Friday, August 30, 2013

Antique Lines

Friday! Again. Busy life, loving weekends. 

Hoping to get more work done in the house this weekend, including maybe curtains in the living room and/or kitchen? Not sure, we'll see how that goes. I can't seem to find fabric that I really love, but then again, I haven't been to Forsyth Fabrics or Lewis & Sheron. Sometimes I am underwhelmed by their selection. We shall see...

Anyway, I'm actually working on kitchen cabinets later today, but I was also going to share with you another kitchen job that I did a couple of weeks ago. The clients already had their cabinets painted cream, so I came in and added the antique lines (The dark brown lines in the bevels of the doors and drawers).

here's before:

 photo fbf827ea-b0ec-4127-b648-a88e928e1579_zps2d3c0395.jpg


(and unfocused)

 photo 296d6ca7-7251-4d4d-b1a8-563eddbf1d3d_zps744322b9.jpg

And, after:

 photo 102179fa-a64b-41f2-96e2-8b19fa6e8887_zps42b63119.jpg

 photo f2f7439c-8085-4203-9236-32f27a796b16_zps20e0af8a.jpg

 photo ecc64a44-982c-4e52-ada9-b6d9846c363d_zpscaf887d5.jpg

 photo 6133958b-d63e-4353-8259-37678337eb2a_zpsf59b8bf4.jpg

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Leopard Chair For Sale

Hey guys!

In my moving and decorating craziness, I've decided to sell a few things. I'll have more available soon, but first up is this chair:

 photo IMG_0236.jpg

I'm selling it for $200. Local Atlanta pick up only. Please email me at if you are interested in it!

 photo IMG_0240.jpg

I had it reupholstered, and the fabric is nice and thick - I got it at Lewis & Sheron. The bamboo chair is emerald green. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I recently bought this little brass guy at a thrift store for $2.50. I knew immediately when I saw it that it would be awesome spraypainted black, with a plant in it, so I did just that.

 photo photo-2_zps5a26edc0.jpg

I had been eyeing some cool ones online, but they were $$$$$. I even posted about them a while back. Anyway, I'm super happy with how my little vintage spraypainted wire plant holder turned out:

 photo 14a6534e-3864-4af3-b3d5-e17d2ae0c342_zpsdeaa56c5.jpg

 photo c5a10526-176a-4697-8b3a-fddab036e47b_zps00900a6f.jpg

I guess I could use a larger terra cotta pot, but I already had this one, so I just stuck it in there. If I used a white one, it'd look a lot like my inspiration planter, but I'm digging terra cotta right now, honestly.

The fabric scrap on my recently thrifted MCM chair is a ticking stripe fabric I actually also found at another thrift store this summer. I'm thinking of having the chair reupholstered in this fabric, what do you guys think?!

 photo 553e5590-e1b6-4d4c-8b53-db18128a86e2_zpsf6345792.jpg

I really like the black and white stripes with the wooden legs. Hmmm...

 photo 43538bd8-a166-48bf-8030-33c79fd9bc81_zps1b47ada4.jpg

 photo b45cdfa8-7988-425e-a8c7-b36478cf531b_zps228cf52d.jpg

Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Update.

How was your weekend? Mine was nice. 

Thought I'd share a few photos from the past few days...

Thursday, I finished up a job for the SWEETEST client who just moved to Georgia, and had been following my blog for years. She told me she had written my name (being able to paint for her nursery) on her and her husbands "Pro" list for moving to Atlanta. How cool is that? It made me feel great!

This is the nursery:

 photo C4C7C912-0E91-447B-A902-AD4B8AF678AB-345-000000E6CF184F7C_zps3d8ced4d.jpg

Last week, I also added a monkey to a mural I did back in May... just needed one more monkey :) 

 photo 57098F7D-09CA-4441-93F0-FB6322FAEFE2-345-000000E6ED4E99E7_zps14cfa2dc.jpg

 photo 567B5EAA-FE98-4EDF-8946-A1F8953916AF-345-000000E6DEB17443_zps4500f43b.jpg

Photobucket's being a real jerk, and won't size my photos for me... so my apologies if these turn out too big. Gotta find a new place to store photos. I know I complain about this all the time, but it's one of those things that's important... and it's making me mad that it's not working properly!

In other news, a couple of months ago, I got white overspray from spraypaint all over my black car... not good. It was just a fine dusting, but it needed to be removed, so Wednesday of last week, I took it to the car wash place to get it taken care of. Let's just say they spent a total of 5.5 hours cleaning it off, and it was way not cheap. Word from the (now) wise: don't ever get overspray on your car. I sat and watched Sons of Anarchy on my computer and drew during this whole process. 

 photo F0684667-B22B-49A1-9238-2616692DD08A-345-000000E6C0E88512_zps607fcc3b.jpg

so bored. 

