new plans for:

~A different headboard (The one I made just looks like a DIY. A king size bed needs one with more substance)
~different nightstands (I have been on the hunt since we moved in, but haven't found anything... wish me luck here.)
~a bench at the end of the bed, covered in caramel leather
~make curtains

I also bought this amazing white paper mache fake elk taxidermy thing yesterday at Homegoods. I'm going to hang it on the tall peak over the windows - I think it'll be so cool there! And, it'll stand out better against the peach walls vs. white.

Woo! I have three meetings plus work to do today - I can't wait to finish everything and it be Saturday, so I can get to painting!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Chinoiserie Little Girl's Bedroom

Yesterday, I painted (well, re-painted) the cutest bedroom! This is Heather, from Ivy and Vine's, daughter's room. Heather obviously has the best taste and her daughter's room is being redone as we speak. She has moved from the crib to a "big girl" bed, and Heather has lots of beautiful plans in motion for the room! Seriously, her house is so stunning. It's a dream for this color-lover's eyes. 

Anyway, we did the nursery a few years ago, before Quinn was born, and the white that was chosen was just too light - you could barely see it. We decided to go back over it with a brighter pink and now it looks lovely AND you can see it!

Have a looksie:

 photo 2E2D7C26-87CE-4CEB-947E-1C1481DA33FE_zpsns4exuv3.jpg

 photo E3BF1FC7-23D4-4CCA-882C-6758C9C98962_zpsy35eajvb.jpg

 photo ED5ABACA-0978-4A32-806C-63B6771EDC4F_zpsch0hzzzo.jpg

 photo A58502F0-195B-401E-ABD4-3B4EA91B1ABA_zps5m6ba532.jpg

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Brass Thrift Store Lamp

I found this brass lamp at a thrift store the other day for only $5.99. I think it's so cute! 

 photo CB42908F-5651-4C8A-9C53-957344C5879F_zps9qtn6p39.jpg

I got the black shade at Target. I made that lucite lamp finial a few years ago.

 photo BFDDFF15-89B3-4B20-984B-F0BFECD6C971_zpsouxcqlgk.jpg

one of my favorite parts of the lamp is the base:

 photo AE328D28-9CEF-44CF-A24A-555B10776B71_zpsf4uknfdu.jpg
the cute little wooden feet killed me. I saw this thing, and said to myself that I DONT need another lamp (lamps, chairs and pillows - I can't seem to get enough of any of them), but I immediately turned around, got it, and carried it like a baby with me, through the store. 

 photo D84654DB-5434-4BAF-8FED-868310743F38_zpssuaesidk.jpg

I love it! I have really been into brass lately. I found a few other "treasures" that day... there seemed to be a gold theme:

 photo F465BECB-5DC2-43CA-9002-DE1B306935E7_zpsfjfog6fq.jpg

That thing on the bottom right is a table cloth that is hand stitched. I thought it was really pretty, and you know how I'm having a blue moment.

The glasses were the best! They were only $8 for a set of 8. Four tumblers and four regular glasses. They are nice and heavy, too. 

I loved the mirrored tray, too, and of course the lamp.  I posted this photo on instagram over the weekend (@Kristenfdavisdesigns)

That's all! I'm off to a meeting and then to paint! I will be doing a fun project today with Heather, so feel free to follow along on Instagram if you'd like!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Funny Ideas

I've been scheming and dreaming about more decor for the house. Naturally. As I do.

Anyway, our bedroom is far from done, and I can't wait to get it to a more finished state. This house is hard for me - it's so much larger than our last space, that it takes more time to fill and furnish, and as Ive stated before, it's naturally more expensive, so the process is a little bit slower. It's always fun, though. One challenge I've encountered in the space, is the high ceilings. I love them, but it creates such a large space to fill, visually, and in our bedroom, the ceiling arches really high! Here's a photo:

 photo IMG_1736_zps8339fc0f.jpg

Right now, it's basically leftover stuff from the condo, with a couple of purchases we made right when we moved in. The sofa is the one that I bought for $25 and reupholstered in white duck canvas, (it was the sofa from our condo) and the king size bed was one of the first large purchases we made when we first moved in. We love it, but let me tell you - it's hard to dress a king size bed. They're just not as cozy looking, and take more pillows (Something I try to avoid, because I know Jordan isn't the biggest fan of my pillow obsession).

