Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Guest Bathroom Change-Ups

From the beginning, (with buying our house) I knew that it was going to have modern "bones", and it was going to take some tweaking on my part, to add a little bit of the traditional/old-school flavor that I so love. I really love a mix of styles. A little old with a little new, and a little modern with a little traditional. 

Here are some inspiration photos that I love, and have used as reference when selecting light fixtures, hardware, etc, for the bathrooms. 

The primary thing that I switched out in our house (from what the builder had selected), was light fixtures. Most of the ones that were selected before we decided to purchase the home (incase you don't know, we bought it as it was being built. So, some things I could change out, but some things were already purchased and therefore not able to be switched out) were really modern, and not my taste. One of the ones that I didn't switch out before we purchased the house was the guest bathroom light.  I haven't even taken the plastic off of it, because I always knew I would switch it out. 

Here is the light fixtures that our house "came with"

 photo FC9FA4A8-C58D-4134-9AC6-89952B8E97D6_zpskfc5wt7b.jpg

And, here is the one that I finally ordered from It's in the mail now, and I can't wait to hang it. I loved the ones from Barn Light Electric, but since there is still so much to do in this house, I tried to keep it on the budget-price spectrum of things, and I bought this one for only $36. I plan to spraypaint all the silver metal parts black, and leave the inside white, then probably use an edison bulb inside. (The bulb part might not work so great, though, since people do need to be able to see themselves while showering/brushing their teeth)

I love that the diameter of the top is 14" -- pretty big! I sort of wish that the pole was gooseneck instead of straight, but at that price, I decided to go for it anyway. I like mixing the industrial style with the traditional hardware/towel holders that I recently got at Home Depot.

Check them out:

 photo 30674B5D-43CF-4DC0-9C3A-857716C49167_zpswdsrjaiv.jpg

towel bar...

and the guest towel holder hanging to the left of the mirror. I still need to replace the toilet paper holder... I bought a set from Home Depot, which included a towel bar, hand towel holder, and toilet paper holder for $40. I believe it was Moen brand - I can't find it on their website. 

 photo 6EFFBF47-2F3C-4260-8E2A-E72B591668A0_zpsr2alljvt.jpg

I do plan to eventually replace that counter top with something else, probably something resembling carrara marble. Our shower/bath in here is carrara, but it's darker carrara, and I think it would be ok to use a lighter version on the counter top. That, or I might just find a quartz or something that is light and pretty. This cabinet/counter top came together (I think its Allen + Roth from Lowe's), and I have never been a big fan of the countertop. It is mini black and white specs, and when water touches it, it leaves big wet dark marks until it dries. Boo! 

And you'll remember how I painted the bottom and replaced the hardware:


 photo 686a50be-4d17-487d-8600-ad5c18440249_zps5702979d.jpg


 photo IMG_1611_zpsa4983282.jpg

And, last but not least, Pfister sent me this beautiful new faucet that I can't wait to get installed!

 photo 80F447C9-A201-43F6-9C4D-770F26053DDE_zpsnzevgev7.jpg

It looks giant in this photo, but it's not... its only a little larger than the one that we currently have. 

Anyway... I just thought I'd share the progress in here! I can't wait to get some new accessories for this bathroom and really pull it all together once I have all the finishes completed. 

On another note, I wanted to ask your opinion on a mystery that I'm trying to solve.

We have these crazy windows in our guest bedroom and office, and I have NO idea how to put curtains or blinds on them. I don't want to put one long curtain across the middle of the center window/top of the skinny ones on either side, so that's not an option. What do you guys think?!?

 photo 0E675D7C-A236-4792-96B5-391A65973555_zpshovmwe9m.jpg

Monday, November 25, 2013

Fuchsia Elephant


Hope you all had a great weekend. I'm headed to do some stripes in a little boy's room today, but I wanted to share with you guys a little weekend project I took on at my own house this weekend.

I bought this vintage elephant at a junk store last year for $12 (I know, a complete steal). 