Saturday, we got a new bed! woo. a king size one - exciting stuff. We bought it from my friend's mattress shop, called the Smart Bear Sleep Center

 photo 792EDDD4-F0AB-4955-B8A9-E9629D3C3B3D-345-000000E6866BD647_zps9fe60000.jpg

 photo 883E2940-55C3-4EA7-8727-122AA15FE4B8-345-000000E68E1C351F_zps8f5f8195.jpg

The only problem now is that we of course need all-new bedding. I got plain white sheets, but we need pillows, bedskirt, duvet, etc. 

in other news, it was recently my sister in law's 30th birthday party... 

 photo 69C51292-F87E-4EF1-A84A-231C5F269810-345-000000E6A917D86C_zps2b8155d0.jpg
thats my stepbrother, my sister in law, and moi. looking a little sweaty, but whatever. happy birthday lindsey :) 

that's about it for my eventful weekend. hope you guys have a great monday! i'm actually off to go get a massage for my aching back. i haven't gotten one all year, and as you can probably imagine, with all the furniture i'm always moving, and the active nature of my job, my back stays pretty sore. time to get some of these knots taken care of!

Friday, August 23, 2013


it's Friday! YES!

These last few weeks have been such busy ones. I'm glad it's the weekend - I painted a whole lot of walls this week, dudes. 

In between painting walls, though, I of course had to decorate my new shelves. :) Naturally. 

I think I did all of this on Monday, though. I filled them with stuff I had and went out and bought a few things at Homegoods, too, because most of my accessories are smallish things from the old condo. They're good filler, but I needed height. Still need some stuff, but it's a lot better at least.

Here we go:

 photo 3b70ded3-3683-40ad-9292-64347bfbd69f_zps5c5a41ac.jpg

I know the cords are hideous - that is not something I've made time for yet! Priorities. I think I'll try and hide them today. Gotta get something to help out with that. I have a plan. Just ignore those for now.

right side:

 photo 3165e48a-64d4-40cc-9e7c-75f5031d6111_zps80c43afd.jpg

No, I still havent painted those galvanized pieces yet. Woops. Look away, Dad. 

left side:

 photo 74e0a888-aea1-4048-a8b4-51581b884c8f_zpse7f46f6a.jpg

Oh! I got that old sugar mold (bottom left) at a Goodwill this week. Can you believe it? I was happy. It was $3.

I like the shelves with my newly framed pieces, too:

 photo 834191C7-320A-44CD-AD44-5EE247046AD7-3526-0000039A6C353302_zpsec296ba0.jpg

I got that little midcentury modern chair at a thrift store this week, too. We'll see how I get it reupholstered... do you guys think that camel/caramel colored leather would look cute on it? I'm not sure. I didn't get the World Market chairs. I thought that they might be a little heavy for my space, and maybe too big to have two of them? Still undecided, so I didnt go for it. 

You know what else is still up in the air? My couch's delivery time. Actually, it's not really up in the air anymore, but my paper that came with my receipt said it would be in between the 15th and the 18th of August (I ordered it Aug 8th from west elm). I called about it yesterday and guess what the projected delivery day is now? Sept 26th! Oh no. When I asked about it, they told me that it is special order, since it's 92" and not the standard 80", so it takes way longer. They failed to mention that when I ordered it. Sad. So, we wait. Good thing we didn't move our current sofa upstairs like we were planning to the other day! We still have a month. :( 

 photo 25B70A61-4B19-4F57-A1A4-C13ABF03EF4D-3526-0000039A93B1019C_zpsaac1bed0.jpg

last but not least, I went to see Bruno Mars last night and he was amazing. I wish I was a backup dancer and singer for him. Oh, to dream. 

But who ever thought that having that many people in an arena is ok? It's kind of ridiculous. So big. So many people. 

have a good weekend!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Stenciled Walls At GlowDry

Sorry I've been MIA this week.... work has been so busy! I tried to blog this yesterday, but Photobucket was giving me issues and I had to head out the door.

I recently did some work for my friend and talented interior designer Heather Roberts over at GlowDry in Buckhead. GlowDry is opening soon, so I'd suggest all you Atlantans head over and get your hair done - they do fabulous work! 

