Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Recent Traditional Glazing Work

I finished up a glazing job last week, where I glazed EVERY surface in a client's kitchen. She wanted a soft, traditional feel, so I glazed the cabinets with a super soft glaze, with heavy glaze in the bevels. Then, I did a soft brownish gray glaze on the walls, which were painted tan, then also glazed the trim like I glazed the cabinets. It was a big job, but we got the look she wanted! I wish I had a "before" picture... her cabinets were a light wood, and her walls were dark red. It's a dramatic change!

 photo 37853a44-54fb-46a5-a3de-c73151d6d9c8_zpsf31dd9ad.jpg

 photo 54bbb770-ad90-437f-a38b-da11f3b932e7_zps1ebc5047.jpg
These two doors might have been my favorite part!

 photo d931799f-5e98-4e82-a91f-89ba3c6c3f3a_zps32719a97.jpg

The big glazed wall & cutest dog, Sunny. She was seriously sooo cute... i loved her.

 photo a7342ae7-99bc-42fe-ae48-74fb18c83a0d_zpsa186d549.jpg

 photo 79a9aca6-8826-448b-8cc8-664e777017c6_zpsfb04d41d.jpg

the kitchen cabinets just had a very soft glaze, but definitely very noticeable as opposed to how they looked before.

 photo b9631394-a3e2-4929-9c4d-571b0510650c_zpsaa2a7de2.jpg

I also glazed all the insides of the doors in this room!

 photo 9769f607-cd54-4cd6-847a-65500dcda439_zpsddc82f9c.jpg


Thank you all for checking out my Joss & Main sale! It's going on now, through 8/20 -- please visit the side and peruse through my items! :) 

 photo _1_lb-1_zps8b516cd1.jpg


  1. Wow, that looks like a lot of work. Great job... Alison

    1. thank you alison! it was a ton of work :)

  2. I would like to move in... Destiny

  3. What product do you use to glaze?

    1. I like the Valspar brand glaze from Lowe's and I mix my paint in to get it the color I want!

  4. Do you know anything about tub/title glazing? I have a 70's bathroom.

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