Thursday, September 5, 2013


"moments" in my house making me happy right now...

 photo E8D87FE9-1B39-40BC-925A-F725EBA34DA3-4836-000005025987050F_zpsc1500416.jpg

bookshelf in my bedroom that i painted over the weekend, which i just accessorized. probably won't stay like this, but this is it for now.

 photo 7F310836-E059-4087-9D7F-BE2796B0F097-4836-00000502534EEDE8_zpsf1a4fcb6.jpg

full disclosure - kind of over my striped seat cushions right now, but whatever. i want white ones or something plain, but they're impossible to find in a seat cushion. i guess i could just get regular pillows. 

 photo 3EAA34BD-DCAC-4BA7-A053-66A98516811C-4836-000005024DCB0DD3_zps7f5b89f7.jpg

beside the stove.

 photo 8a5717ce-b923-455a-bf6c-8a09dd9a6a3c_zps43a40cba.jpg

in my bedroom... i painted the top half of this lamp gray this weekend. it used to be orange, and i'm liking the neutrality.

that's all for now! have a nice day!


  1. If you hate the cushions -- dye them if possible! I'd love to see how they would turn out. Love what you've done with the place!

    1. i think it's just for now that i'm not loving them... i just always need my options! haha. :)

  2. I love that lamp in gray. It changes it completely.

    1. thanks! I know, i do too... i kept it orange for about 3 years, but i'm digging the change up, too.

  3. I covet that rug every time you show a picture of it!

  4. Replies
    1. i still feel like there are 10000000 things to do, so thank you for saying that! :)

  5. I am surprised you haven't painted any walls!.. Alison

    1. haha... i was able to pick out all my paint colors before we moved in, so no need :) i am considering wallpaper for our guest bathroom, but i definitely have way more fish to fry before dealing with that! plus, wallpaper might be a little permanent for me...

    2. You have gone very light and neutral with this house. I didn't know you picked the paint colors. You used to use so much color...Alison

  6. I painted my chair cushions with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I was hesitant, but had read about other's success, so I gave it a try..I am more than pleased, actually, I'm thrilled with the result. Leslie
    P.S. I love your blog

  7. Kristen: You are a delight! I just love that you are so in love with and are having so much fun with and in your new house. Loving and enjoying your living space is what makes a house a home... Destiny

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