Thursday, August 1, 2013

Feather Watercolors

Yesterday, at the studio, I decided to break out my old watercolors. I haven't really played around with them too much - a handful of times since college. I actually painted two different invitations for peoples' weddings with watercolors in the past couple of years, but otherwise, not really done a whole lot for myself. 

Here's a refresher on the wedding invite, incase you didn't see it:

 photo IMG_9936.jpg

It was fun to create. Anyway, yesterday I had fun painting feathers while I was waiting on a couple of clients to drop things off. Here's my result:

 photo 65bfd392-44a1-4501-982e-c68ee76659d3_zps055c9f7c.jpg

I painted one... then another... then more... I could've kept painting them for hours, too. It was so relaxing and freeing, just painting, and only painting for fun and not commission. I need to do that more often, I think. So much less restrictive, and I don't have to be so hard on myself. Just throw it away if its ugly, no biggie.

 photo 03ebf773-6059-479d-9b47-d2778327e363_zps8ff3f60c.jpg

 photo 701ab56c-4ef9-4cbe-891b-c5bfee8173f8_zpsb7fcac50.jpg

most of my watercolors are all dried up, so I had to cut the old tubes open, and use the dried up form. It worked just fine, but of course I'm encouraged now to go to Sam Flax and buy more colors. And the rubber stuff that blocks off the color -- I need more of that, too. And larger/better quality watercolor paper. I think I've opened a whole new can of worms...

 photo c87d25a6-3a23-4b52-afc8-774fad39fe04_zps31ce09bb.jpg

I was super-inspired to break out the watercolors, because of this site, Bowerbird. It's a duo of sisters, creating beautiful work and selling it (they are friends with some of my college friends, which is how I found the link). I just bought two paintings from her, and really would love to snatch everything up. Such creativity and talent - I love it. I'll post photos of my new paintings from Bowerbird when I get them!


  1. Really nice feathers. Allow time for yourself more often!..Alison

    1. thank you alison! and thank you for always commenting. it makes me feel great :)

  2. Your feather paintings are just beautiful!! They are so simple but that's what I love about them. If you ever create a few to sell, I'd love to be the first to know!

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