I have removed the sconces that I wasn't the biggest fan of, and replaced the ones on the left side with these cuter ones from Lowes:

They are only $35 and really cute. The other side of the room (where the beds are) has plates covering the spot where the light fixtures were. I know - not the cutest solution, and not my first plan, but after talk with an electrician about all the work that would have to be done to safely remove and cover the spot where the old sconces were, I just decided to remove them myself, and use plates to cover. They actually blend in quite well after painting them. 

you can see the sconce on the other side of the room in this photo, and there is one on the other side of the bathroom wall, to the left, as well.

Anyway, I want to paint the walls, which I've discussed before. I want to do a weird, odd color. Two colors I have in mind: inky dark blue-green, or a fleshy peach. I know, weird.

I just think this room needs some edge. Here are some inspiration photos for the peach:

I don't want it to be pink - I want it true peachy, almost a neutral and understated color. NOT PINK.

Donald Kaufman DK-27

Via pinterest... this is what I mean about soft and neutral. Not pink not peach not beige. Somewhere in the middle of all of those. 

From Caitlin Creer's website. Clearly, this room is super feminine and not the style I'm going for, but I think the walls are pretty.

I imagine mine with brass accents and wooden night stands. 

from pinterest, too. This one doesn't have a link, so if you know where it came from, tell me. I love the top row here. 

Anyway, I think it could be really beautiful with some modern accents. Plus, I think painting the room would help with my all white couch and my white bedding. Break it up a little. 

INspiration for a dark color. Though, now that I think about it, I Think I'm leaning towards a lighter color. With those high arching ceilings, I think dark might be too much.


woof, but those bright colors sure do look good against the dark walls!

THIS IS THE PERFECT COLOR. exactly what color I was thinking. 

Anyway! I love these two ideas. If I do peach, I'm thinking the ceiling needs to be painted, too. Whichever color I do in the bedroom, I'll probably do the other one in the guest bedroom. I can't wait to decorate it, either! 

Thoughts? I know these are weird ideas, and some of you won't like them. I just need some edge in that room! It's far too boring right now, and too predictable. I have dreams of cool turned leg tables on either side of our bed, and I've been on the hunt for a few months, but haven't found them yet. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Cat Painting

hi! sorry for the unannounced absence. Our internet has actually been down since last Wednesday. Crazy! It started working again this morning, so I'm taking the opportunity to write really quickly! I have a ton of emails to catch up on, so I have to get back to that, too. 

Anyway, recently, I did a painting of a cat for a client/friend. It's her mother's cat, and it's completely black with a couple of white spots on it's neck and back legs. Her name is "BK", which stands for Black Kitty. Creative name, huh? Haha.

 photo 7B9A9766-4E64-4CD4-B27C-4D4D9972AFDE_zpsvh5dfa2p.jpg

I tried to keep BK from looking too sinister... kind of hard with an all-black cat :)

It was 16 by 16"... a good size for a pet painting, in my opinion. I did the background in shades of "sky-ish" purple, as requested by the client.

 photo 02CA0E88-AF9B-4E5F-BD7B-8C248ED444CD_zpsuuj2xx9g.jpg
I used a new product by Golden on the background, which creates texture. It was the molding paste, and I loved it. 

You can see some of the texture here:

 photo FFCB7FA0-CB71-4B89-AD69-9F14C3ABCC04_zpsufxw4r8x.jpg

finally, I signed it and put her name on the side:

 photo 850E06AE-4C35-43BC-BA60-A7C95988DEE9_zps988uithr.jpg


Email me at, if you're interested in commissioning one. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Faux Grasscloth Walls

Last week, I did some faux grasscloth for a room that local interior designer Dorothy Burke, from Dorothy Burke Interiors, designed. It's an office, and it's coming along beautifully. It was funny, because she recommended me for the faux grasscloth, but it turned out that I had actually done some work for her client a few years ago. Small world! 

Anyway, this is a home office, that needed more storage/two desks and general prettiness added. Both our client and her husband work from home, and will both be working from this office, so there are two desks, but it doesn't seem too "officy", you know? I can't wait to see the room finished!

