Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Guest Bathroom Change-Ups

From the beginning, (with buying our house) I knew that it was going to have modern "bones", and it was going to take some tweaking on my part, to add a little bit of the traditional/old-school flavor that I so love. I really love a mix of styles. A little old with a little new, and a little modern with a little traditional. 

Here are some inspiration photos that I love, and have used as reference when selecting light fixtures, hardware, etc, for the bathrooms. 

The primary thing that I switched out in our house (from what the builder had selected), was light fixtures. Most of the ones that were selected before we decided to purchase the home (incase you don't know, we bought it as it was being built. So, some things I could change out, but some things were already purchased and therefore not able to be switched out) were really modern, and not my taste. One of the ones that I didn't switch out before we purchased the house was the guest bathroom light.  I haven't even taken the plastic off of it, because I always knew I would switch it out. 

Here is the light fixtures that our house "came with"

 photo FC9FA4A8-C58D-4134-9AC6-89952B8E97D6_zpskfc5wt7b.jpg

And, here is the one that I finally ordered from It's in the mail now, and I can't wait to hang it. I loved the ones from Barn Light Electric, but since there is still so much to do in this house, I tried to keep it on the budget-price spectrum of things, and I bought this one for only $36. I plan to spraypaint all the silver metal parts black, and leave the inside white, then probably use an edison bulb inside. (The bulb part might not work so great, though, since people do need to be able to see themselves while showering/brushing their teeth)

I love that the diameter of the top is 14" -- pretty big! I sort of wish that the pole was gooseneck instead of straight, but at that price, I decided to go for it anyway. I like mixing the industrial style with the traditional hardware/towel holders that I recently got at Home Depot.

Check them out:

 photo 30674B5D-43CF-4DC0-9C3A-857716C49167_zpswdsrjaiv.jpg

towel bar...

and the guest towel holder hanging to the left of the mirror. I still need to replace the toilet paper holder... I bought a set from Home Depot, which included a towel bar, hand towel holder, and toilet paper holder for $40. I believe it was Moen brand - I can't find it on their website. 

 photo 6EFFBF47-2F3C-4260-8E2A-E72B591668A0_zpsr2alljvt.jpg

I do plan to eventually replace that counter top with something else, probably something resembling carrara marble. Our shower/bath in here is carrara, but it's darker carrara, and I think it would be ok to use a lighter version on the counter top. That, or I might just find a quartz or something that is light and pretty. This cabinet/counter top came together (I think its Allen + Roth from Lowe's), and I have never been a big fan of the countertop. It is mini black and white specs, and when water touches it, it leaves big wet dark marks until it dries. Boo! 

And you'll remember how I painted the bottom and replaced the hardware:


 photo 686a50be-4d17-487d-8600-ad5c18440249_zps5702979d.jpg


 photo IMG_1611_zpsa4983282.jpg

And, last but not least, Pfister sent me this beautiful new faucet that I can't wait to get installed!

 photo 80F447C9-A201-43F6-9C4D-770F26053DDE_zpsnzevgev7.jpg

It looks giant in this photo, but it's not... its only a little larger than the one that we currently have. 

Anyway... I just thought I'd share the progress in here! I can't wait to get some new accessories for this bathroom and really pull it all together once I have all the finishes completed. 

On another note, I wanted to ask your opinion on a mystery that I'm trying to solve.

We have these crazy windows in our guest bedroom and office, and I have NO idea how to put curtains or blinds on them. I don't want to put one long curtain across the middle of the center window/top of the skinny ones on either side, so that's not an option. What do you guys think?!?

 photo 0E675D7C-A236-4792-96B5-391A65973555_zpshovmwe9m.jpg


  1. Maybe a rod across the width at the top of the shorter windows with a shear type of curtain and a stain glass window hung in the top of the taller window? Still lets in light but gives a little privacy. Or those type of rods that swing open for the smaller windows and a cool shade for the taller window with a valance, all in the same fabric. Can't wait to see what you end up doing!

    1. good ideas! i think i'm going to get roman shades made!

  2. I think you've mentioned it once before, but where did you get that rug that's in your bathroom? I'm looking for something similar for mine! Thanks :)

    1. it's from nate berkus line at target! i got it this summer - i don't know if they still have them, maybe online? good luck! i actually might replace this one, and if i do, i can let you know if i might sell it? email me:

  3. I would do inexpensive woven woods, one on each window. I think you could DIY something for the smaller windows by cutting one shade in half and then using a decorative tape on the edges to hold it all together. Repeat the tape on the center shade and you are good to go! LOVE the light fixture and the other changes you have made so far!

    1. good idea! i heard you can get roman shades made for these small windows, so i might do that? the only thing about a DIY approach, is that most my DIY curtains aren't "moveable" ... and i like to open these windows during the day, but for when guests stay over, they need to be able to close!

  4. I was at the Super Target at Cobb Place Parkway, and at the Super Target on Barrett Parkway, both in Kennesaw, today, and all of their Edison light bulbs were on clearance. (They were on an end cap with other clearance items.) You might want to check your local store and stock up if that's the kind of bulb you want to use.

    Love all that you have done and that you plan to do. It's so important, I think, to surround yourself with things you love, regardless of whether or not it makes sense to anyone else. Destiny

    1. oo, thanks destiny! great to hear from you, as always :)

  5. Lowes carries a goose neck metal barn like fixture very similar to the one you purchased. Around $30 I believe. As for a window treatment I would hang a rod above small windows and the space above the rod on the tall middle window would look like a transom window. Or -- tension rods in all three windows with maybe a balloon in middle and panels on the sides.

    1. yes! i bought that gooseneck one for my studio bathroom - it's really cute, but wasn't big enough for my current bathroom. thanks for the window ideas!

  6. I saw this photo on Amanda Brook's blog which is a way to elegantly address curtains for a window/eve that you have.
    It would call for a lot of fabric though because your peak is so high. It is the picture of her bedroom taken by Todd Selby, in case you don't see it right away.
    cheers, Caitlin

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