Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Photo Dump.

Well, we officially closed and own our home now, woo! Feels great. A little anti climatic because we've been living here a couple of months already, but still, feels more secure now, and more importantly, I can start decorating. :) I went out yesterday afternoon after the closing and got some things. I'm having the hardest time picking out a couch, which is leaving me feeling like I'm not moving forward. Can't decide which route to go. Ikea has a light gray version of the Karlstad now, which I sort of liked... but I still keep coming back to that west elm one I showed you guys. Better lines, and I'm afraid the Ikea one will get rumply. OK, maybe I answered my own question? hah!

Anyway, I saw these cute pillows at Anthropologie yesterday - love the pom poms.

 photo c7acc72f-eb08-4efe-9965-fa39e8c47513_zps726e986c.jpg

Would be easy to do with my pom pom DIY! Anthropologie is so inspiring. When I first graduated college, I worked at anthro for a short time, aspiring to work in their creative department. I still think it would be such an inspiring workplace. Their installations are the best. And I know that I, along with everyone else, always thinks "Oh I could make that!", but the original ideas are just super creative and on point every time. We may could make it, but we did not think of it ;)

 photo b4f9e5e3-dd06-4cba-a5f3-b652caae641d_zps837d0f4a.jpg

Saturday, I went to lunch at MAR in Decatur, where I did two murals back in the winter. It took a while for them to open, but their space is really beautiful, and the food was delish. My friend and I split a tuna ceviche, chips and salsa, and a lobster taco. All really good. I'd been wanting to visit ever since I painted there (it was a painful painting job - super cold and windy out when I was doing it, on a ladder about 20 feet up! eeks), and it didn't disappoint. 

And I took a photo with my mural, like a dork. :)

 photo a305d2ec-677a-4cea-adf8-439128ccb146_zpsbada088e.jpg

This is just at my house. It'll move for sure, but I bought those two green vintage chairs at Tuesday Morning fairly recently, and the midcentury-modern barcart was my recent thrifting score. The lamp I bought a couple of years ago at Highland Row Antiques, here in Atlanta. It lived at the studio for a while, but I recently brought it home. I really love it! It's so huge. Probably needs a less dingy shade though. The blue vase is from Tuesday Morning. 

This little vignette makes me happy, though I know I'll change it soon.

Oh, and that little painting I have been working on for about a year now, hah. It never seems finished to me, but I like where it's at now, so I left it and brought it home from the studio, too. Some times it's good to just stop and let something be. Stop messin'.

 photo 55dba7f4-b1b0-430e-9362-9714398c5ffd_zps0dcf1a4d.jpg

Yesterday after our closing, we stopped at this little place in Old Fourth Ward here in Atl for smoothies and ended up buying some little paletas. Cute huh? It was super sour, but really good. 

last but not least, i got in my new artwork from Bowerbird by Kate Roebuck.

 photo 63df073f-969d-4e05-8a4c-90e13a424895_zps10842535.jpg
It's the neon cactus hanging by the door. I really love it! I'll post a better photo of it later, because you can barely see it here. It makes me happy.

happy tuesday!


  1. Cute post, I can hear your house excitement shine throught it.I really like the rug inside the door. Very happy for you. Happy Tuesday back to you...Alison

  2. LOVE that little vignette in your house! Those green chairs are awesome :)

  3. Green chairs are super cute! Where is Tuesday Morning? I'm thinking of the store by Trader Joes that is like a TJ Maxx.....but it can't be, right? Thanks!! Love you new house!!

  4. Lotta Frutta!!

    I love watching you set up house. So excited for you--especially now that it is officially yours. House buying is nuts.

    1. Thank you Angela!! Can't waiiiiit to see all that you do to yours, too. Still kicking myself for missing your yard sale.

  5. I had no idea that you did the MAR murals! I drive by MAR almost everyday (live just over the tracks) and always look at their building because I love how the mural looks! :)
    So fun to know who created it!

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