Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kitchen Rug

I recently found a really cool, long rug for our kitchen. It was just a surprise purchase--I was working in Marietta (A suburb of Atlanta), and happened to stop in a huge antique mall after work. The place was giant, and was mostly very antiquey-antiques. Read: not my style. But, in the back, I came across this long (11 feet by 4 feet or so) rug, for only $175. It's vintage, and has some wear, but that's how I like my rugs. I had a hunch it would fit perfectly in our kitchen, and bought it even though I hadn't measured yet. 

I'd been wanting a longer rug to put in the kitchen, and I'm so glad I found this gem. I've been on a lucky rug kick! 

 photo IMG_1745_zps829e6e58.jpg

 photo IMG_1751_zps125b523d.jpg

I love the colors and shapes in it, and it's good quality, too, which is always nice. 

(ignore the dust bunnies!)

 photo IMG_1750_zps42de111f.jpg

perfect length and width! 

I like how it peeks out a little and I can see it from the dining area. 

 photo IMG_1749_zpsaaaf4742.jpg

 photo IMG_1748_zps84e7f97e.jpg

Now don't you think it'll look even better with white cabinets? ;)


  1. That looks great!! I need some of your lucky rug mojo. I want something just like that but can't seem to find it in the right price range.

    1. It's hard to find them online for good prices, I think. I suggest checking out dusty old antique marts and thrift stores.

  2. Okay I know this is a small detail.. but that tea towel with the Atl neighborhoods?? I'm in love! Can you share where you got it? Thanks :)

    1. aw thanks! our builder and his wife gave us that as a gift, as a welcome to the neighborhood :) so nice. i don't know the name of the vendor but i can find out! they had the at the reynoldstown wheelbarrow fest, but i know some local shops sell them, too. i'd try beehive coop, urban cottage in va-hi -- places like that. maybe etsy too! I'll try and find out the name.

    2. here ya go!

    3. You are awesome :) Thank you!

  3. Yes, it will look better with white cabinets. Congrats on the great find. It adds great color to the kitchen. Alison

  4. Yes...everything looks great with white cabinets. But it looks great with the wood cabinets also.
    I may have never mentioned it before but you have great style & taste.

  5. I am cracking up! I have the same (well, with cities that are special to us...) tea towel hanging on my stove. French Silver on Etsy. Owner Alexia is awesome and super quick!

    I gave these to my husband (me!) for our 25th anniversary. She had to make three to accomodate all of the places that were special to us, so far...


  6. Nice rug, Kristen! I bet this piece has been waiting to get picked from that antique mall you bought it from. The only trouble is if it'll get stained every time you cook or prepare food. It's a kitchen, after all. It's unavoidable to spill something onto the floor. It won't be a problem if you know a trick or two in removing stains off a carpet without the patterns or the colors fading. Thanks for the share! :)
    Stephanie Wilkins

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