Anyway... Dorothy designed these amazing bookshelves that were installed last week, and I added a faux grasscloth to the backs. The perk of having a faux grasscloth is that real grasscloth can be a real PAIN to remove in the future, not to mention way pricier. And, when you're working with something like bookshelves, it actually can add a little too much dimension (since it's thick, and will jut out a little bit from the wall). I think the faux grasscloth is very convincing, though!

first, I painted all the backs in this light yellow color that you see in the boxes to the right. Faux grasscloth is definitely a technique that takes time and practice. I recommend hiring a professional for this, and not DIY-ing it.

 photo EC2178B8-2D9B-4CA4-8B0C-6F697481DA5B_zpsqbdxrqkj.jpg

Anyway, I mixed colors with glaze that resemble grasscloth, and stried it across, horizontally. I used a grasscloth tool (Resembles a comb) to create the lines, then sort of smooth them out with a soft brush. 

 photo 5EA2CCA9-6DF3-49CC-8C1E-25E70788AAF5_zpshive3yo0.jpg

detail shot, before I added the last layer:
 photo C4B4CA71-2CBB-4EA7-ADCB-700E21A56B36_zpszg4ixuzp.jpg

After I did the strie technique along with the grasscloth tool, I went in and sporadically added brown streaks to give it more dimension and really give that grasscloth look. Here's my end result:

 photo 46DEC3DC-7B90-42CE-A146-69986691CC25_zpsnpbroqgq.jpg

 photo A58803EC-97C9-4C6F-9A6E-3C0993573434_zps1phs23xe.jpg
(the walls are being painted white, and the ceiling is going to be blue, as you can see from the samples that are up!)

Don't you love those custom Greek key built in's??!

 photo A58803EC-97C9-4C6F-9A6E-3C0993573434_zps1phs23xe.jpg

 photo 9EA0A284-EF9F-4B7E-B98C-E3EC0384F3EF_zpspqcyioh8.jpg

 photo D6D24C29-A056-482D-89E5-B270A62B5B66_zpsttiu9lp2.jpg

 photo 5639A159-8BF0-4450-91B5-FC4CB11136F1_zpszwawbbgy.jpg

And, just because I can't help it, here is an awesome photo that Dorothy posted on her Instagram account, showing the progress that they made already! Blue ceiling, white walls, awesome flame stitch custom drapes, and acrylic rods. So cool!

 photo ac32c55b-2762-463a-83af-e7632fbf3080_zps8653a78f.png

I can't wait to see this room finished. Great work, Dorothy!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Around My House...


Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Our's was pretty low key. I got a lot done around the house, and am ready to get back to work today. The built-up snow days have work kind of piled up for everyone. And, a couple of my jobs have gotten pushed forward because of the contractors building things before I'm supposed to come in, have been pushed forward because of the snow days, therefore I'm pushed forward, so I have to kind of tweak my schedule around. Not a big deal, just makes the work-week different. I have been bringing some of my studio projects home, lately, because It's been so cold at the studio. But, I have two giant pieces of furniture there that I can't bring home, and I'm going to have to suck it up and brave the cold at the studio today and tomorrow! 

Anyway, before I head out the door, I have a client coming to pick up a painting, so I am blogging while I wait for her. I have a few photos I snapped around the house this weekend and thought I'd share them here...

This is a shot I took in our guest bathroom, that includes this painting that I did. 

 photo 62221B10-4E1A-4A0C-BC98-C24F79DA4422_zpskerstxal.jpg
The light in here is so nice most of the day, and it makes me happy. 

I got that turquoise patterned shower curtain a couple of months ago too, and its a nice bright surprise in there. 

here is Mika's dream come true - a giant pile of leaves. Does any one else's cat love to eat flowers/leaves? he goes nuts for them. 

 photo 17726601-47AD-4A42-B68E-5DFF2C5AB8A7_zpsz2yplvow.jpg

Here they are, all pretty on the table:

 photo 170490D5-422E-4979-A382-DDA991E01E2B_zpsjh4ifxhj.jpg

another shot from the guest bathroom. I kind of love it in there. 

 photo 851EA84C-27E9-4E30-88D4-406C42EC5528_zpsa6evmzb4.jpg

incase you missed it, here is a link from when I painted the cabinet (it was originally a builder grade pre made cabinet from Lowe's that I updated with paint and new hardware). My rug was from Ebay.

apparently this is the bathroom post, because this shot is from our bathroom...a little vignette:

 photo 4E9A2158-601D-4442-9FBF-21D4DD7CD18A_zps8q1ywrqw.jpg

I recently bought these gold and white napkins from West Elm... They only had these 3, and they were only 1.99. I'm thinking I should have pillows made out of them.

 photo 4F76972A-0D7C-4588-A41C-00FD8D4FA8D6_zpshf01drjd.jpg

Also, I finally picked a fabric for our master bathroom roman shades. It took forever!

 photo 50DFC8B6-2A79-4F91-8904-6AEC6056714B_zpssggbvkmq.jpg
Here were all the samples I picked up. I ended up going with...