I love it, but the current paint job on it was rather disgusting. 

 photo 7D18330D-91A6-45DE-89AC-194D47901DA9_zpspo4pq32s.jpg

I knew that painting it a solid color would unify the look, not to mention modernize. I really didn't want it to look like stuffy accessory, so I decided to paint it bright fuchsia. I've had a little  fuchsia craze lately. I couldn't find the perfect color at Home Depot or Lowe's, so I went to Utrecht (fine art supply store) to check out their specialty spray paints. AHHHH, the colors. So many colors. This is where it's at. Montana Black spraypaint was the brand I found a great color in, but there were so many to choose from. The only thing, was that I couldn't pick my finish - so my elephant is a little matte. I would prefer that it was high-gloss, so I plan to go back with a high gloss topcoat tomorrow. 

Anyway, first I primed it with my favorite Zinnser 3-2-1 spray primer. This stuff is the best, y'all. 

 photo 1407B0C3-F9F4-488F-B228-5289E85DCCF3_zpsq02zbmye.jpg

With the coat of primer, I could already appreciate the cute patterns and lines on my elephant more. I always prime things with white primer before doing a bright color. It makes a world of difference in the vibrance of your ultimate paint color. If something is going a dark color, I don't necessarily prime, unless I need it to be extra durable. 

After the primer was dry, I was ready for spraypaint, and that's when I discovered that Montana spraypaint is the best spray paint invention ever. This stuff covers like a dream. Seriously! You'll see what I mean if you use it. 

 photo 3A1B59E0-6180-40B6-BCF8-E842BBA03090_zps1lhwxghj.jpg

 photo 99371A01-D9A7-4FA6-ADBC-839D724FFE54_zpsih9jbrhq.jpg
I got really excited after this. Fuchsia for the win! 

 photo D1DFA5AD-4C5D-483E-8660-1B3434817BF4_zpsgngoc3hf.jpg

And, here he lives, in my bathroom:

 photo 18C43BD1-C0D2-439B-B554-DA447BD45A5B_zpsmjc5e3md.jpg
(please ignore the temporary paper shades that have been there since June. I actually just spoke with a lady about sewing some roman shades for this space today. Little victories, people.)

I love it! I think the bright, unexpected color is just the modern touch it needs. And, the fact that it's an old-school garden elephant seems fun next to my modern tub. 

Like I said, I do plan to paint it with a lacquer high-gloss topcoat, but I don't have any - will be doing that this week! 

Friday, November 22, 2013

End Of The Week Photo Dump

Just thought I'd share a few photos from the week/last weekend!

This week, it was a treat for me to be able to work at the studio allllll week. Usually, I am in and out of clients' homes, which is fine, but it's also really nice to be able to work on my own timetable and just be in and out of the studio as things dry, etc. Much easier that way. 

 photo 66591B25-1366-48FE-88AC-7113CA5F57F7_zpsldpvcjxn.jpg

Here's our tree! I was sitting back and enjoying it, and took this photo.

I thought this tree might be too small for this space, but it's actually fine. 

I got a new tree topper at the Paris Market in Savannah, and I love it. I did have to wire it on top of the tree- it wouldn't stay by itself. But, it's fine now.

 photo 82F2081A-59CC-4B86-97ED-B333E2D38CDF_zpsteil4ly3.jpg

(before I wired it on)

Speaking of Savannah, here's a pretty view of the river, from our table at the Bohemian Hotel's Rocks on the Roof. 

 photo 4D6D084D-1FC5-405C-845B-8CC75AC8A7D1_zpskmvciw7q.jpg

lovely! Jordan was coaching a tournament down there, so I joined in on the trip.

 photo DB223653-C53E-4614-8F38-DEF3B5C96803_zpsyskh6t82.jpg

here's a shot from our guest bedroom. It kills me how little progress I have made in there, but I took this picture to send to my dad... but apparently I'm posting it here instead. 

