Friday, September 27, 2013

Modern and Fresh Fall Home Tour Series

It's Friday!

I'm excited to announce that Lindsay from the White Buffalo Styling Co. and I have organized a blogger home tour series, based on a "fresh and modern spin"on Fall. Some of my favorite, favorite bloggers are included, and I can't wait to see what they come up with! It's a super-long list of folks, 31, in fact (one for every day, the month of October), and I think it'll be so much fun to see what we all do.  Lindsay and I asked people to think of fresh ideas - not your basic Fall decor - so hopefully you guys will be inspired, too. 

 photo 7d96c85f-0738-49bb-bfc1-990fd942fd8d_zps936b3877.jpg

Here's our list of bloggers:

1 – Lindsay and myself kick things off with tours on each of our blogs.
2 – Sarah from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs
3 – Gabbi from Retro Ranch Reno
4 – Brittany from Brittany Makes
5 – Jesse from Scout & Nimble
6 – Julia from Cuckoo 4 Design
7 – Carolyn from Sweet Chaos Home
8 – Jennifer from The Chronicles of Home
9 – Bethany from Dwellings by Devore
10 – Carmel from Our Fifth House
11 – Kristin from The Hunted Interior
12 – Annekke from This That & Life 
13 – Michelle from D├ęcor and the Dog
14 – Cassie from Primitive & Proper
15 – Ally from From the Right Bank
16 – Shannon from Shannon Berrey Designs
17 – Danika from Gorgeous Shiny Things
18 – Kristin from Bliss at Home
19 – Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof
20 – Jessica from Dear Emmeline
21 – Kelly from View Along the Way
22 – Sarah from Lacquer and Linen
23 – Eileen from A Creative Day Blog
24 – Sarah from Royal Marigold
25 – Lori from Lori May Interiors
26 – Jennifer from Dimples and Tangles
27 – Caitlin from Desert Domicile
28 – Sherry from Design Indulgence
29 – Lakeitha from Lakeitha Duncan Lifestyle Blog
30 – Shavonda from A Home Full of Color
31 – Angela from Number Fifty-three and Jennifer from Brave New Home.

Tuesday kicks off the start of the series. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Sofa!

It came, it came! 

I was so excited about my new sofa from west elm coming. It took almost ten weeks to get here, and that seemed like an eternity. Being an adult takes lots of patience, huh? I feel like this summer/year has been full of waiting and waiting for big things. Exciting, yet annoying. Haha. 

It's a nice light/medium gray (the color is called "Gravel"), that I think (hope) will be easier to care for than our white sofa, though I really didn't have as many problems with the white sofa as everyone was worried about when I was considering options for reupholstering it. That's probably because I don't have dogs or children and we like to stay pretty clean! She is in need of a good professional cleaning now, though. We moved it upstairs, into our bedroom, and I love it there. It's a nice spot for hanging, or tv watching, or putting on your shoes, or whatever. My parents always had a sofa in their "sitting room" in their bedroom growing up, so it makes me feel adult-ish. :)

Anyway! Of course it's a rainy, dark day here in Atlanta, but here it is in our living room:

 photo BDB7EF76-25BE-4612-948C-B45E01636E9B-2266-0000026ECFA22966_zps12ea51fe.jpg

 photo f1037d59-ba1a-4503-84bd-f81224489ed3_zpse0037917.jpg

(again - dark, rainy day. Also, I didn't turn the overhead lights on, which probably would've been helpful)

I really like that the style of it is not specific. My last sofa is midcentury modern, and it's pretty obvious. This one is a mix up, which makes creating an eclectic space, more fun. 

 photo B3B8EF5D-4393-4B24-8903-B9CA3ECD4410-2266-0000026ECAB02094_zpscd870a8c.jpg

I love the little white washed legs, too! A new color/kind of wood in the room was essential. Didn't want even more dark wood in here. 

