Friday, November 15, 2013

Curtains At My House

I'm contemplating the curtain situation in my living room...

 photo IMG_1565_zpsf11cf59a.jpg

See the big windows to the right? There. I've already found an extra long black rod at Ikea (those are not easy to find, apparently). I really wanted the brass one from west elm , but apparently it's not long enough. I thought the touch of gold would be pretty in this room. I might still try and hunt down a brass one somewhere else. I actually saw another blogger that found one at Walmart. She made an extra long rod herself, by buying two rods and attaching them together. We shall see how that part goes. I think I'm getting lazy in my old age, because I'm dreading hanging the rods...

Anyway, for the curtains themselves, I've narrowed it down to a couple of options. I'm digging a few fabrics at Spoonflower

I like this one: 

gray cream ikat


Freeform Arrows in cream on gray

(But I don't think the repeat is large enough. I want something with a large pattern)

 navy ikat

navy cream circle ikat



Those are my ideas. I know they're all on the slightly "blah" side, but I want neutral, gray/blue (probably gray, actually), with a white pattern, and these all fit the bill. And have you been fabric shopping lately? All boring, I feel. 

I like the options above but I need a LOT of fabric (tall windows, tall ceilings), so I am considering making my own curtains with a sort of block print feel. Ikea has a lot of gray curtain options, including some with some nice fabrics like linens, so I think it could be a fun project to take on. I make a billion other stencils for clients - maybe I could make one for myself here, and stencil it onto the fabric?! Could be fun! I just need to find a fabric paint that isn't "crunchy." AKA probably not puffy paint like I used for this project. Hah!

 photo e24ad150-0191-48e4-a3be-04978bedc08f_zps7861047d.jpg

What do you guys think!?


  1. I used Jacquard Textile paints to paint my sofa and ottoman - not crunchy at all, and great colors. Bought it at Sam Flax on Peachtree. I think you'd have fun making your own if you have time.

    1. Ahhh, thank you so much for leaving that comment. I figured I could find something better to paint on fabric with, and was going to have to do a little research. I'm always at that Sam Flax, so I'll definitely keep note of that. I'm definitely leaning towards painting my fabric. Is it good paint to stencil with? What's the consistency like?

    2. I haven't stenciled with it, but I'm sure it would be great. It's a really nice smooth consistency and you can also add fabric medium to keep the consistency even but thin the color. I mixed a custom color for my sofa and used fabric medium to pull the colors together.

  2. I really like the second and last options. I feel like your room is light and airy and those to would accent that nicely and not be too heavy in the space. Can't wait to see more!

  3. Funny, I was just looking at fabric before I read this post! :) Here's some I've been loving lately...

  4. I am right there with you, trying to figure out curtains for the WHOLE HOUSE LOL! I am not much of a DIY person, so I like the first option! My dining room is gray and when I got table cloths and place mats for my bridal shower in March, I had picked black and red (when we registered in December haha). I am thinking too dark for the whole room! I may need to do very light curtains... Then for the rest of house, I am clueless!

  5. AT one point I lived in a rental that had a 98 inch front window. by the time you get fabric on a regular rod it is to heavy and the 1/2 in nail gives way. that is my pet peave... anyway. I decided to fix the curtain rod problem forever. I bought some curtain rod brackets at lowes and then went over to the pipe section and bought a solid copper pipe the length I needed. I also bought end caps for the pipe. they come in many sizes. Problem solved and the copper pipe was attractive as well. Good luck with your curtains.

  6. You are able to use plain old acrylic craft paint to paint on fabric. Just add a fabric medium to it so it's not crunchy. I think Martha Stewart's line makes one. I've seen it at Michael's before. HTH.

  7. I just hung the Tali printed curtains from West Elm. My room is a dark gray with navy and white accents.I love the look !! Check them out.

  8. I have to ask - where did you get the little striped chair in the corner? It would fit perfectly into a nook that I just can't see to style properly. Thank you!!

  9. Go for the Freeform arrows(the second picture), no doubt it will really suit to your living room set up, well just saying, yes they are all beautiful, it just that I prefer that 2nd fabric that much.

  10. Yes, the arrows would look great in your house!!!

  11. I really like number one and number two. Great patterns for curtains.