It was narrowed down to three, and I picked this one because, 

a) it's a small pattern, that I don't think I'll get tired of quickly

b)it's not too trendy

c)it's a color other than tan (which is the color of the shower tile), white (wall color), or gray (the floor tile). It's neutral-y, so it should be good for a few years at least!

The lady who is sewing the shades picked up the fabric yesterday, and they should be done the first week in March. I'm excited to see them up!

Alright, off to paint. Have a great holiday, if you are off today!

Friday, February 14, 2014

A Few Paintings I've Recently Done

Happy Friday! This Friday actually kind of feels like a Monday, because we had an unexpected snowstorm (AGAIN) in Atlanta, and the last two days have been spent at home. So weird. But kind of fun. I'm headed out the door soon, to finish up a faux grasscloth effect on the backs of some bookshelves in a beautiful space designed by Dorothy Burke. I hope to share photos of that space soon! 

Anyway, I have done quite a few large abstract paintings recently, so I thought I would share some today. They were all commissions for clients, and the clients (three separate clients) all had very specific directions for how they should be painted. 

abstract circle painting:

 photo 4B6CD356-A270-4B79-8108-F338951E62F7_zpstmuutsn6.jpg

really large - 48" by 48". Super textury and black and white (well, off-white). I did several edits for this painting, even though it is just an abstract circle painting. I was happy with the outcome though, and hope to get a photo of it in the space it will go in!

 photo D67DFB8C-BDFB-4E64-BD35-F751BF55840B_zpsj78pd5pe.jpg\

 photo AE7CBA1A-3AF7-46A0-8FE3-995C276867B1_zpskxdcjeft.jpg
Its funny doing paintings versus painting furniture, cabinetry, etc. With this painting, I WANTED to have brush marks in the paint, and some marks from the different layers of black paint going in. Since it was such a simple painting, you needed some interest, rather than just a large black circle. But when I'm painting furniture, I always strive for zero brush marks or roller marks. It's just funny to be doing it, and trying to have marks. I definitely prefer the latter. 

For a different client, was this fun Jackson Pollack style painting. 
 photo 2A9D34C3-6E1B-4C65-B5A7-B7958421E7EC_zpsnujpem7m.jpg

it was really fun to paint. splatter, drip, spray, repeat. 

 photo B320AF68-700F-4AD8-9FB7-9C0CA2318C63_zps2smv5nh1.jpg

 photo 30558825-B673-48E4-ABCE-C94F4587A622_zps3re2ru6r.jpg
I had to ship those two babies to Florida, and it was horrible. I got a box from a great box store, which was the easy part, but packing them and actually shipping them was so tough. I went to the Fed Ex store around Lindbergh drive here in Atlanta (I think it's actual address is on Piedmont), and the manager measured my box before I packed it to make sure it would be OK to ship. Well, after I spent (no joke) about 40 minutes packing them, and we got it up on the scale, they told me it was too big. This box was DEFINITELY Not fitting back into my car with the paintings in it and everything, so I had no options. LONG story short, the employees were very unhelpful, as far as figuring out a solution, and I ended up figuring it out on my own. I had to "schedule a pick up" online, and just get them to pick it up at the store. It was really weird, and I was at Fed Ex for over 2 hours. Not my idea of a nice Friday.

oh well, at least they're shipped now! and my clients are happy. 

The other painting had a lot more color, and my clients gave me fabric samples and specific directions too.

 photo 35B190B0-E039-426A-9ED4-246E877E3F68_zpsvmlsa7hh.jpg
this was before I added the "Swirl", and then this is the final revision, after a few edits.

 photo 38B96213-6DBD-4E60-B412-0CEA2FB99225_zpsod33pk9k.jpg

 photo D5BCC5E6-0CBB-4ACB-8D26-64E415FF0CBB_zps2tp6iazs.jpg

 photo F5F77889-7B67-4E58-ABDF-27648E07EEC7_zpswb77bcql.jpg

thats it for now! this gives me the itch to make lots more paintings, which i always say i'm going to do, but don't! i need to get on it.

have a great weekend!