Now i've got to come up with an official side-chair game plan. I think I have one - I need to just go ahead and buy/order stuff, so that I don't change my mind! I've had the fabric draped across that cute little MCM chair for a month now - time to get the ball rolling!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I thought I'd share a few photos from my trip, and life in general, lately. I'm super busy with work, and apparently don't have many photos to share from it, hah! How is that happening? I don't know. Need to be better about taking photos.


 photo c359639b-7a17-44c4-8522-87fcc321b2b3_zps5ca25c80.jpg

Our evening on Friday started out with this pretty cheese tray on my brother and his girlfriend's apartment's rooftop deck. I didn't take a picture this time, but the 360-view of DC is pretty amazing up there! The Washington Monument has scaffolding all around it right now for construction, but there is a light installation by Michael Graves on top, so you can enjoy the monument, even though you can't go inside. It's pretty cool! I actually feel sort of bad, because on this trip, I didn't go to any monuments, memorials or museums. Didn't even go to the Mall. Woops.

Speaking of Andy's apartment, here is a lovely photo of me inside, with cats surrounding. Haha!

 photo 3BFD8FC6-9AB2-4ED7-80BD-32F8C75D9DD5-858-00000118DBE4F0F7_zps7e005a4d.jpg

Their cats are super-friendly, and enjoy a good snuggle, unlike my own furry friend.

 photo ba3d40b0-e2ea-42cd-83a9-2589443d4769_zpsa8679723.jpg

And speaking of cats, check out this cutie that was hanging out at a Biergarten that we went to on Saturday, during the H Street Festival. There were two, and the owner told us that he tried to get rid of them, but they keep coming back. He he he heeee.

At that same place, we actually were getting some escape from the heavy rain down pours, and ended up hanging there for hours. There was this cool German polka band playing. 

 photo 58DE5293-D58E-456B-AADE-BDF8A508AF5B-858-00000118C1564954_zpsc08d3db2.jpg

costumes and all. it was awesome. we did the chicken dance and everything.

after that, we went to this bar that has allll kinds of arcade games from the 80's and 90's... it was a fun memory-fest. Games I had forgotten about!

 photo a5b5dc7d-884d-40ef-832f-bd45516ec62f_zpsdf24a3f1.jpg
Here's my brother playing Ninja Turtles. 

that's about it for my DC photos - I didn't take too many.

in other news, they're filming Dumb and Dumber two in my neighbor hood right now, which is pretty awesome. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are both in it and I'm really hoping to see them. Anyway, jordan and I drove by the set the other day. They've built a fake apartment building that looks like this from the street:

 photo 42D2C271-1D9D-4EB2-A531-9E4ED7510A6F-858-00000118A62907E1_zps81cc2ed2.jpg

And this from the back:

 photo 9F46373E-591F-4CFF-8B1A-C8DD27F2A3EA-858-000001189C6B7213_zpsbcbecd76.jpg

funny, huh? 

And last but not least, my painting has made it to prime-time! hah...

 photo ee475ed6-d8b9-4e5d-b171-f22203d4e785_zpsa3d07c33.jpg
Emily, from w.port  (where I painted their mural/sign last year) posted on her instagram account, that the building was on Bravo the other night. Im not sure which show (Guessing Real Housewives of Atlanta or something?!), but I thought it was cool! Ps the boutique is awesome, and if any of you live in Atl, check it out! Right next door to Pieces, which we all know and love.

Alright, onto my busy busy day - hope you all have a great one.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Checking In

Over the weekend, I went to DC, to visit my brother and his girlfriend for a few days. It was a great trip, and I'm getting home and trying to get back into the swing of things. I was gone from Thursday morning until last night, and it always takes time to get back into the work mode, ya know? 

I'm starting a cabinet job in about an hour, so I'm trying to catch up on some emails and get myself together before that begins! So, short post here today. 

 photo b0b54924-0969-452c-994a-6d06b5004400_zpse600f338.jpg
(I took this at my brothers apartment. My instagram is kristenfountaindavis, if you're interested in following)

In other news - my sofa comes tomorrow. I know you guys are waiting with bated breath like I am. :) It's been a LONG time comin'. They definitely used up their ten weeks on the 8-10 week lead time. !!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Light and Airy Pieces

I wanted to show you guys a few "light and airy" things I've done lately... I've been plugging away, painting lots and lots of furniture pieces, mixed in with some fun wall painting. Work is so busy right now...


First up, this fun little reading nook in a recent nursery:

 photo 30608b4c-a2f9-4722-b217-87cec5f6dd91_zps198fa2a7.jpg

See the soft clouds on the ceiling? I took really good photos of this with my good camera, but they disappeared! I think I may have accidentally deleted them. Bummer. Anyway, I know it's hard to see the clouds in my iPhone pic, but I wanted to share with you guys, anyway.

