Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I have this tiny vase in our bathroom, that is so cute, but I thought to myself that I needed some color in there. Flowers are out of the question, because Mika loves to eat them. (annoying)

I'm not sure if you guys remember when I posted about my Christmas decor in the studio two Christmases ago (how has that much time gone by? I am old), but these wrapped sticks came to mind, for adding some color:

 photo IMG_9799.jpg

 photo IMG_9808.jpg

So, I went out last night and harvested some sticks. :) I was able to find about five teeny sticks in our driveway. Bam.

 photo 7992af14-a485-48f0-93f9-a917442b4d59_zpse910f1aa.jpg

 photo 9544b15b-4033-46e4-aa9f-e63c36a15946_zpsf41a2b7c.jpg

I pulled out the yarn that I found a couple of weeks ago at a thrift shop from this pom pom DIY project, and started wrapping. Easy. You don't need to use any glue - just tie a tight knot on your stick limb, then wrap over any overhang from the knot. At the end, tie another knot, and clip close with scissors. I liked using yarn versus embroidery thread (like I did the first time), because it's thicker and wraps faster.

and here she is:

 photo bcedfb63-039d-40d6-a3ca-4a1aafabe0b7_zpsa0ac8a1f.jpg

You like?

 photo 44c1b910-4a49-4b29-84d4-d05ce1354b3f_zps0f3c1969.jpg
(I took this photo in our bathtub, hah. It made for a perfect little photoshoot spot. If you're into having photoshoots of sticks wrapped in yarn, tucked into vases)

 photo 28dc52ea-96e4-46c7-ad20-f9616b0a8ced_zps5a2b8354.jpg
There it is in my bathroom (On the counter - I'm not sure if you can even see it there. Please excuse towels draped - We don't have towel rods yet. Also excuse my gross after-work self!)

 photo 31cbd144-8179-48ca-8c7a-c6d07852e10e_zpsb0dc3397.jpg

I need more accessories and to fill stuff in a bit, but the newly wrapped sticks make me happy :) As do my air plants hanging on the wall. Why do girls love plants so much?!