Dad and I always have a thing together for Dr Suess... we love him. Anyway, I put my Grinch that my mom got me on this bed and it makes me smile! Along with the Christmas tree that mom also found at a garage sale, that reminds us both of the ceramic trees that my nana always had growing up! the little lights on it are pretty. It's a memory fest up in here. I thought it was cute.

The nightstand is hard to see here, but it was my Poppy's (dads dad) schooldesk as a little boy. My dad visited his home town years and years ago, and his school desk was still in the little school that he attended (apparently way out in the country). Dad arranged to buy the desk, because it had his initials carved into it. And dad's letting me keep it at my house!

also, as a completely different side note, i'm pretty dissappointed in how the Nate Berkus bedspread from Target is holding up. It looks crumply like this all the time, no matter if I smooth it out. I guess that's what happens with cheaper things, but I hate that it's not laying nice and flat, because I love the color and pattern on it! Boo.

I bought two fake sheepskins at IKEA this week, and put them on the end chairs at my dining table for a little wintery warmth feel. I like them.

 photo 1B14D283-41B8-4BF2-BE9D-74BE8A3DD2E0_zpsuxgmloyw.jpg

and I also found this cool vintage poster at Kudzu Antiques yesterday:

 photo 8BE00939-D612-4E80-B65E-A65F75105124_zpsogngfqah.jpg

lastly, I made these babies I saw on pinterest last night. I'm very guilty of pinning hundreds of food items, and never cooking them (truth be told, I never cook). I'm trying to cook more, though, and these looked delish. and they were!

 photo 360626F9-F719-403C-B512-9989A32DE51D_zpsyleiroqh.jpg

broccoli cheese bites. dip 'em in a little ranch and voila! I'm sure you could make a fancier sauce, but why mess with a good thing? I love ranch. was a good week! How was your's? Have a great weekend.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Moving Things Around's what I do.

Yesterday, I got the tweaking bug and moved a bunch of things around in my house. It was after work. I came home with a bottle of gray spraypaint, and went to town. 

First, I moved the lamps that were sitting on my console in the entry way to the console table that is in the dining area... 

 photo IMG_1646_zps085c85cb.jpg

I'd been wanting lamps there, and I like the glass on top of the pretty wood. The table was a custom piece by Jason Chance, incase you are wondering. I also moved those green vintage chairs on either side of the table. I like symmetry, can you tell? Lamps, chairs, poufs, art... hah. I think the symmetry balances out some of my crazy colors up in my house. 

 photo IMG_1648_zps301ee0fe.jpg

So, since I moved the lamps from in the entry way to the dining area, I needed lamps in the entry way, hence the bottle of gray spraypaint. It was Rustoleum brand from Lowe's and i love this shade of medium-dark gray! I sprayed two old Chinoiserie lamps that I had, and put some old shades on them. I think I might buy new shades for these - probably the linen ones like I bought for my upstairs lamp. But, these shades do until Im able to find new ones. 

Anyway, here they are:

 photo IMG_1649_zps46534331.jpg

(and yes, I've already decorated for Christmas.)

I was going to post an old picture of what the lamps used to look like, but apparently my search function on my blog is down right now. Argh! Technology continues to not be on my side... anyway...

They are pretty in here. I thought the room was needing a few more fancy things, so I also brought in this awesome side table that my mom found for me recently. Its so cute! I also sprayed it that same dark gray. That can covered two lamps and a side table. Bam!

 photo 1E166617-2C58-4B2D-B2BC-97445881A2D5_zpspac9zj6c.jpg

It's real wood, and it was chippy and gross. I took the lazy person's way out, and didnt sand or prime it. It was getting dark outside, and I wanted to get it painted before it was completely dark. I was painting on the side of our house, next to the trashcans. My neighbors probably think I'm crazy.

 photo IMG_1653_zps86301a69.jpg

if you look closely, you'll see she needs another coat of paint. Let's face it - she probably wont get it! woopsies. :) 

 photo IMG_1651_zps538f2383.jpg

and last but not least, just a small change up... I hung this cute little vintage starburst mirror that I have over the chair, under my red painting. 

 photo IMG_1650_zps59884a8c.jpg
the little sparkle there now is much better!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Recent Cabinet Painting and Glazing


Thanks for the great feedback on my curtains... so many great ideas, and I appreciate the links for other fabric resources, too. I'm still, however, undecided. Hah! I'm waiting for inspiration to strike... it usually does, if I wait a bit. If I get too hasty, usually I'll regret the decision. So wait, it is!

