Thursday, December 12, 2013

This & That


phew, I made it through a busy, busy week, and now I just have work from the studio/home to do. Feels good! I did a GIGANTIC mural for Shoney's on Monday and Tuesday (inside of a mall. picture me, carrying a 6 foot ladder, a 4 foot ladder, a projector, and all my tools all the way inside of a mall. It was a funny scene), and then yesterday I had to go fix a client's cabinets that I painted this summer. The handyman accidentally messed up my finish, so I had to go save the day before her Christmas party on Friday. Can you believe it? Madness. I still have plenty of work left this week, but it's nice not to be rushing out the door at 8:30! 

Tomorrow, I'll be participating in the Blogger Stylin' Home Christmas decor tour. It's been awesome - have you guys had a chance to check it out? Lindsey arranged it, and I have enjoyed seeing everyone's Christmas decorations. I'm actually inspired to do a little more decorating before I snap photos and post them. Adding some more lights + garland to my house. They just make everything happy, don't they? So cozy and warm. 

Anyway, I wanted to show you guys my new oriental rug that came in from eBay last week. I do love it. It's so nice and warm on the feet. It's kind of funny - every time I go in there, Mika is sitting on it, all curled up. Must be comfy for the cat, too.

please excuse him in this photos - he thinks that every time we are in the bathroom with him, he's allowed to jump on the counters and we will turn the water on for him to drink out of the faucet. He may or may not mostly get his way.

You like? I love it. I'm still on the hunt for a shower curtain. I want colorful, unique, not boring. Why is this so hard? Maybe I'll just have one made. I really need to get out my old sewing machine and get it fixed. This could probably be solved with a trip to a fabric store and ten minutes of sewing time. 

I got the cute little Nate Berkus basket weave tray on clearance at Target for $6! I had been eyeing it all summer, and almost bought it several times. Sweet score. Talk about a score - wait 'til you see our new stockings I found yesterday. They are super awesome, and a total score. 

OK, that's all for now! There are only two days left to enter my Hello giveaway. Don't forget to 

thanks, dudes! have a great day.


  1. Who can pay any attention to a rug when Mika is in the picture, adorable...No apologies needed. Alison

  2. Mika in the picture is awesome! My cats do the same! Love that rug!

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