Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It was a good weekend.

I realize I'm a day late, but how was your weekend? Mine was nice! 

I did quite a bit of vintage hunting over the long holiday weekend, and found some great stuff. 

first : these chairs

 photo 61f03e64-9080-4cfd-a3ce-52a9f4170c3d_zpsf5358f85.jpg

they were a steal at one of my favorite thrift shops, so of course I had to get them! They are in terrible shape right now, but of course I'll have them reupholstered at some point. I couldn't resist the bamboo!

 photo 350fda2a-4fc8-4d0d-a9cb-0b755c4998a9_zps4f2c4eba.jpg

I also found some things at other shops, and a few things at Target, too, including these little make up pouches for only $1. I ended up adding pom poms to them:

 photo cc9298f6-95b5-4265-addf-ee07265e9ed8_zps67e5fcc2.jpg

I actually even found the wool for the pom poms at another thrift store this weekend, in a giant bag with lots of vintage fun colors for only $2! In my head, I knew I would make pom poms with it, then I found the bags. Serendipity. I'll post a DIY on how to make pom poms later!

I was pretty happy about that fabric piece you see on the left hand side, too. It looked vintage to me, and on the tag it said "table runner", and I bought it for $2. When I got home, I unfolded it, and it was a beautiful NEW ikat runner, with the tag still on for $45. score!

that cool mirror was from Tuesday Morning. They actually had tons of things that I have seen at west elm in the past, in their sort of "global" style. i was pumped to find a few coverlets and cool pillows, too.

here i am with my packed car:

 photo c709b341-a81e-439f-97c1-b9f71e09cd8f_zpsc09e5737.jpg

I also found a midcentury modern bar cart, which is in my passenger's seat, haha.

 photo 294d5969-8885-454c-b5ff-8ab3f965bd3f_zpse1f1d43c.jpg

Here was a photo I snapped while planning my gallery wall in the guest bedroom. I sort of put it together a little better this weekend, too. It's probably not going to stay as-is, but it's okay for now. I can't decide if I'm over gallery walls - what do you guys think? They are so trendy. For now, mine stays (I ended up taking the one down in our hallway).

I also found those two poufs at Target on sale.

all in all, i'm having a blast decorating and finding treasures for the house! but it's just as I imagined - all our old stuff seems so small in this house, so i feel the need to replace (or more like, add to)! 

 photo 5419905a-6aab-4307-b4d0-8eea1bb2398c_zpsfe73cdf9.jpg
we did get in a big of hang out time this weekend as well, between my thrifting and antiquing jaunts - here's jordan and mika playing in the kitchen :)


  1. I can't wait to see what you do with the chairs. And the bar cart,I must see that.

    1. I will post the barcart soon, and when I get the chairs redone, I will DEFINITELY post! I still haven't decided where they will go!

  2. Which thrift store did you find the chairs at? I've had some luck at several shops throughout the Atlanta area for smaller items, but furniture had been a no go so far. Any suggestions would be great!

    1. I got them at a Value Village! I don't have any particular thrift stores that I think are fantastic at all times, I just like to go to them all over. Really, I think the best ones are in the country, not the city, so I'll stop when I see one out of town, or whatever. I like to visit the ones in my hometown, too.

  3. I love the finds. I have been dying for a barcart!!


  4. Replies
    1. thanks niki! i was super excited when i saw them, and they were soooooooo cheap!!!

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