Monday, January 13, 2014

Tone On Tone Striped Walls

Last week, I painted some tone on tone stripes for a client of Lori's. Lori always does a great job of doing bold graphic designs, but in color ways that are simple and calming -- a great combo. This job, you might remember, was for her as well. See what I mean?

 photo photo-6_zps3f2a1c93.jpg

 photo photo-2_zps11961539.jpg

Anyway, we ended up doing these stripes in SW6219 Rain and SW6218 Tradewind.
I loved the color combination - it was soothing and serene. 

 photo 63D923C6-5919-463B-A125-8F49EB5E45CA_zpselnk7g75.jpg

 I always suggest picking two colors close, if not next to each other, on the color wheel, to get a nice tone on tone combo. The result is always eye-catching but calm. 

My apologies for the pixelated photos. We are still having internet issues! For some reason, the wifi will connect to the computers fine, but my phone will not connect to it. It's really odd. So, I couldn't upload them from my phone to photo bucket. Oh well, hopefully it'll get straightened out soon.