Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New House Tour

Hi guys. Sooo, it took me forever to check back in with you. We have internet now, though, so I can be back into the normal swing of things. We're almost unpacked, too, which is feeling much better! 

I thought that I would take you on a little iPhone tour of the new house today. This house was a situation that I never thought would be the case for us; new-build, slightly on the more modern side, and in a neighborhood I've not lived in for a long time. But, we love it. It really feels like a dream-house, with porches on both the front and back of the house, a fenced in yard, a yard, and --count them-- three bathrooms (that's a lot for us!)! I always thought we'd be buying a house that needed work, and we'd be doing lots of renovating and tearing out and building back and such. It's crazy to have been able to pick out most of the finishes and paint colors and to call the house ours. 

Anyway, I'll explain more as we go along!

First up, Kitchen:

 photo 7aecbafd-3832-4a75-9fe9-60a760441992_zpseaa3ad55.jpg

The builder/architect had already picked out the cabinetry (Its an Ikea kitchen as far as the cabinets), but I was able to pick out backsplash, countertops (within parameters of what he'd already sort of selected), hardware (I love the Martha Stewart handles and knobs from Home Depot) and light fixtures (as well as the wall color, which is Collonade Grey, from Sherwin Williams). We're enjoying all the cabinet space (and room left over!) and the new appliances. There's a pantry to the left of the kitchen, too. Storage! ah!

Next is the dining area, which is the only part of the house I have started actually decorating. I knew from the beginning that I wanted a farmhouse table and some modern chairs, along with a kilim rug layered on top of a sisal. I was able to find the table and the kilim at Scott's this past weekend, and was super excited. The chairs are in the mail (more wire metal ones like the two that are in front of the table here):

 photo 783e2bf5-2fa2-4ac6-9e82-7c5a3c9b6651_zpsd5e94540.jpg

Obviously, the house still needs arranging and unpacking and stuff. Ignore the bikes in the dining area! hah. 

We also have temporary shades on all the window, as we are not sure what we're going to do about window treatments yet. So many options!

In between the living room and the kitchen is a little hallway that has an office for Jordan. I love the French doors and the little window above:

 photo F3AB7336-A527-4ACA-9AF1-290323FE10AD-2395-00000228B4CE0E1E_zps120528b6.jpg

 photo B27D7EF0-614D-4DAD-9CD9-328E64098998-2395-00000228ADCC2D75_zps68dfca24.jpg

(obviously this still needs some unpacking! I built a desk for him the other day, but the shelf I bought was too big for the office, so I have to get another one for all his stuff).

 photo f6794121-c411-4350-98a8-0cd37478ad47_zps966519e4.jpg

This is the living room. It's a really large room (It was hard to capture on my iPhone) with lots of potential! I can't wait to get new furniture in here.  I have big plans for it!

Walls in most rooms are Extra White by Sherwin Williams. I went for the blank slate with all the white! It's light, airy and a nice blank canvas for me. 

This is the half bath downstairs
 photo 15057B85-6651-437D-89F8-C36A1EB4F172-2395-000002292B0C60DB_zps38f8ed2d.jpg

Pretty cool sink, huh? The sink was made by a local concrete artist, and the glass that is mixed into the concrete was found on our property site before building began. A token of what was here before we were. I also love the wood floating counter that it's on. 

 photo ADF4A6AD-7022-4561-AEE2-469E1F83D5EE-2395-00000228A18D94E6_zps26e9cb57.jpg 
This is the hallway leading upstairs.... to the bedrooms. There are three total - a master and two others. 

 photo B6B840A9-A6E8-48A5-9432-89532B5A4A68-2395-000002287FA10584_zps18d9167b.jpg


The laundry room is up here, too. And don't worry - we got a good old fashioned Maytag top loader! Those front loading stories were scary-- thank  you guys for the input! And thank you Lisa Scurlock for the washer and dryer rec. It's great!

This is one of the bedrooms which is going to be my office:

 photo 990828DA-7F74-4E91-9DE7-1DEB8F803C8B-2395-0000022871F3A307_zpsdf79d391.jpg

(A mess right now!)

the other bedroom:

 photo 8CDAED92-1CCB-4B7E-BA59-861A2898EDFD-2395-00000228785AC42D_zps9fd2ce02.jpg

and the hallway/guest bathroom:

 photo 260A5C54-A78D-4C2C-B55F-26F2E46C186D-2395-000002286BE19961_zpsbd9c521a.jpg

I can' believe that i'm sharing it looking like this, but remember we've only been here less than a week! Here's the master:

 photo aef295d2-09c7-4f1c-a732-a6584905a109_zps114bcb68.jpg

I love the huge windows! It's a really big room, and we need a new bed, and new dressers. Ah, so much to decorate - so exciting.

And finally, the master bathroom:

 photo 6453CF86-F60A-43CB-8DC7-CB16B2332408-2395-00000228865452C5_zps67142065.jpg

I love the tub. :)

OK, that's it for now! Again, please excuse the fact that my house is not decorated and is still not unpacked!


  1. Don't apologize for not having everything completely organized! Knowing your creative side, even when you get it set up you'll change it at least a few times. Enjoy! You have a lovely home!

  2. It looks beautiful, Kristen. Do you have any pictures of the outside? Can't wait to see that, too.

    1. hey! Thank you. I do. I haven't decided If I will post outside for safety reasons, but maybe?!

  3. How exciting, Kristen! It's awesome. I love how unique it is and the modern finishes are killer.

  4. gorgeous! i love that even though you're not unpacked, it still looks great. :)

  5. This is so beautiful...and I'm sure exciting!! Who was your builder??

  6. This is absolutely perfect! It looks so good even though you're not even finished unpacking. I've lived in my apartment for two years now and some rooms still look like we just moved in. Those doors are to die for :)

  7. Your home is amazing!! I love the modern feel!

  8. such a dreamy house! so spacious! Good for you. I LOVE the half bath...very cool sink. I can't wait to see what you do with it. Have so much fun decorating! That's the best part!

  9. Thank you all! We are excited :)

  10. amazeballs! everything looks so good!

  11. oh my gosh. its huge and so beautiful! makes me wanna move from LA so i can get more for my money! cant wait to see how you fill it!

    1. haha, yes i'm sure there's a big difference there! though, prices in the city for size vs what you get in the suburbs here are annoying ,too!

  12. It's gorgeous!!! All the details get me, it's beautiful.

  13. Everything looks amazing!! Just curious, is this house still in ton or did you guys move out into the suburbs?

    1. we are still in town! not too far away from where we were before - only about a mile.

  14. Wow, very modern and spacious. Congrats and have fun decorating it. Alison

  15. Love your new home! Please let us know how you made the desk?

    1. I will post it when I get a chance!

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  17. Love the new house!!! Congrats! Can't wait to watch you decorate it!

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  19. Oh my amazingness!!!! LOVE all of it!!!!!!!!!

  20. that bathtub is to die for!! so happy for you & j!

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