Anyway, I wanted to show you their bathrooms that I created/applied custom stenciling to:

 photo 607b593c-68ad-4ac5-9d00-43e66512c8f4_zps2ea1fb12.jpg

I did this stencil by making the pattern on vellum, then cutting it out and stenciling on. It's quite the process, but effective, I think! A great alternative to wallpaper.

 photo a5cc6175-27e5-4ab7-a00e-95bd57af0008_zps423644a7.jpg

 photo c32aaf50-9b1f-4077-a22c-e705ebac360a_zps0f046a25.jpg

 photo 9b93feb4-b33b-4991-9ba7-333df60ae64d_zps845d4249.jpg

Monday, August 19, 2013

Iron Pipe And Wood Shelves

Well, the weekend, once again, flew by, but I do have something to show for it this time...

we finished our shelves! I will give full disclosure and say that my dad really did the whole thing. My stepmom and I just handed him tools and lifted things when needed. 

 photo EC28DBD4-2A7C-4EE0-B5B6-54A6DCF34BEC-3169-0000029CD40B2A78_zpsc4174b31.jpg
(me, painting the wood at the studio)

We bought ALL of our supplies at Lowe's, and the cost total was probably around $5-600. I haven't totaled the whole thing up yet, but something like that. I ended up not buying reclaimed wood, because of the ease of just staining some from Lowe's and using it. Plus, ya know, painting's kind of what I do. :) I just ended up mixing black and brown paint from Mycolor together with lots of water (probably a 50% water, 50% paint ratio) and painting it on, then wiping down. i also used a hammer to make my wood look vintage in some spots. I just hammered it and dragged the other end down it in a few places to make it look beat-up. It works pretty well-- I've done it in the past. In retrospect, it might've been better to use stain on the wood instead of paint, but I needed it to dry quickly, so I did paint. Plus, I already had paint, so it was one less thing to buy. I stained something else Saturday night, though, and it was was quicker than my painting technique.

We bought enough wood to make five shelves on either side of the TV, and two in the middle, but once we had it up, I decided I liked the height of 4, versus 5. Five would've been sooo tall! 

 photo 5FCF3172-DF65-4821-8196-2D89CD7C39BB-3169-0000029CB6886293_zps4aae20ee.jpg

Some of our pieces were galvanized metal, and some were black iron, so I did have to spraypaint some T's and stuff black. I just used a Rustoleum brand flat black, and it worked nicely. Since I wanted them all to match fairly nicely, I did end up giving everything a nice dusting of spray paint. It was actually pretty easy, as the poles stood up on their own when I propped them up on the drop cloth.

 photo FAC9436E-BEDE-4B40-ACE9-C5DF18B2EA3E-3169-0000029CADAACE51_zps84c1f846.jpg

Everything all laid out! We somehow miscalculated at some point and were missing two T's (3 way connectors) but that's it. Everything else was accounted for in this shot! Lots of pipe.

 photo 324F6D8C-674C-4EE7-8C82-B6561075851A-3169-0000029CA5F05D02_zps809c077b.jpg

I was already really excited when this was happening. Hah! The hardest part was the middle, where the shelf is under the TV. We had to calculate correctly for the pieces to match up with the outside pieces, but since the shelves were at different heights than the outside ones, we had to get shorter pipes and have them screwed in just so, so that they were the same height as the outside ones. It wasn't easy! The shelf below the TV was about a 45 minute installation process, where as the outside shelves all together were probably a 1.5 hour process. 

We decided to drill holes into our wood, so that it threaded through the pipe, and didn't just sit on top of it. We'd seen examples online of both options, but decided the threading just looked way better. Dad drilled holes 1.5" on either side, then had to chisel out a little notch for the lip of the pipe to sit on, so that it was flush against it when it was resting on top. 

 photo FEF42138-92A9-4A3A-92E8-218F8E02A24A-3169-0000029CC9145A47_zpsa4c836b8.jpg

This took a while, but it got faster as we went on. 

my job was to hold down the wood while dad worked:

 photo 52B16150-1FD8-4776-9CDC-60E8F65A6488-3169-0000029E331C8B1F_zps7541c20a.jpg

We'd done all of the hole drilling on the back porch, when it started to rain... so we stuck it out, then it REALLY started to rain, so we had to move everything to the front porch. 

I eventually just sat on the pieces to keep them in place. 

I tried making a stop motion video... it was my first time using the app, though (iTimelapse), so it isn't the best. Should've put my phone further back and higher up. Dangit! Now I know for future projects, though. 

still kind of cool, I guess.

and here they are:

 photo cc46a758-6652-4a55-99b1-ba905a2e31ca_zpsff8ae59d.jpg

YEAHHHH! Awesome, right? I'm super excited. They're way better than any of the other options. (the two T pieces I talked abotu earlier were galvanized metal, so I still have to paint those, Which is why two pieces of the metal look white)

 photo e4845af9-f1e0-4d9f-bc1f-ca1a707c96a2_zpscae0e947.jpg

 photo ae4a656a-07d7-4886-9f7e-86e1bff0b532_zpsfeb94c35.jpg

I couldn't resist throwing some accessories up on them last night, but they're definitely not done. I am sure I will move everything a lot more, and I need some more stuff. Bigger accessories are a must, for sure.

 photo 33820ADB-1A02-4BC8-A038-DB0E950E3357-3169-0000029C7296FB9B_zpsd357d108.jpg

my step mom was awesome about taking photos and videos. here's a good one she took at the end, when Dad and Jordan were hanging the TV up again:

woo! What do you guys think? I am so excited. I know I'll be posting about them again soon, but I couldn't resist sharing this with you guys this am... I am pumped!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Mirrored Side Tables For Sale

hey guys!