I thought I'd share with you guys a kitchen project I worked on last week. The house was new to my clients (my clients were actually moving in, as I was painting!), and they wanted to update the wooden island. The island was huge, and it made a big impact. We used Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray (an awesome gray) and I did a brownish/grayish dark glaze on just the bevels.

Here is a photo of what it looked like before I painted it:

And, now for the afters:

 photo IMG_1625_zps34b6551a.jpg

They also painted the walls the same color - major update huh? It's nice when youre able to do things like this that update a space with very little work/money involved. They didn't have to paint ALL the cabinets - just doing the island made a great difference. 

up close:

 photo IMG_1622_zpse25e69dc.jpg

Here's the other side:

 photo IMG_1626_zps4727a264.jpg
(Like I said, they were literally moving in this day, so that's why there is stuff on the counters)

sometimes, people are curious about the smoothness of my finishes, because I don't spray cabinets. My technique is far less invasive, and the finish is super smooth. I'm very careful to not leave brush marks or smudges. 

 photo IMG_1631_zps0b5cb0f5.jpg
I took this photo for proof!

 photo IMG_1630_zpsfa0874ec.jpg
glazework shot! 

 photo IMG_1635_zpsaf1a3685.jpg

 photo IMG_1636_zpsde4afd83.jpg

What do you think?

Friday, November 15, 2013

Curtains At My House

I'm contemplating the curtain situation in my living room...

 photo IMG_1565_zpsf11cf59a.jpg

See the big windows to the right? There. I've already found an extra long black rod at Ikea (those are not easy to find, apparently). I really wanted the brass one from west elm , but apparently it's not long enough. I thought the touch of gold would be pretty in this room. I might still try and hunt down a brass one somewhere else. I actually saw another blogger that found one at Walmart. She made an extra long rod herself, by buying two rods and attaching them together. We shall see how that part goes. I think I'm getting lazy in my old age, because I'm dreading hanging the rods...

Anyway, for the curtains themselves, I've narrowed it down to a couple of options. I'm digging a few fabrics at Spoonflower

I like this one: 

gray cream ikat


Freeform Arrows in cream on gray

(But I don't think the repeat is large enough. I want something with a large pattern)

 navy ikat

navy cream circle ikat



Those are my ideas. I know they're all on the slightly "blah" side, but I want neutral, gray/blue (probably gray, actually), with a white pattern, and these all fit the bill. And have you been fabric shopping lately? All boring, I feel. 

I like the options above but I need a LOT of fabric (tall windows, tall ceilings), so I am considering making my own curtains with a sort of block print feel. Ikea has a lot of gray curtain options, including some with some nice fabrics like linens, so I think it could be a fun project to take on. I make a billion other stencils for clients - maybe I could make one for myself here, and stencil it onto the fabric?! Could be fun! I just need to find a fabric paint that isn't "crunchy." AKA probably not puffy paint like I used for this project. Hah!

 photo e24ad150-0191-48e4-a3be-04978bedc08f_zps7861047d.jpg

What do you guys think!?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Striped Bathroom Walls

Hi! I wanted to share the photos from the outcome of my striped bathroom project. Sorry they are so tiny. I swear - once I get one mode of technology working, they change it, and I'm unable to post again. Hah! How old am I!?!

I can't figure out how to get my stupid Photobucket app working properly on my phone, so I'm having to use other modes of photo transferring. The pains of blogging! So, excuse the poor quality and pixelation in these photos. I promise to do better next time. 

This was a fun bathroom makeover, and the stripes have a little thin wavy line of rosy red going down either side - incase you can't tell from the pixels ;)

 Don't you love that cute little basket? It's from Target.