And, for this baby's sister, I painted soft lavender stripes. The mom wanted an accent wall, and I recommended stripes as a contrast to her super girly bedding:

 photo D44EC400-1601-4286-A927-A3C832515A6D-693-000000E46083F52D_zpsc33ef5f7.jpg

And finally, painted this piece recently, which started dark brown and old. I painted it a soft gray, and did some distressing in white with soft champagne gold details:

 photo 306c86a7-0294-4522-82ba-6741b47a0516_zps0b996524.jpg

All such fun projects! 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quick Craft Project

A month or so ago, I found this cute little geometric tray at a thrift store. It was looking pretty rough, but I really liked the shape and size of it, and I knew I could make it better once I got it home. 

 photo D0876DCB-DAB5-44C6-A36F-D78FAAD11125-551-000000DC2918E911_zps44f814fe.jpg

It had wheels on the bottom, too, so I'm guessing it was used as a plant stand.
 photo C27E3414-92DE-4205-9023-694D95D49D7A-551-000000DC2FCC7357_zpsbb6f6efb.jpg

Anyway, I removed the wheels, and the messed up wooden pieces that were peeling, and primed it. Then, I painted it a leftover gray color that I had at the studio.

 photo IMG_1528_zps3b2176b0.jpg

It's sitting on my kitchen counter now.

 photo b2d80565-5b2d-4d56-99de-cbe9399c7c86_zps4dfc879d.jpg

 photo IMG_1534_zpsd4e8aedf.jpg

you like?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Hand Lettered Painting

Hey all,

hope you all had a nice weekend? I did. It went by way too fast, though!

I wanted to share with you all a small hand lettering project I completed a couple weeks ago...

My client wanted the year she and her husband got married painted on top of their stove hood... I hand drew the lettering in with my pencil, then taped off the straight lines...

 photo IMG_1515_1_zpsd06f03a9.jpg
I also primed the letters with oil based primer before painting on with black paint...

 photo IMG_1518_zps7109e354.jpg


 photo 0dc63252-d2a4-4ee4-898c-e3c9a7f39bf9_zps872caea7.jpg

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday Happenings...

Just some tidbits, before I head out the door to my non-airconditioned studio to do some sweaty painting :) 

"Before" of an armoire I painted this week:

 photo photo-4_zps1cce4d39.jpg

and mid-way through...

 photo BB9F90EE-8F5D-4ADC-A5A6-20B7B549DA2E-7199-00000662B4933E61_zpsc118c0e2.jpg

and finished:

 photo 2D55F63F-E81B-4D41-BBC8-7BC11A6130EA-7199-00000662BF2F678F_zps6b429e12.jpg

 photo b645de7f-42ef-4e5e-9d83-6c2569da9a24_zps58134b2b.jpg

 photo d201a312-1597-4a3b-ba30-38a2e8428c2a_zpsa947044a.jpg

Im off to paint some more furniture at the studio, and a canvas. 

I did this painting for my house:

 photo 8010338f-3ca1-4b8b-8c4f-e158822ae310_zps26a9cb9c.jpg

and I got this new-old rug over the weekend:

 photo 77EA46BC-B5E3-4156-A2DC-B80D3D8C0EDF-7199-00000662DE38EFB4_zps650d4842.jpg

at Paris on Ponce.  I found the PERFECT settee for my living room this week, and didn't buy it. When I called them to see if it was still there two hours later - no, it was gone. REGRET, people. So annoying. The search continues! In other news, I think the sofa will be here soon, and my custom sofa table is on it's way tonight - woo!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Virtual Garage Sale

My "for sale" posts may be getting old for you guys... sorry if that's the case! Just trying to clear out things a little, as I learn what is working with my house/look, and what's not! It's hard to part with all my treasures, but I'm happy that you guys seem to want to scoop them up for me and love them. 

Anyway, here are some accessories for sale. Info noted. Payment will by Paypal. I'm trying to just do local Atlanta pick up. If items don't sell, I might try shipping. We'll see! Sorry, out of towners!

