Thursday, October 10, 2013

Around the Studio Lately...

I have been so busy at the studio the past few days! I have been working late nights, preparing for a vacation next week (yay). 

Anyway, I thought I'd share some photos of what I've been up to. 

 photo photo-1_zpscd43e743.jpg

This is a painting that I'm working on for a client in Florida. It's all about neutrals with this one, which is hard to photograph. It's soft but edgy, and I actually sort of love it right now. It's given me lots of trouble, but I'm happy with where it's at now! It's funny, when I work on these large paintings, a lot of times I'll take them to three or four different locations... around the studio, outside, etc, etc. I put the painting down, and then don't look at it for like five minutes. Then, I walk about 20 feet away from the painting, turn around and gage my initial reaction when I turn around to look at it, to see if I like it. Weird, right? I think you get so caught up in the painting when you are creating it, that sometimes it's hard to be objective about it. This helps my objectiveness!

 photo photo-2_zps2763f63b.jpg

also, I have started a furniture stripping project. Well, actually, it's finished now, but this was towards the beginning. I had to strip about 6-10 layers of OLD, OIL based paint off of this little cabinet. It was crazy, you guys. I used Citristrip and Tough Strip and I am here to report that I think the Tough Strip worked better. At least it was way faster. I think Citristrip would've been fine if this was a simpler paint stripping job, but it was not, and so I needed to bring in the big guns. 

It looked like this to begin with:

 photo photo_zps34303b7e.jpg

So, you can see above that I was getting it down to the wood. It is going to be a fun new color, though, so i'll share it with you guys after I paint it. (today)

besides stripping furniture and painting canvases, I have also been painting some fun furniture.

I did this desk for a client last week!

It looked like this before:

 photo photo-6_zpse41a9c1a.jpg

and now this:

 photo photo-3_zps89a52d56.jpg

I painted the whole piece, and did the top freehand. It was my favorite part, and my clients loved it! 

 photo photo-4_zps0dd98b4a.jpg

I also did a lacquer like finish on these cute tables that will be picked up today:

 photo photo-5_zps045bcfd3.jpg

phew! Headed to the studio to do more... wish me luck!


  1. Good Luck! That desk is super cute. What a transformation. Alison

    1. Thank you! It was fun. Most of the work is over now, phew!

  2. It all looks grat. I love the painting. What process did you use for the lacquer finish? I have tried it on my bedside tables and it isn't going well.

    1. Thank you! I used Benjamin Moore Floor high gloss oil based paint for it, which was recommended by Jenny from Little Green Notebook. I've done lots of lacquer-y paint in the past, and this does seem like the best look for the durability level!

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