Monday, January 6, 2014

Back To Reality

... so sad. It was one of my favorite Christmas/holiday seasons in a really long time, and I'm really sad it's over! Our internet has been spotty the past three days (Comcast!), so I was going to post earlier, but couldn't. 

We had a great Christmas and New Year's, and even though I do enjoy getting back into the routine of daily life, it's a little sad for everything to be over? I had the Sunday blues in a major way yesterday, and really had to force myself to snap out of it. January is going to be very busy for me, work-wise, but I took on a very cool project, so I'm trying to look at the bright side.

Here are a few pictures from our holidays, until I can get some pretty ones of decor-related things up! Oh! And Jordan got me a new computer for Christmas, so I can now blog easily. Yeeeeah.

Here's little Maxie in his new vest. :) It's kind of Christmasey, but I just got it the other day. We are experiencing really cold temperatures here in Atlanta today and tomorrow, and the past few days have been really cold. I thought he needed a little something extra for his playtime outside.

 photo 7F8FE26C-E222-49DF-9612-564859DCD212_zpsdxof6wuw.jpg
Doesn't he look cute?! 

Jordan's dad's side of the family came to our house, which was really fun. In fact, I told Jordan I think that this year was extra nice because we had so many events at our new house. It makes me happy for everyone to come over.
 photo 4BEBE49E-81E5-451D-943E-2A23A0BCF692_zpsyru9bw2b.jpg

It's nice having everyone over, I love it. 

 photo 3B2F6C93-0433-4DDC-BED2-798B406391E4_zpshx4g5l56.jpg

This is me and my brothers and my dad. This photo makes me sad because it was two nights before Christmas - the start of all of the holiday fun! Actually, its was the last day I blogged before Christmas break. Whoops. Anyway - we went to a nice dinner, and it was really great.

 photo 8CB1481A-A593-4440-8AD6-33850398555D_zpssxzxubjl.jpg

me and the tree. :)

I did do a little decor project during the holidays... I bought and recovered this cool chrome chairs I got at a vintage shop... before photo is on the left.

 photo C413BC81-68AB-496E-8C62-96244C28D456_zpsakgc0cwd.jpg

I love them now!

Alright, I'm off to paint at a client's. Be back soon with more...

(I actually wrote this post yesterday, but the photos were being weird. )