Monday, September 9, 2013

Crane and Canopy Bedding

So, Ive been on a major bedding hunting mission lately. Checking out all the regular spots I like to buy stuff, and also some places online that I've never heard of, including Crane and Canopy. Are you guys familiar with this spot? I'd never heard of it, until I was googling stuff online and it came up. They have some really pretty pieces - almost reminds me a little of Serena & Lily

 photo light-blue-taylor-zoom-bigimage0_zps1b060a09.jpg

I really like this one, which may be a contender for my bedroom. It's called the Taylor Light Blue duvet. I like how it's geometric and not floral (seems like all bedding is floral these days?!). 

 photo light-blue-taylor-stacked-bigimage2_zpsa49ff772.jpg

I like that it has white piping on the edges, and the thread count is high. Some of the Nate Berkus ones at Target are cute, but not so comfy.

I also think it's super cute in mint green:

 photo mint-taylor-zoom-bigimage0_large_zps2fed6910.jpg

The one that I'll most likely get is this one:

 photo PageGray_bigimage0_zps1e51b974.jpg

It's called the Page Gray duvet. It reverses to be white on the other side, which would probably be a smart move since I have decor commitment issues. This one is the one that is very Serena & Lily if you ask me. I might be ordering it soon! I bought this bedskirt from Anthropologie, and it should be in this week.

 photo C27744085_095_b_zpsff9d4e21.jpeg

What do you guys think!?


  1. Hi Kristen :) We have the Linden Gray Border bedding and love it! Such great designs and we love the price point! xo Kristin @

    1. that's so good to know! I think I'm about to order the gray one... the price point is perfect.

  2. I have the Page Gray duvet cover and I have one of their duvets too! It is SOO soft and I love that I can reverse it...but I do leave it on the patterned side :)

    1. i do loooove the gray patterned side - such a light and airy pattern, so pretty! so glad to know that you love your's. I think i'll probably order it this week!

  3. I LOVE Coyuchi bedding. I have the Swiss Dot duvet in both charcoal and white (unfortunately I think it's discontinued now), but they have really, really high quality bedding. You can usually find good deals on Gilt or One Kings Lane if you're keeping an eye out. They don't have tons of pattern options, but the cotton is just so heavenly!

    1. oo, good to know! thanks for the info. seems like all my go-to places were a little bit of a let down in the bedding department. I'm loving the stuff I'm finding online though.

  4. The Page Grey Duvet is heavenly!! I love that its reversible to white on the other side!

  5. The page grey duvet would be the most user friendly. If it is reversible that's great...Alison

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