Monday, August 12, 2013

Planning My Pipe Shelves

How was your weekend? Mine was super productive at the house... my dad and I got together and planned the pipe/wood shelves for the living room all day on Saturday. Yep. It literally took us (ok, him, I didn't do a whole lot) most of the day to get our game plan. He came over, and we brainstormed the aesthetics of what we wanted it to look like, how many shelves, etc, etc, then looked up piping. Then we went to Lowe's to check out what they had there.

 photo 5D81EC94-1CDF-4319-8074-D5F90088AAC3-2618-000003267AC63A3C_zpsc575b4b9.jpg

 photo 6A5E53A4-B0E6-47EA-A41A-455A8E6F169C-2618-0000032688E18021_zpsf71d8705.jpg

They actually had everything we needed, surprisingly (we thought we might have to order piping online), so we were able to really plan it out. We also bought the lumber, and had it cut. I did research reclaimed wood sources in Atlanta, but to keep costs down, I decided to just stain and treat my lumber myself. I did it for Jordan's desk that I built, and it was fine. 

Anyway, we made a little mock shelf at Lowe's, to plan what our's will look like, and here it is:

 photo F04A669E-7A83-46C4-B869-EF7B9580DEAD-2618-000003266E2A3053_zps52f753a4.jpg
(except the wood will be dark stained)

We decided to drill holes in our wood so that they thread through the pipe, instead of resting them on top of the pipe. It's just a better look in our opinion. It'll be this:

versus this:

got it?

It'll look better, though it's more work.

We decided to go with 3/4" pipe instead of the 1". A little thinner, and I think it looks better with the thicker wood.

Mine will be all black. We couldn't find the floor plates in black, only in galvanized metal, so I spraypainted those black last night.

This is how tall they'll be:

 photo 48B46965-79A4-4205-B79B-9930E9C9CCD5-2618-000003265F81FAD4_zps8507ad2e.jpg

There will be five shelves on either side of the TV, and then one long one beneath the TV, and one long one above the TV. We're having to make the TV shelf a little thicker, with a 2 by 4, so that it'll hold our record player. Darned record player is always thicker than shelving. It was the same way at our last house. Our shelves will be about 12/13" deep, and the record player needs 14". Arg.

 photo 0a269657-475b-4768-9e1f-7cfb3a518d4c_zps16062b42.jpg

here are our plans. see?

special shout out to my dad, who is awesome, and the best DIY-er ever! his precision is unbeatable. perfectionist to the max, and i love it.

Im excited!


  1. It's going to be awesome! Can't wait to see it finished.

    1. me either! haha. it's going to be fun.

  2. Wow, way to go Dad. ...Alison

  3. I know you were concerned about drilling them into the floor but here's a thought- what if you flip them over and actually drill that piece into the ceiling rather than the floor?

  4. Can't wait to see how this turns out! Love black plumbers pipe furniture!

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  5. I think I prefer having three supports across and just setting the boards atop of the pipe. This way I can easily place other types of wood in there without alteration and I can use the wood that I initially use elsewhere if I want.
    Plus, I'm not drilling my shelves into the floor, wall or ceiling as I want it free standing....this way it can be moved at any time for any reason.
    I've contemplated putting castors on the bottom but I need to figure out how that is done.
    What you're doing here looks great though. Keep up the good work.

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