Monday, October 14, 2013

Lacquered Chinoiserie Side Tables

Hi all! I'm actually on vacation this week in Florida, but I thought I would check in today with a follow up to the cool Chinoiserie side table project I posted a photo of last week

A client dropped off two of these cool tables she had, that she wanted painted a high-gloss turquoise, in a paint resembling lacquer. True lacquer is a different ball game, which I warned her of (I dont do ACTUAL lacquering. You can take furniture to some car painting shops and they'll lacquer it for you, but it's a little difficult to find someone to do it for you, and also more expensive), but I do have a process that looks very much like lacquer, and the result is very shiny and durable. I like Benjamin Moore's floor & porch paint for this, in a high gloss oil base finish. It's very durable, and fairly easy to work with. 

 photo photo-7_zpse2ee483a.jpg
(ignore the fact that this is a screen capture of a different paint I found online to get a photo of the paint!)

And these are what the two tables looked like to begin with:

 photo photo-10_zps994d0377.jpg

and I'm pleased to say that my client and I were both very happy with the lacquer-like finish that the paint gave us! 

 photo photo-8_zpsdb3ec71c.jpg

 photo photo-9_zps2a3e79b5.jpg

And here they are, in their permanent home

 photo photo-11_zpsc5a8f82e.jpg

Don't you love this space? It's the home of Atlanta based designer Heather Yager. I love it!


  1. Have a great vacation!.. Alison

  2. Thanks for the info! Have a great vacation!

  3. Very cool. I would have walked right past the I painted tables

  4. Oops un painted. Can I tell u I hate my iphone

  5. They look great! Did you brush or spray them? I absolutely love the shade of blue for that space too.

  6. I found a side table like these a few years ago and painted it red at a garage sale and the owner sold it to me for $1.00! I had to bite my lips to contain my excitement! I love how your tables turned out for your client and the room they ended up in were beautiful!!!

  7. Enjoy your down time! Those tables turned out great and I love them in Heather's space. That wall is pretty flipping sweet.

  8. WOW! Those tables look fantastic in their home. Such a beautiful finish and color!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  9. Gorgeous!! I love the bright pop of color in that living room. Looks great! :-)

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  12. Love the color you choose for the side tables.

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