Happy Friday. This has been one of the longest weeks ever for me, and I'm glad it's the weekend again!  Hopefully Monday, when I check back in, my shelves will be done :) 

I just wanted to say that I am selling my mirrored side tables from Target. They still retail in the store for $90/each. I upgraded the knobs on mine from the cheap plastic ones that come on them, to the nice polished nickel ones shown in the photo, so I am selling both tables for $150. This is local Atlanta pick up only, and I am downtown. One of my tables does have a ding mark on the outside leg, as seen in the photos below.

These tables can also be seen from my HGTV shoot a couple of years ago with Brian Patrick Flynn.

Here are dimensions:Dimensions: 25.25 " H x 13.75 " W x 13.75 " D

 photo IMG_9160.jpg

 photo IMG_8623.jpg

 photo IMG_9292.jpg

This is a photo of the ding on one of the tables:

 photo eb18c290-fdbc-4098-95ef-2c3ab55ccf1d_zps5305fd67.jpg

You can see it, bottom right. Not super noticeable, but I wanted to mention it.

 photo 3a61e7f2-8c50-4b22-9619-7fced769afac_zps35c57326.jpg

please email me at First come, first served.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

File Under Misc.

Some snapshots from my world lately...

I bought this dresser at IKEA, because I thought it was so cute, and sort of west elm-ish. It's in our bedroom.

 photo efda1043-e454-4873-b3e8-1ca206f20397_zps668e59dc.jpg

Can I just say it took me almost 3 hours (I did have a break for dinner) to put it together? And I didn't even mess up? Holy cow. It's just that there were literally hundreds of pieces (including all the crazy hardware) to put together. It was nuts! I couldn't believe how long it took! It wasn't hard, just felt neverending. I am very proud now, though, haha. Like I built it or something.

I also brought that orange lamp upstairs. I got a new shade for it from Scott's last weekend, which I love. It looks way better than the old stained one that was original to it. 

 photo C9832F4E-4166-453E-99CC-36157FB7C48B-3164-0000029E99F28F5B_zps43ec2748.jpg

This chair, I saw at World Market, and kind of want two for our living room. What do you guys think? It's leather, and I think that they kind of look vintage, no? I'm thinking two on one side of the sofa, and a little small sofa or something on the other side? I imagine them with a cute kilim pillow or something on them... Hmmm...either way, I need to decide because they're on sale right now.

I was inspired to get something leather from this picture of Jenna Lyons' office in a magazine:

 photo 8C9C0B1B-B98F-430F-B72D-D41A2B49B458-3164-0000029EB7C7FAB3_zpsb307b76b.jpg

I love those vintage leather chairs, they just dont look comfy enough for a living room.

But I love this touch of leather in the room, and those chairs are a nice color.

also, big news:

 photo 951159A9-DAC3-43EF-B704-A3CDCFBBE230-3164-0000029EC62ED054_zpsc4773ee7.jpg

i got one plant for my planters. Hah. I need to buy something for the other planter, but the truth is that I just bought this plant at IKEA for 7.99 and stuck it in here, not really sure if it would stay. But, it hasn't moved. I guess it's living here now. Mika likes to snack on it, so say a prayer for it. 

 photo 9B18EC1D-8645-41E8-A270-BC89E2732DCD-3164-0000029EAF912925_zpsc406d4bc.jpg

I bought these pretty blue glass bottles at Scott's, too. They're all old and worn. I'll probably use them to style my future bookshelves, but for now they sit on my dresser that I recently painted. 

also, this is what I'm working on right now:

 photo A076151C-23CD-4401-8EEC-3363CD0323D7-3164-0000029EA6B935E1_zpsd696801f.jpg

I am painting two bathrooms at a future blowout salon (can't wait to share pics when it's done), and I get to stand on the toilet for optimal reaching needs. :)

its gonna be pretty cool when it's all said and done! It's designed by my friend Heather at Ivy and Vine.

ok, off to finished the aforementioned project - wish me luck! it's lots and lots of tedious work, so i'm going a little cross-eyed...