Thursday, June 20, 2013

checking in.

hey guys,

just checking in... been so busy with work (in the middle of a big cabinet project, which really wears me out, especially around wednesday/thursday of the week!) and house stuff, and blah blah. i just don't have the inspiration to blog! i did get up this morning, and shoot some photos of the new house for a future collaboration (woo!), so i had a couple of phone shots to share with you guys... 

can i just say how much fun it is to play house? ahhh. last night, i got out and planted more flowers (people have been giving us plants as new-house gifts, and i LOVE it!), then we sat on the porch until about 9pm. and it was still really light outside, which was weird!

 photo 5cc7d759-1820-4e86-903e-f2e7ff522254_zpsaff05b92.jpg

I think I showed you guys bits and piece of that painting that I finished recently-ish... anyway, I kind of love it, and it's hanging in our hallway, leading up to the stairs now. 

 photo 105a277c-a103-4706-861f-d4f8b17f82d5_zps4d779af0.jpg

this was a photo i posted on instagram yesterday. just a little kitchen vignette. i got that little orange/blue/white plate from cb2 recently, and i like it because i think it looks vintage! the little blue and white dish is from a thrift store and actually is vintage... jordan bought me that orange rose from a  man selling roses near our PO box in little five points. :)

last but not least, i know you miss mika and need a picture of him. hah. 

 photo 1d72f68e-1693-4f22-872f-368c174e1528_zps34b52883.jpg

i bought that little rug from the nate berkus line at target... i love it! it's the perfect tomato red. i wish there were more items in this color way from his line. all the towels are really cute, too, i'm just in a big white-towel phase (have been for a few years now). they just seem easy and timeless, you know!? i also wanted to show you the herringbone pattern we did on the tile in the floor. it was the first little tweak i made in the house, and i really do like it. 

ok, the end. time to go paint cabinets! i hope you guys don't mind being patient with me while i'm crazed!


  1. I just love your style. I love all the little changes you made to the finishes of your home.

    1. aw, thank you!! that is sweet and makes me feel better about my sporadic postings :)

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