Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday Happenings...

Just some tidbits, before I head out the door to my non-airconditioned studio to do some sweaty painting :) 

"Before" of an armoire I painted this week:

 photo photo-4_zps1cce4d39.jpg

and mid-way through...

 photo BB9F90EE-8F5D-4ADC-A5A6-20B7B549DA2E-7199-00000662B4933E61_zpsc118c0e2.jpg

and finished:

 photo 2D55F63F-E81B-4D41-BBC8-7BC11A6130EA-7199-00000662BF2F678F_zps6b429e12.jpg

 photo b645de7f-42ef-4e5e-9d83-6c2569da9a24_zps58134b2b.jpg

 photo d201a312-1597-4a3b-ba30-38a2e8428c2a_zpsa947044a.jpg

Im off to paint some more furniture at the studio, and a canvas. 

I did this painting for my house:

 photo 8010338f-3ca1-4b8b-8c4f-e158822ae310_zps26a9cb9c.jpg

and I got this new-old rug over the weekend:

 photo 77EA46BC-B5E3-4156-A2DC-B80D3D8C0EDF-7199-00000662DE38EFB4_zps650d4842.jpg

at Paris on Ponce.  I found the PERFECT settee for my living room this week, and didn't buy it. When I called them to see if it was still there two hours later - no, it was gone. REGRET, people. So annoying. The search continues! In other news, I think the sofa will be here soon, and my custom sofa table is on it's way tonight - woo!


  1. Did you get the rug from DeRigeur Vintage at Paris on Ponce? That's the guy that over dyed my rug and he sells his stuff there. I love old-new rugs! You just can't beat the quality of a good handmade carpet.

    1. I'm not sure which vendor it was! They had so many pretty ones, I loved them all. The tag was removed for me, before I took it home. I do love it, though.

  2. Kristen,
    I am stumbling upon your website for the first time and this cabinet redo is the exact look I have been searching for! I am redoing a dresser I found and wanted a good balance of clean but distressed :) Not sure if you typically reveal your paint colors, but in case you do, would you mind if I ask what paint/color you used for this look? Is the distress look part of the original color showing through? It's really nice!

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