Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Checking In!

Hi guys!

We are moved in the house.. but still unpacking everything! It's craziness over there, and we still don't have internet (Monday can't come fast enough. It's probably bad how much I miss my beloved internet)! Anyway, I wanted to check in with a few snap shots from the first few days in the new place...

I have made way too many trips to Target and Lowe's to count since moving in. I bought a couple of candles to try and get the place smelling "homey", and I saw these today at Target. Too cute, right?!

 photo 24FD02C5-4EFF-4256-BADB-BB07A39DDA8D-1903-000001B77F5E9BB4_zpscff320bd.jpg

I loved them! Great packaging.

I also had to do a little washer and dryer shopping, since we sold our old stackable with our condo. We still haven't made the decision yet - any suggestions? I know that the front loaders are really popular these days, but am I crazy to really just like the old fashioned ones? What's the benefit of front loading? Enlighten me!

 photo AA02B0DD-64CE-48FC-BC50-22A465F63007-1903-000001B79A84A4D4_zps3ce09965.jpg 
(clearly I'm not a person that likes doing research for gadgets. I like for someone to just tell me what to buy.)

Here's Mika at the new house, drinking water from the kitchen faucet:

 photo 4C9D50DC-4680-44C1-B1A6-4F6B0C32B732-1903-000001B7A1BEA9D9_zps3e9f55f8.jpg

I know - it's disgusting that he's in the sink, but it made for a good photo. Im trying to train him not to jump on the counters... but.. training cats is pretty nonexistent.

 photo 95728DDD-FEC5-476F-8859-E5A271146648-1903-000001B7AEC35177_zpsef39e4d1.jpg

We have gardenia bushes! I love them. They smell so good and remind me of my mom. All the plants are new at the house, so were going to have to stay on top of watering. I don't have the best green thumb, so say a prayer for my plants and grass!

 photo 6540B06B-AEED-469D-AA38-8F26A09323A4-1903-000001B7C63AC190_zps65d259ff.jpg

putting things away in the kitchen... ahhhhhhh, cabinet space! Amazing.

 photo AA24059A-0066-485D-BEE4-BC0532560AD6-1903-000001B7DC72226C_zpsb36599bb.jpg
I can't remember if I showed you guys this, but it's our hallway light. I love it :) 

lastly, sweet friends and now new neighbors brought over champagne to celebrate on our first night. So sweet!

 photo 7B782A89-A416-4A53-9132-574CD0FB2FD7-1903-000001B7CF1CAD08_zps53b22e6c.jpg

OK that's it for today! I'll try and check back in soon. Onto more unpacking.


  1. Oh my goodness - what a pretty kitchen!

    And I feel your pain with the kitteh situation. I'm forever wiping down our counters because of *someone's* lack of personal control.

  2. SOOO excited for y'all! The kitchen and light fixtures are absolutely amazing...can't wait to see more! I'm with you on liking the old fashioned washers and dryers...the front loaders get so moldy and smelly no matter what you do!

  3. Do not get a front loader!!! Your whites will be dingy unless you ut in a crap ton of pre work to soak them in bleach in a tub then transfer them to the washer. There is just never enough water in the washer to get things REALLY clean. Also, if you forget about your load for more than 4 hours they will need to be rewashed bc they will smell (even from a new washer). Also the rubber ring goes bad very easily unless you baby it by drying it out between every load, and not closing the door unless all of the moisture has left the washer. It must be cleanevery month to not stink (even brand new). We baby ours, and have from the beginning but it isn't worth it. I would recommend a maytag top loader with no middle agitator.

  4. I would not recommend a front loading washer- they are over-priced and perform poorly, with small load capacities. I did extensive research when we purchased ours and after reading countless consumer and product tester reviews, we went with the older model of this: Ours had the buttons on the back, not the front, and we got the matching dryer, which is front load, and it was the best purchase we have made other than our home. I wash delicates and dry-clean only routinely on the delicate cycle and I love how clean everything is and how efficiently it runs- it weighs the load and uses water accordingly. We've had ours for three years and it still works like brand new. I'd at least recommend giving it a look- hopefully the link works, it's a mobile one I think. Otherwise it's the LG 4.5 cu ft. 8 cycle ultra large capacity high efficiency top loading washer. Happy hunting and congrats on your gorgeous home!

  5. Kristen,
    We purchased a set of maytag bravos XL washer/dryer last July. The washer is a top load with no agitator. I actually enjoy doing laundry now because it's so quick and easy. One of the reasons we bought them is because they're the highest rated on Consumer Reports. So, we purchased our set at Brandsmart and got a great deal on it. We actually talked them down a little bit on price too. They also deliver! I have no complaints, at all! I do clean the washer once a month with Afresh, but the washer reminds me to do so.
    Good luck and can't wait to see the new place!
    Betsy Cobb Gordon

  6. I also recommend a top loader with no agitator...I have an LG and I LOVE it!

  7. I still love my top loading washing machine; I had to buy a new one last year and have no regrets (and the price was much better than front loading machines). And I love classic white, too.

    Love seeing pics of your new abode; how exciting!

  8. We are looking at washer and dryers as well and everyone I know that has front loaders said they are high maintenance and mold easily. I think we are going to go for top loader HE with no agitator. Still energy efficient and use less water like the front loaders but not the maintenance. Good Luck!

  9. You can train cats, use a spray water bottle. They are smart! I hope Mika is adjusting ok. Looks like it!..Alison

  10. Don't do the front loading washer! We had one for a bit and hated it! It didn't fit as much laundry in it and if you left them in there after they had washed for any amount of time they would mildew almost instantly. We also had to constantly clean it in order for it not to mildew just on its own. Needless to say, we're back to a top loading washer and couldn't be happier :)

  11. I would never buy a front loader again. It's hard to dry out all the parts around the door and mold can develop creating a horrible smell. Also, if you forget to throw something in you can't add it once the cycle has begun. It's also hard to wash certain things where you have to control the process somehow, like 'let it soak for 15 minutes then rinse.' Agitators all the way!

    I love the new house. Can't wait to see more pictures!

  12. My sister has a super expensive, top of the line front loader and I hate it! You can't soak anything, you can't open it during the cycle to throw something in, it's practically twice as big as my top loader but yet doesn't seem to hold as much, and her towels pretty much always smell, no matter what she does. It also takes forever to cycle through, regardless of how big the load is or what setting you're on. Almost an hour every time! Her matching high end dryer takes just as long, and sometimes the clothes aren't even done and you have to run it again. Two plus hours to do one load of laundry?! Kill me! I'll take my old top loader and basic old dryer any day!

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