Tuesday, August 13, 2013


This weekend, I got around to hanging and framing some items that I had at the house. Some were just pieces that I have had and loved in past houses, and some were new. A mix up of both.

For the living room, I wanted a mostly neutral grouping with some blues mixed in. Black, white and metallic frames. A mostly square-ish grouping, overall.

I tried to be really careful this time. When we first moved in, and I hung the "gallery wall" in our hallway going upstairs, I ended up taking it down about a week later. Hah. It was too overwhelming and crazy. 

Anyway, I planned it out on the floor:

 photo 0B3800B4-9A41-463C-87B8-77589A6B831C-4189-000004A75F15BCC0_zpsde076d45.jpg

I decided which frames I wanted to use, then noted what I needed to buy at Michael's. I wanted some mats that fit the art/frames better. I bought two mats and then ended up finding these pretty clear glass frames with black edges that I loved. They were great for the one little piece I bought from Bowerbird that was a difficult size to find a mat for (Without having it custom cut, which apparently Michael's outsources, so they couldn't do it for me that day... and I am impatient). 

I bought this frame at a thrift store for $2, and took the ugly Victorian looking mat thingie out of it, and put in a new pretty one from michael's. 
 photo F7CF0AC1-A221-478B-8F3B-763F108C4E9D-4189-000004A767A728B0_zps801d92cf.jpg

 photo 9E2AB3BB-5B1B-4CC1-BF15-D9AB9C6913B6-4189-000004A7875D3081_zps1532b0dd.jpg

I didn't hang my gallery wall with a template like smart people do, but I did use the old template trick for hanging those weird frames that are hard to hang. I improvised and came up with my own system. I have this one frame from Target that has two hooks on the back, so I flipped it over, pressed down a paper towel on the back so that I could know where the nails should go, and held it up to the wall and nailed through the hole imprints. Easy!

 photo 569E68AA-A76B-47E6-9EB0-CE08E4BEFAC8-4189-000004A77163D62A_zpse455d66c.jpg

And voila, this is my new art wall:

 photo 5ff317a0-406b-4b04-b49e-eac328f9c9b3_zps153a6ca4.jpg

oh! and two of the frames I ended up spraypainting black. I waited until they were hung to determine which ones. I ended up painting the top right and bottom left. 

 photo 94ade0a1-dffa-465f-abac-73cded9753c6_zps797cffed.jpg

I got the sailboat artwork at top and bottom middle at thrift stores recently. I love them both. Top is a vintage photo. So pretty.

the zig zag artwork is the cool frame from Michael's that I was talking about.

 photo 4016f90f-52ff-4f16-8b0e-78670b97a70b_zps61b83a1a.jpg

I also framed my recent feather watercolors.

I bought two more larger frames like the one above for the guest bathroom and framed my pink feathers:

 photo 686a50be-4d17-487d-8600-ad5c18440249_zps5702979d.jpg

I really love these frames. I still have a bit I'd like to do in this bathroom, including painting the cabinet (gray? What do you guys think?) and replacing hardware, and also replacing the light fixture and possibly the countertop. This countertop is not cute to me, and also it absorbs water and leaves gray spots. Not cool.

That'll be on down the road before it happens, though. Just pre-planning. :) 

I also framed and hung this fabric in our bathroom. I know you wanted to see our toilet:

 photo 7fb59a1c-1e0f-494a-95a8-9c3602fcc619_zps354183f7.jpg

I got those towel hooks too, this weekend. They're Martha Stewart from Home Depot. I love them.

and I got a better mat for my new cactus watercolor, which still isn't representing the color well. It's neon pink-coral and I love it.

 photo 9db07b65-7bf1-430d-83f8-b8b38e223f04_zps68a252fe.jpg

OK that's all my frame projects from the weekend... phew!

I wanted to also mention that I am hosting a sale for Joss and Main today! I'll post more details later, but I wanted to mention it, as it goes live at 9pm tonight. Woo!


  1. I love your little ottoman - did you diy it? I like the paper towel trick, too - beautiful arrangement!

    1. hey angie! thanks! i didn't diy it... i got it at west elm on major sale! it was a score, for sure. :)

  2. Beautiful! I love your DIY art. The chevron is genius in its simplicity. I've NEVER thought about spray painting frames.. I just search and search for the perfect black or perfect white.. THANK YOU!!

    1. thanks rebecca! i had to spray prime, then spray paint them... kind of a chore, but worth it, and cheaper!

  3. That's great it always makes it feel more like home with something on the walls!..Alison

    1. ahhhh-greed. and it is hard to make these tall ceilings (which i do love) feel more cozy... the frames help! as will the shelves, i think :)

    2. I am not too sure about the style of the shelves, I think its too industrial for me. But it will certainly help with the noise you spoke of and the tall ceilings. And you will have fun styling them, and I will have fun watching.:) Alison

  4. Where'd you get the frames from?

  5. Got to love it! I'm really please how frames like this can bring a good investment on one's business... I'm my world selling is an intense work extreme on the self-image. The world’s most terrific sales people comprehend the essentialness of reframing and how it can drastically build their deals triumph.

  6. I think you should live with the cabinet for a while, I like the contrast of the dark wood with the floor.