Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Recent Cabinet Painting and Glazing


Thanks for the great feedback on my curtains... so many great ideas, and I appreciate the links for other fabric resources, too. I'm still, however, undecided. Hah! I'm waiting for inspiration to strike... it usually does, if I wait a bit. If I get too hasty, usually I'll regret the decision. So wait, it is!

I thought I'd share with you guys a kitchen project I worked on last week. The house was new to my clients (my clients were actually moving in, as I was painting!), and they wanted to update the wooden island. The island was huge, and it made a big impact. We used Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray (an awesome gray) and I did a brownish/grayish dark glaze on just the bevels.

Here is a photo of what it looked like before I painted it:

And, now for the afters:

 photo IMG_1625_zps34b6551a.jpg

They also painted the walls the same color - major update huh? It's nice when youre able to do things like this that update a space with very little work/money involved. They didn't have to paint ALL the cabinets - just doing the island made a great difference. 

up close:

 photo IMG_1622_zpse25e69dc.jpg

Here's the other side:

 photo IMG_1626_zps4727a264.jpg
(Like I said, they were literally moving in this day, so that's why there is stuff on the counters)

sometimes, people are curious about the smoothness of my finishes, because I don't spray cabinets. My technique is far less invasive, and the finish is super smooth. I'm very careful to not leave brush marks or smudges. 

 photo IMG_1631_zps0b5cb0f5.jpg
I took this photo for proof!

 photo IMG_1630_zpsfa0874ec.jpg
glazework shot! 

 photo IMG_1635_zpsaf1a3685.jpg

 photo IMG_1636_zpsde4afd83.jpg

What do you think?


  1. Looks great! What is the color? You have mentioned you use furniture rollers in the past, what exactly are they? The guys at my paint store didnt know what I meant.

    1. Furniture rollers are the little 6" or 3" foam rollers. they sell them in the regular paint section with all the other brushes and rollers! they will probably say they're for cabinetry and furniture or something like that.

      the color is dorian gray by SW! :) thanks!

    2. What is the dark color you put on the Dorian gray island and how did you apply it? Thank you! You are so very talented!

  2. What exactly is your method for such a smooth finish? It looks awesome!!

    1. thank you! i always use furniture rollers in every little nook and cranny that i can. sometimes, i'll paint over with a brush (like in the bevels) then use the roller over it to smooth it out. it makes a huge difference if you are careful and pay attention to things like this! also, for any flat planes, you want to make sure you only roll ONCE in a setting. dont go back and do little touch ups, because it cases splotches!

  3. Love the color but I can't get over how perfect the finish looks! You do such a beautiful job!

    1. aw, thanks! i work hard to make it smooth, so i appreciate that! :)

  4. So beautiful!! The finish looks so creamy! I love it!!

  5. Fabulous Kristen! Youre the best. Love your perfectionist techniques and eye! xo Nancy

  6. Wow, looks great. You are very good at what you do.... Alison

  7. You are so talented! It looks so amazing!

    I am trying to paint my cabinets with BM Aura White Dove. I tried rollers, but they left bubbles and more texture than a high quality stiff brush. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong? I would love to learn how to do it correctly.