Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wednesday Check In

 photo 197d6ca1-ca71-4b46-a4be-eb5830f29c21_zpsd248816d.jpg

I had been hunting and hunting and hunting for a couple of vintage dressers/sideboards for months, when I stumbled across this guy yesterday at Goodwill for $30. Months! He's not in great shape (actually pretty bad shape, but all the drawers work and there aren't and major issues), but the lines were what I wanted, (mid century modern) and the hardware is CUTE. you can't see it in this photo, but there are teeny little pulls down the center of the drawers, and these larger pulls on either side. I'll post a picture of it once it's inside my house (still in the car now). I was so happy to see it sitting there for me, but when I found it, there was no physical tag on it, only the written-in price on the back. APparently this means that someone had grabbed the tag. So, I asked about it, and they had to make a few announcements, and make sure no one was planning to purchase it. I sat beside it for about 20 minutes waiting, haha. Anyway, after all that, a new tag was written, and I brought it home. Victory!

Its great because our entry way (the area where I showed the barcart yesterday) is sort of a short wall, and the piece is the perfect size for it. Meant to be!

I also found that cute vintage sailboat art, which I also love. I'm planning to do a gallery wall in the living room, and it'll be perfect. Oh! and I also found a really good-bad piece of handmade poodle art yesterday that Ill have to show you guys. It's hilarious and I love it. 


  1. That's wonderful. Good for you. I am sure it will look completely different when you get through with it..Alison

    1. thank you! I haven't decided how to paint it yet, but I do love it.

  2. Man, that IS a cute dresser! It always seems to be feast and famine for me when I'm at the thrift store. I either stagger out with too many things or I'm terribly disappointed. You scored though!

    1. agreed! it really is always like that. lately, i've found tons of accessories but no furniture.

  3. LOVE them! I love a mid-century dresser and that art is awesome!

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