Monday, December 16, 2013

An Exciting Weekend

How was your weekend?

Our's was super busy, and really great. We started off with a progressive neighborhood dinner. There were 6 couples, and the first stop was at our house, for cheese and drinks. We also did an ornament swap, where each couple gave out an ornament at their house... it was fun!

Before the party, I added some garland to the outside of our house, along with some lights! I Actually added some planters with little trees and cabbages, too, but I snapped the photos before that.

festive, no?

Here's what it looked like at night:

I got white pine garland this year, and it's really pretty. I love the way it drapes! It's what I used on the inside of our house, too.

Anyway, onto the dinner pics!

Here's a photo I snapped when people were arriving...

 For the ornament exchange, I decided to paint my ornaments. I bought the cardboard/papery ones at Hobby Lobby that you paint yourself. They were brown to start with. Anyway, I painted them in all sort of matching color schemes, but each was different. I sealed them with water based polyurethane spray.

I was inspired by Rifle Paper Co's stationery. It's all so beautiful, and I love her color schemes. 

Here's one of my paint trays after I finished (I thought it was pretty)

Here's a funny picture from one of our house stops:

:) The girls.  

I also went to the Atlanta Ballet's version of The Nutcracker with all the girls in my mom's side of the family. It was so much fun! Christmasy events are the best. 

The most exciting news of the weekend, was that WE GOT A DOG! His name is Max. He's one year old, and some sort of terrier mix from the Humane Society of Atlanta. We had been talking and thinking about getting a for about a year now, and decided to finally pull the trigger on Saturday. We're so glad we did, because he is such a sweetie, and brings so much happiness to our house already. 

shaggy boy.

On the drive home from the Humane Society. i think he's smiling.

We laugh, because his fur is so so crazy. It looks like he has feathers on the top part of his head. Half chicken, half dog:

He had no problem settling right in, and getting comfy. :)

and, I know what you're thinking... Mika and him are "adjusting" to each other. They told us to take it slowly; to try and keep them separated for a while. As expected, Mika is keeping his distance naturally :) He's been hanging out upstairs mainly, and Max has been hanging out with us. Last night, we all hung out in our bedroom for a couple of hours. Max barked a lot at Mika, but poor Mika took it like a champ and hung out in the bedroom anyway. So, hopefully they'll learn to love each other in time. I hope eventually Mika enjoys having another pet at home with him, as a companion! 

Last but not least, today is the last day to enter my Hello contest. Pleaseplease 


  1. My weekend was not at all exciting, but I am glad yours was. Congrats on the dog and your right, I was thinking about Mika, I hope they do become fast friends....Alison

  2. Max is adorable! His smiling pic reminds me of our terrier mix :)

    1. he's so funny. thank you! we love him already.

  3. I cannot believe you painted those ornaments! Job well done lady! And congrats on getting a pup- I love that you got rescue.

    1. it was a lot of work! haha. thank you, and yes, i was determined to rescue... i wanted to adopt all the dogs! :(

  4. What a cute boy! I think he feels right at home. Both my dogs are from the Humane Society. The best place to find a friend or two

  5. Replies
    1. thank you! he's a wild and crazy boy.

  6. Congrats on the dog! He is precious and you are totally right that they bring so much joy! Not to be somber but we're currently having to think through being without our 10.5 year old, 90 pound Rottweiler, as she's looking like she won't be with us much longer. Dogs are the best!

  7. That was a selfish move to bring a dog into a house with an adult cat. I could see if Mika were a kitten and could grow up with the dog.

  8. I am sure Max and Mika will work it out. If they spent time in the same room already they are off to a good start!

  9. Anon: It is certainly is not selfish... They are slowly introducing them as advised. They will work it out given time. Gosh why be so harsh in your judgement? Mika will probably enjoy the company. Many people have done just the same I am sure, you must realize. I worked in the animal shelter for years and people introduced adult dogs and cats all the time...Alison

    1. Thank you Alison! They already are getting along much better. Mika is a very social cat, and I think he will eventually like the company of another pet. Some people!!

  10. The reply link isn't working for me... Kristen. Your welcome, I am glad they are getting along better. As you are doing, giving him his private space is key in the progress. And extra love of course!..Alison

  11. This sounds like so much fun. And your ornaments are AMAZING!

  12. This post made my heart happy - the "smile" on Max's face on the drive home from the shelter says it all! Reminded me of this -
    Thanks for giving Max such a wonderful, loving home! He's adorable and looks so happy!

  13. kristen! i am so happy to meet max! and thank you, so so much for going to the humane society to rescue a soul. i know he's thankful. thank you so much for supporting them! i hope he brings you so much joy.

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