Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Faux Roman Shade DIY

I made this faux Roman shade for our bathroom this past weekend, based off of a piece of fabric that I painted in my own pattern. I had an idea in my head of the type of fabric I wanted, and just decided to paint my own. Much easier, quicker and cheaper. Plus, the room it's going in (downstairs powder bath) won't get a whole lot of action, so it's not like it actually needs to go up and down for use. (I frosted the bottom part of the window it goes on, to let light in, because I mentioned before that it needs light)

 photo a058ed3b-d6d0-4e5f-8c6c-023a8b799187_zps31c9df98.jpg
(the bathroom it's going in)

I bought a piece of really thick white canvas at Joann's. Do you guys ever feel like Joanns has a terrible fabric selection? hah. I guess it's just a little grandma. Anyway, this was really the only solid white, decently thick feeling fabric I could find there. It was $10 a yard or so. I bought one yard. That's all I had to buy for this project, because I had everything else on hand. All you need is fabric paint (I used puffy paint!) and a dowel rod (I already had mine, and it was from Target). 

This is what my fabric looked like when I laid it out:

 photo 230CA183-5A5D-416D-B9B1-15A25D5A6AB0-5435-000004DE82F06F0E_zps0ca1eb19.jpg

I determined it should be ironed, so I did. I used a little bit of starch, and I think that was a mistake, because it disfigured the canvas a bit. Is there something I need to know about starch/ironing/canvas?!?

I stopped with the starch after the first wrinkles appeared in my fabric, so it was okay. And, thankfully, the fabric is pretty movable, so I could bend and fold it with my hands and it would stay. 

Anyway, I cut it to size for my window, and then played around with how i wanted the "roman shade" to look:
 photo 36C3C2B5-9093-4E6C-A01F-DF69A8A9A594-5435-000004DE4A3F08D2_zps65edb741.jpg

After I got the sizing right, I ironed the edges under to look like a hem:
 photo 6D5E999D-0B65-4CEA-861C-793FF34431D5-5435-000004DE5D5C973D_zps665b9dca.jpg

I then did the ol trick of hot glue under the edges to make it look sewn. Ive done this a lot in the past. 
 photo 6D5E999D-0B65-4CEA-861C-793FF34431D5-5435-000004DE5D5C973D_zps665b9dca.jpg

After this, I pulled it back out again and started with my pattern. I doodled a bit on paper before deciding what pattern to go with, then used a sharpie to draw on my canvas. I just eyeballed it, but you could use a measuring tape or level if you wanted:
 photo E9BB551F-D316-47D0-BC25-9F850B33E619-5435-000004DE76D59922_zps64009455.jpg

At first I was going to fill in the arrows and triangles, but after about one row, it was taking FOREVER, so I just decided to do thin line drawings with my puffy paint. and yes, i know it's funny i used puffy paint - but, that stuff is so easy to work with, and fabric loves it. 

 photo B46D9FFA-0971-4EB2-B3AB-5065E3B4B388-5435-000004DE392FEB56_zpse37f3afc.jpg

The nature of my pattern is pretty "fun", so I wasn't worried about complete exactness with my arrows and triangles. In fact, there are a couple of triangles that are upside-down. I think it adds character. :)

 photo 211E8F51-0455-4D29-AA0D-BE596CC7E9BE-5435-000004DE40F4E3ED_zpscb9d1858.jpg

After this, I went back with my hot glue gun and created the roman shade look:

 photo 9709E3DA-84B4-4666-8238-F3AC7E35D617-5435-000004DE265C33EF_zpsb4c78fb9.jpg

and voila!

 photo e24ad150-0191-48e4-a3be-04978bedc08f_zps7861047d.jpg

i love it - it makes me happy. 

 photo 1eebd7a2-2536-4604-9789-178dec3fabc2_zps2e948291.jpg

 photo 268080ac-6a34-46b6-9a4e-97c40c3a47a6_zpse9fa45db.jpg

it might not be perfect, but it's exactly what i wanted in there! plus, i have to save my pennies for bamboo shades for eleven windows! i found some at home depot - finally!


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  2. I love it, what a great pattern, I'm loving seeing what your doing with the new house.

  3. You are endlessly talented I swear.. You might want to check for blinds, shades, etc. Great saving to be had.

  4. Great idea! Can I ask how you used your glue gun to create the roman shade effect? Did you just spot on some glue and press together? Didn't the glue bleed through? Love it .. am totally going to try this!

  5. Looks great! I would have never guessed you made that pattern yourself :-)

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