Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More Stencil Work For GlowDry

You might remember this summer when I did some custom stencil work for GlowDry (A beauty and blowout bar, here in Atlanta, located in Buckhead). Here are a few photos from that project (before they opened):

 photo 607b593c-68ad-4ac5-9d00-43e66512c8f4_zps2ea1fb12.jpg

 photo 9b93feb4-b33b-4991-9ba7-333df60ae64d_zps845d4249.jpg

I created that stencil, and rolled each one one individually. We were really happy with how it came out, and I even ended up doing it on the backsplash of the hairwash area  in a different colorway, too. 

Anyway, they had me back last week to add some logos to the walls. Check 'em out!

 photo 96B40BA8-2E8B-426B-983A-F5171AB949E5_zpsa2ujxifz.jpg

 photo 7E1FE3A9-010B-460F-A76A-3A18E2926F5E_zpslbqh6bhr.jpg

 photo 7B6FFE12-0CD6-43D7-BBC3-3269EDB3EFCF_zpsmacgbhcs.jpg

 photo C6A2AF37-918A-45A8-BA73-C842DB40711D_zpsulbherg5.jpg

 photo 61194BD9-1282-44AD-92E9-71F70765241E_zpsderevnkf.jpg

 photo 5CCDD8A6-7C10-42B6-B95E-383FA3755D9D_zpsxoejvbwn.jpg

 photo 912F1ADC-3351-4D04-91F4-5D211550F73A_zpsw0vpeqao.jpg


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  2. Hi Kristen, my name is Ivy. I came across your blog when searching for wall painting ideas. Your work is beautiful! I recently bought my very first condo and wanted to paint/draw on my wall. Ideally I wanted to paint something to this effect: http://www.nipic.com/show/2/27/b16e28c5a4e9f754.html

    According to your experience, is this somehting achievable given the texture/consistency of the paint/walls? Is it that if I can paint this using watercolor or acrylic, I will be able to do it on walls using regular wall paint? Is there anything I should be aware in terms of techniques / materials to use? I look forward to your professional opinion.

    Thank you. Please feel free to reach me at ivy.mengxie at gmail.

    1. it's difficult to do patterns on textured walls... it depends on how high the texture is? and yes, you can usually use regular wall paint.

    2. Thanks for responding, Kristen. What I am looking to do is more like a wall mural painting on a regular wall (no texture finish on the wall). Does regular wall paint blend well when you mix and create colors? Does it work well in detailed areas of a mural? If I make a mistake, would I be able to correct it by wiping with a wet cloth? I searched online and saw some people use acrylic paint to do murals. How does it compare with regular wall paint in terms of durability / sunlight and stain resistent? In terms of daily maintenance, will I be able to clean either using wet cloth? Will the mural show cracks after a certain period?

      It's a lot of questions - thank you for your time.

  3. I love the typeface DRY is done in! May I ask, is it your own creation or did you come across it somewhere?

    1. the graphic artist they hired did it - i love it, too! i like it especially combined with the 'glow'... the modern with frilly is perfect to match their interior and general vibe.

  4. Kristen, I love everything about this place! Your stenciling is always spot on. And those floors are just killing me. (Am I the only one who wants to to rip up my floors and start over when I see this?) Is the pattern behind the jewelry shelves and on the walls a stencil too? Or is that wallpaper? If it's not a stencil it sure would be a cool one to try. Thanks for posting!

    1. hey! i know it's so cute in there. my friend/designer heather roberts did it - she's great! the pattern behind the walls is wallpaper - it would be CRAZY to try and do that one as a stencil - it's such a nutso pattern! but it's awesome.

  5. Wow, that stencil looks great and the logo's are perfect. Great work you do.. Alison

  6. Kristen- You have a BIG fan in Oregon- I LOVE your blog and seeing all your amazing work. Thanks so much for sharing with us.
    Quick questions... the floors in the salon... are they tire or real wood- love the pattern. Thanks for your reply

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