Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Day!

Atlanta was hit with a snowstorm on Tuesday, and we had a beautiful dusting of a couple inches of snow all over. It was so nice! It's starting to melt a little now, (still mostly there though!) but it sure was beautiful. Yesterday, everyone was kind of stuck indoors and not able to drive. From what I hear, roads are getting better, but still not back to normal completely. 

anyway, I thought I'd share some snow photos!

 photo CB51DC6F-F4F9-482E-BDA0-5E28F05FD6A1_zpszrzbnqsw.jpg

max in the snow! I mean, you know I had to take 1000 photos of Max enjoying his first snow. 

He was hesitant at first, but then jumped in like a champ.

 photo 187F9C42-524A-4215-8AA1-718ACA7BEA62_zpsmtsjqdkl.jpg
here's our house enjoying its first snow, too. :)

 photo 2A18A754-C6AA-46B5-8603-2AB8FFDC5C76_zpsfwrjcvdn.jpg
my friend came over, and jordans brother was here, so it was a big dog party too. Here's all the dogs piled on my friend.

 photo F06CA64B-84C2-40E3-B083-92F9AB10B921_zps0uc0righ.jpg
snow mustache. Couldn't get the kid out of the snow once he got in.

 photo 9BD158C0-1E50-4699-AABF-D4C160C7E262_zpsabo2ufun.jpg

watching the snowfall out the window! I did this for hours. It's just so pretty and rare.

 photo 01252B0C-C491-40A8-8921-B4AA22C3A507_zpsztdzzv3f.jpg
out our upstairs window!

It was a fun couple of days! 


  1. Kristin,
    Your dog is adorable. We have three boys that are all grown up now, but when they were little, every dog that we had was named Max...if it was a male. Your Max is a handsome boy. I so enjoy your blog. You are a very talented person. I am not sure if you know my friend Rhoda (Southern Hospitality). She and I have been friends for almost thirty years. I am so happy for her blog success. She is a wonderful friend.
    Love your cabinets. They are beauitiful. I will have to send you a picture of my beautiful boxer Lexi. She is the love of our lives.

  2. Yes your dog is pretty darn cute. Love you adopted him. My dogs love the snow too but they really don't get it in Phoenix.

  3. That black and white dog sure is handsome as well! Beautiful people attract beautiful things :)

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