Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Life Lately...

... has been busy.

I know I mentioned it before, but it's true. I thought I'd share a few recent photos from my phone. 

This is a mural that I recently completed at Shoney's! It was a job that I squeezed in. AKA, didn't really have a whole lot of time for it, but did it anyway! So, that makes life busy. :) But, it went well, and I am so glad I did it. The mural was based off of a decal that they generally use. 

It's supposed to look like a torn and tattered old flag, so I painted the whole thing perfectly, then had to go back in and destroy it, haha. It was wonderful working with the people that were involved, though, and I enjoyed the whole experience.

Here's a shot from when I was painting the flag. Painting a classic American flag is slightly harder than you'd expect! :) 

After work wrapped up last week, (I also painted a large cabinet last week, and some stuff at the studio)
 I started getting ready for my friend's big 3-0 celebration. We kicked things off with dinner Friday night, then headed to the mountains on Saturday.

Here's a shot from our hike. The scenery was seriously insane...

Did a little pumpkin carving on Sunday (better late than never, right?)

(there was a cute old chapel alongside the lake during our hike, too. Here's us sitting in front of it)

We had cocktails at our house before the dinner, and I made some decorations.

And of course had to have some embarrassing childhood photos...

all in all, a great weekend and week last week, just BUSY. Here's hoping things are slightly slower this week...


  1. This is really a nice thing that you have shown the photos here. It's quite awesome and I liked the way you have done the things organized here.

  2. How did you destroy the American Flag? I love the finished look and would love to try to recreate it!

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