Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cool Rugs I Own.

Sometimes, when I look around, or have people over, I find myself saying, "We still have a lot to do!" and "Oh don't even look at this room, it's soooo far from being done!" Which, I will admit, I kind of even annoy myself doing and saying those things. Though it's true that I still have a lot to do, I need to just enjoy what I have finished and acquired, and be patient about the other stuff. Especially during this season of thankfulness :) 

Anyway, I was hanging out in the kitchen this morning with my coffee observing my kitchen rug, and decided to show you guys the cool rugs that I have acquired since moving in! I feel like I have been so busy with work, that I've forgotten to blog about a few finds that I was happy to score since we moved in. 

Kind of a funny post topic, but eh, it's Thursday.

This kilim rug, I found at Scott's Antique Market. It was one of my first finds for the new house, and I know I have shown it before, but I wanted to include it in this post, since I love it. There's something about old, used and worn rugs that adds such a sense of hominess and texture to a space. This rug is really old, too. It speaks for buying quality! I love all the little triangles on it.

This rug, you guys probably remember from my old kitchen. My, how much bigger it was in there. Hah! I got it from It's also vintage, and it's an Oriental rug. I like it in my kitchen now, in contrast to the modern-ish cabinets and finishes. Warmth!

This Oriental rug, I got at Paris On Ponce, here in Atlanta. POP recently renovated their space (I heard it was bought by new owners?), and when I last went in, I wanted at least 12 things. Lots and lots of great vendors and artists, along with their usual antiques and unique finds. This rug is pretty tattered, but it was a pretty good price for a rug that was in the exact color scheme I wanted, and like I said - I like the worn-in look. I also like layering patterned rugs over sisal rugs. Sometimes the older, more unique rugs are in awkward sizes, so it's easy to order a giant sisal or jute rug from or and make it work. 

This was the main rug that I am pretty sure I haven't shared with you guys, but love more and more everyday :) I got it at Scotts, too, and the man that sold it to me was awesome. I was there looking for a rug for this space, and all the ones that I was digging were in the $500+ range (mainly way more than that). I was expecting/hoping to pay $200ish for one in this size (it's not too big, only like 3x4.5 or something?). That might have been a low estimate, but sometimes you can get a deal. Anyway - what I did NOT expect, when I saw this cute little rug peeking out from underneath a display, was for the vendor to tell me it was only $35. SOLD! I LOVE how unique it is... it's not the same on both sides, and the woven pattern on either side is to die for. It's really one of my favorite finds of all time, and I think the man I bought it from could tell how excited I was. I almost felt like he was happy to "give" it to me. Anyway - it's a great little rug for our bathroom, and one that I can move around whenever I want, since it's a cute little size. 


  1. Love all those rugs! Can I have one? ;)

  2. WOW - that's a lot of rug awesomeness in one house. You have a fab eye for them.

  3. Amazing rugs #HallOfFameOfAwesomeness

  4. Very nice. Love your eclectic style. Mine is eclectic too, hope it turns out as well as yours!

  5. Nice floor rugs
    for both bedrooms and living room. Really beautiful work..

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  7. Definitely looks very great rug for floor. I would like to replace with the Antique rugs as soon as possible.

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  9. Hi Kristen,

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