Wednesday, December 4, 2013

hello? product review/giveaway and stocking stuffer ideas


Today, I am going to come at you with all kinds of craziness. I was recently given the opportunity to do a product review/giveaway from hello products (toothpaste/mouthwash/breath spray).  Hello creates all of these products without any artificial sweeteners, dyes, or alcohol, and never tests on animals. Their products are also made here in the old USA. Anyway, the company sent me two flavors -- supermint and pink grapefruit mint. My favorite was the classic "supermint". I've always been a gum-chewer, but I have to say that during the holidays, sometimes it just makes more sense to take these cute little spray bottles in your purse instead (since we're all constantly eating and drinking during the holidays!). I thought they would be a perfect stocking stuffer, too. They're available at most major retailers, including Target, where I went to find more treasures to stuff your stockings with this year :) (all things that I would like in my stocking, Santa). 

cute little bottles, huh? I'm all for good packaging. 

To enter to win vouchers for 2 free bottles of Hello mouth spray, please:

-- then --

2. Comment with your name and a "hello!" in my comments section.

OK, onto the other stocking stuffers from Target...

I am loving these new 2014 calendars they're selling...

 photo 5DFB9C55-8802-457A-87D2-E7CB174D41DA_zpsw8yq8rvn.jpg

talk about about good packaging! So cute. They're in the office supply section, on an endcap at my Target.

 photo C785DA9A-CED9-4868-8748-584D3ABFC887_zpsj1ovtiwh.jpg

I know these art supplies are supposed to be for kids, but I (once again) love the way they look, and have always loved a pack of fresh crayons or markers. Yes, I would love some of these in my stocking.  How cute are those crayon gems?!

while we're still in the office supply section....

give me some pens!

 photo E5635438-73C9-429F-BC9A-0070A2C87D4E_zpsbutyuebt.jpg

these Pilot pens are the BEST. I could doodle with them all day long. They're my favorite pen. They're pricey for pens, but seriously create the best lines for sketching cartoons and creating fun fonts, like I like to do. Please give me some, Santa. :)

my parents always gave us toiletry items in our stockings, did your's? All the mini travel sized products these days are the cutest, and you can get lots of them for your stockings these days...

 photo C15BAF54-478C-414D-B5CE-FE96D273EC9C_zpshujxwfnv.jpg

nothing like a well-stocked travel bag when you're hitting the road. They always come in handy.

fun fact about me: I love mini-things. Mini ketchups, mini animal figurines, and yes, mini vaseline tubs:

 photo A601170F-90C7-4E5F-998A-EF711CA7BDDC_zpsbnfezoue.jpg

hah! I couldn't resist adding this to my stocking stuffer list. I mean, it's perfect, no?!

we all love Burt's Bees products, and Target has them on sale right now. I love their tinted chapsticks, for a little color.

 photo 297CA917-A62D-40F5-B676-2A4D324BBD4A_zpsjts0otqr.jpg

Over the past several years, my dad has always put lots of pony tail holders in us girl's stockings. I swear, I don't have to EVER buy them, because I am stocked with them during the Christmas season. It's a great idea:

 photo 97220A14-58F4-4A56-B354-2888D6EC7B6E_zpsmagqzsfw.jpg

I think the pastel pack shown here is cute!

Anyway, just thought I would share some ideas for you all. Please enter my contest, and comment to say hi. Happy Wednesday....

will be back with regularly scheduled content soon ;)


  1. Hello! Love those things!
    Sue E.

  2. Hey Kristen, I'm with you on the Pilot pens. They're my fav. Thanks for sharing all the stocking stuffers and the Hello breath spray (always looking for something easy to carry in this category!).

  3. Hello! Love these stocking stuffer ideas! Brittany Dimassi

  4. Hello! I love mini things too!

  5. Hello! Great stocking stuffer ideas! Sharon Wesley

  6. Hello!! I love stocking stuffers!! Lindsay Kozyra

  7. Hello! Merry're doing an amazing job. Very proud of you!
    Ron Walters

  8. Hello! Great ideas! Some are always on my stocking stuffer list other I hadn't thought of. I also put disposable ladies razors, makeup sponges, nail polish/remove in the girls stockings.

  9. Hi hi! I'm totally with you on the mini Vaseline! haha! Love these stocking stuffer ideas! Susanne Stowe

  10. Hi Kristen! Love your blog! I have a question, Did you enjoy the taste of the spray? I purchased the Supermint and I find it very hard to enjoy and that I don't feel satisfied in the fresh breath sense. Perhaps a bad batch...not sure, but I feel like I need a breath spray after using this breath spray. I have considered returning it, because they are not inexpensive at almost $5 at Kroger for the tiny bottle. I would love to know more of your thoughts on the product. Maybe I am just too used to the burning/stinging type and prefer that.

  11. Hello! Love all things at Target!

  12. Hello! I gotta tell ya, after reading their website I've gotta try this product. They seem to be a company that has taken a lot of things into consideration and done some research, especially if they're putting out non-alcohol-based products. Perhaps the mouthwash might be more kid-friendly because it doesn't burn, and I love that their toothbrushes are made with recycled materials. And don't get me started on their branding. I'm a sucker for the website's bright colors and cool layout/design!

  13. Hello! I went to a store today to find these and I couldn't find them anywhere. What a great stocking stuffer!

  14. Hello! Hope everything is well.

  15. Hi! Hello! I'm Erica Tennyson. I always check out your blog but rarely comment. The Hello teeth items look great.

    Also awesome to see the Sugar Paper planner at Target (I was college sorority sisters with the Sugar Paper girls at UCLA.)

  16. Hello!! What great ideas! My hubby and I do little stockings for each other. I think I'm going to have to have him refer to this list! Thanks!

  17. Congratulations on getting that beautiful dog. He will bring you so much joy. We rescued a boxer eight years ago. Merry Christmas. I love your blog.

  18. Painted ornaments look great! I will try to prepare similar decorations :)
    (BTW. Your dog is so cute!!)

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