**EMAIL ME at, if you are interested in purchasing anything. First email gets the item. **

 photo c007d2ce-2fd9-46eb-a748-d1ce4e6f6485_zps3e1ac58e.jpg

Black and white chevron throw pillow - $15. Insert not included. 16" by 16". 

 photo 8fa9c2f0-92b5-4d74-8396-652c7f5d028b_zps08a1b2b4.jpg

Pillow from CB2. $15. This photo doesn't really do it justice. It's black, white, bright yellow, and tomato red, with a neon pink border. It's super cute. 12" by 18".  Insert included.

Here it is in my office:

 photo af8242f2-88ae-4e75-bed8-1dbddc64e9be_zpsfe716b05.jpg

 photo a075890f-9bd6-4e47-a66a-2029109a6c0e_zps4a850a34.jpg

two Indian standard size pillow shams from World Market. $15 for both. 

Here they were on my bed 

 photo 2012-09-24214424.jpg

 photo 831FC631-7890-4CC6-8C57-8DFC0BEE7B00-3003-000002880A861B5B_zpsd6abbb81.jpg

Ballard Designs zebra seat cushion. insert included.

 photo e5c4c9e8-f94d-4fb1-b1b2-33c822f6c071_zpsc26e1649.jpg

 photo F9A1A7D0-95C6-4893-90C0-CA03507FF459-3003-00000287FBECAFB1_zps2215f9b1.jpg

World Market indoor-outdoor cushion. 13 by 17". Insert included. $15

 photo 549CE797-83DD-413F-84B5-B549815F64A3-3003-00000287ECEB5A4E_zps2c5c7990.jpg

CB2 pillow 18" by 18". Citron with foldover detail. $15. 

and last but not least, i'm selling this chair:

 photo IMG_0102.jpg

I don't have the pillow anymore, but otherwise it's in great condition. $250. 30" wide, 33.5 deep, about 50" tall. 

EMAIL ME if you are interested!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Crane and Canopy Bedding

So, Ive been on a major bedding hunting mission lately. Checking out all the regular spots I like to buy stuff, and also some places online that I've never heard of, including Crane and Canopy. Are you guys familiar with this spot? I'd never heard of it, until I was googling stuff online and it came up. They have some really pretty pieces - almost reminds me a little of Serena & Lily

 photo light-blue-taylor-zoom-bigimage0_zps1b060a09.jpg

I really like this one, which may be a contender for my bedroom. It's called the Taylor Light Blue duvet. I like how it's geometric and not floral (seems like all bedding is floral these days?!). 

 photo light-blue-taylor-stacked-bigimage2_zpsa49ff772.jpg

I like that it has white piping on the edges, and the thread count is high. Some of the Nate Berkus ones at Target are cute, but not so comfy.

I also think it's super cute in mint green:

 photo mint-taylor-zoom-bigimage0_large_zps2fed6910.jpg

The one that I'll most likely get is this one:

 photo PageGray_bigimage0_zps1e51b974.jpg

It's called the Page Gray duvet. It reverses to be white on the other side, which would probably be a smart move since I have decor commitment issues. This one is the one that is very Serena & Lily if you ask me. I might be ordering it soon! I bought this bedskirt from Anthropologie, and it should be in this week.

 photo C27744085_095_b_zpsff9d4e21.jpeg

What do you guys think!?

Thursday, September 5, 2013


"moments" in my house making me happy right now...

 photo E8D87FE9-1B39-40BC-925A-F725EBA34DA3-4836-000005025987050F_zpsc1500416.jpg

bookshelf in my bedroom that i painted over the weekend, which i just accessorized. probably won't stay like this, but this is it for now.

 photo 7F310836-E059-4087-9D7F-BE2796B0F097-4836-00000502534EEDE8_zpsf1a4fcb6.jpg

full disclosure - kind of over my striped seat cushions right now, but whatever. i want white ones or something plain, but they're impossible to find in a seat cushion. i guess i could just get regular pillows. 

 photo 3EAA34BD-DCAC-4BA7-A053-66A98516811C-4836-000005024DCB0DD3_zps7f5b89f7.jpg

beside the stove.

 photo 8a5717ce-b923-455a-bf6c-8a09dd9a6a3c_zps43a40cba.jpg

in my bedroom... i painted the top half of this lamp gray this weekend. it used to be orange, and i'm liking the neutrality.

that's all for now! have a nice day!